Inktober day 13 "Guarded"

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Today our witch has made herself into a stoic bronze statue to guard her little niece.


Ursula had done the noble thing and transformed herself into a statue of bronze to protect her little niece, Gillian.

Gillian felt a bit left out, being made to remain soft flesh whilst auntie had all the fun.

Well, at least she's made Puss far more jolly. I love Grimalkin far more as a leopard than an old Tabby

Dander, on the other hand, has had to stay a funny old bulldog

Dander was not amused by any of it.

Today's #inktober was inspired not only by the prompt word 'guarded' but a bit by the #drawlloween word "grave" as I felt a statue had a bit of a mausoleum feel as well as being a good guard for the supernatural.

I also wanted, perhaps even needed, to make today's piece work two-fold. I've my monthly assingment due soon for #sndbox and it is a collab piece with a fellow Steemian (who is a musician) also in #sndbox and we are meant to share it first with them. However, I was listening to the piece when I first imagined up this piece and this drawing is being used and built upon for the final piece of that collaberation.

When one is so busy, as I find myself this month, doing double duty is just a necessity.

Today's statue image was inspired by a real life statue "Naked Truth" which exists in St. Louis.

The statue was designed by German sculptor Wilhem Wandschneider. The sculptures nudity was a source of controversy that ultimately led to the decision of using bronze as its primary material in hopes of deemphasizing the figure. The statue was dedicated in 1914. It was moved in 1969 when the construction of I-44 took portions of Reservoir Park. It became a City Landmark in 1969 and is located at 1938 South Grand.

This statue to me just looks like a trasnformed person and so with the term 'guarded' and 'grave' I couldn't help but use it as inspiration.

It is also going to receive a certain treatment for my final piece for the collab. I am not allowed to share that here, yet, as it if first goes to #sndbox and they will publish it in their own time.

I hope all are still enjoying #inktober thus far. I am working to keep up, but know when the later part of this month arrives, I will be doubling up days. It still is such a good practice I hope if you have not joined in, you will do so now.

Today's share of another Steemian #inktober piece is @steevc who isn't a traditonal 2-d artist but a wonderful musician. That is not stopping him from joining in on #inktober and I think that great and a great motivator for you others who aren't sure if you want to give it a go. Go check out his latest inktober here.

I think I should find a new way to link all my inktobers ,as my list here is getting a bit long. I'll have to look back at one of @princessmewmew amazing tutorials to see how to link images smaller.

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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Great as usual, but this one has a monumental quality that I really like. Have you ever heard of the Belgian cartoonist Didier Comès? It is not the same style as you, but it is the same elegant shift between black fills and lines.

What an interesting statue and a lovely Inktober art, Donna :D.
With such a guardian, I don't think anyone would dare messing with Gillian.


They better not. The real irony would be the most fericous of them all would be Dander, the little french bulldog. Ursula left him as he is as his jaw unhinges to fit in an elephant sized attacker, if need be. ;)

Tus trabajos son realmente asombrosos! disfruto mucho cada vez que publicas! Excelente trabajo



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Truly amazing.

My sketches are a child's drawings next to your amazing art, but I'm having fun. I've hardly drawn since school, but I'm getting back into it. In time it may amount to something.


Well, turn about is fair play, they say, and if I had an ounce of good will in me (which I don't) I'd show you my singing and guitar! It'd make your scribbles look like Monet's water garden. But, I won't subject anyone to my singing or pounding out notes on anything, even a kazoo is better off having me stick to drawing :)

I like that so many are joining in on #inktober, I think it's fun.

I'm curious as to how the statue is going to do any guarding unless she pops to life when danger is near? Ahh poor Gillian feeling all left out, least she can play with the gigantic tabby and the unamused bulldog XD

The bulldog is the scariest of the lot isn't he XP


I was saying in another comment that if it was animated I'd have the little bulldog be the tiniest little guy and then when danger appeared, his jaw would unhing and swallow the lot of the intruders! ;)

Also, no one expects the statue, so if any harm came, back she'd fly into flesh and bone and slay the lot of them. :)


LoL unexpected gaping maw and pocket dimension stomach! Classic XD

I donno, I would totally suspect the statue and it has nothing to do with a natural suspicion of statues not helped by the Weeping Angels XD So can the witch gad about as a statue then or does Gillian just have to remain within range?


Well, if I were to go into details here, and it seems we are (am I writing a comic book IN the comments ;) ) I'd say, Gillian needs to stay within range, which old Tom cat as leopard will see to, and if she were to be 'harrased' the aggressor might suspect the statue, whilst Dander hops about nipping at the heels of the aggressor.

The aggressor then is all attention on the statue, suspecting it as he does, kicking away Dander, as a no threat lap dog, to be followed by the SWOOOSH of Dander's gaping Maw.

Then, threat neutralized and auntie still comfortably relaxing in Bronze, whilst Gillian strokes big kitties smiling face :)

How does that sound? @ryivhnn


Sounds freaking awesome XD

I'm sure the purpose for being a statue will be revealed in a full treatment but in the meantime there are so many cool stories hiding in these drawings XD


Oh good, the first thing I contemplate when making a piece of art is STORY! I love when others find their own in my work, it's worth it all :)