inktober day 1: Poison. A Month of Witch's with their familiars

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Just under the wire, my #inktober drawing: Poison


And the entire image


Here I have been going about asking others if they are doing #inktober this year and I'm almost not getting my first piece done.

I do have an excuse, though, and that is the dentist...long story short I went today again and will be going three more times before the month is out...enough said on that.

My first year doing #inktober was 2016 .

It was amazing for me in that it set about the habit, which I keep to this day, that I do a finished piece of art a day. Now, that might often mean a sketch that I'll use later, but I do a piece a day. It is a habit that was well worth forming.

I did not officially participate last year, but decided this year it'd be fun and might be good based on my upcoming schedule this month, which is set to be hectic.

Now for those who don't know #inktober is a challenge started a few years back by Jake Parker. This is the official link to his site and it includes the year's daily prompts:

I'm not sure I'll use the prompts, but I did do today.

I hope others on here will want to join in. So far I've seen some other of our great Steemit artists join in such as @opheliafu , @katharsisdrill , @beekart , @aalagenesis @lloyddavis to name just a few.

It's a fun initiative and a good way to launch Autumn (if it's Autumn in your part of the world) and even if you are not an 'artist' it's still a cool way to say OK I'm doing this thing once a day for a month.

If you miss a day who cares. It's just the fun of the thing.

I might have to miss a day as well, we'll see.

Well I had better post so I can get this in 'officially' for day 1. It is almost 5 pm in my time zone.

If you like my posts by all means upvote, resteem, and comment. I always appreciate comments.

And check out my other posts.

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Oooh I love your witches, Donna! :D
I definitely like you drew the pose on this one, very lovely arms and legs, she seems to be fighting hard to read her book and making sure that her cat behaves XD.


I love the interplay of person to animal, so this month's #inktober is going to be that in witch form!

Are you doing #inktober @scrawly? You should do, I mean you already draw a day anyway right?! :)

I am sorry to hear about the dentist appointments. I'm always scared of them! I hope that they won't be painful for them.

Beautiful, very detailed drawing. I love the cat which I of course didn't see at first :) Oh, and the girl has pained nails on her feet! This is what I call 'great detail'!

Thank you for sharing!


Thanks @delishtreats. I should probably use stronger ink lines in areas to define things more, but I also like the idea of the viewer having to look a bit to find all of the image. It's kind of fun that way.

Oh I hate the dentist, but what can you do? I go in for a routine clean and now all of this :/


I didn't mean it like a criticism. I love your work! I actually enjoy how complicated it is.

Oh, I went through so much with my dentist. Once I spent 3 hours in his chair with anesthesia. Towards the end of the procedure I could feel the pain again but he couldn't help me as it's not healthy to do it more than once. I can't sleep the night before I go to the dentist :)

Great start in the inktober. Looking forward for the next days artworks👍🏼


Thanks so much @bronkong. I'm excited to do it this year and happy a few of my favourite Steemit artists are joining in!

Your drawing is absolutely insane! Love it!! I literally just came across this challenge about half an hr ago, and decided to join in. Been wanting to pick up the pen again, haven't been very creative in years, so hoping to have lots of fun with this :)


Thank you so much.

Join in, I'm excited to see how many Steemians will join in this year!


Found so much talent when I was checking out the #inktober tag!

Lovely. I love inktober. I have a concert on friday so cant even think of painting but will resume next monday if not daily at my pace, no prompt.


Oh Wonderful, @yidneth, I can't wait. I'm not sure if I'll manage daily to finish, but I'll try. I have to travel this month as well, so we shall see. It's funny no matter how many we finish!

Everything about this is so awesome. The contrast, the linework, the pose, everything! I'm excited to see more of your inktober stuff :)


Thank you, that means a lot from a cartoonist such as yourself. Are you doing inktober? Oh wait you are, I forgot. INK ON!

Stunning work, you have a beautiful flow to your lines.
I also love the community spirit that is forming over this challenge :D

great ink work , so it's the inktober , i'll try it too , who is the manager of inktober? , i can't find his page in steemit


Did you find the link above? It's not a steemit thing really, but all you have to do is do an ink drawing a day, it can be ink and paper or digital and you can use the prompt words for each day (listed above) if you like. I also saw a list called drawalloween or something that @lafumesta posted that look like cool prompt words too!

gorgeous inktober piece, donna ! love the beautiful and stark inking style and dress patterns make it look like eyes * ___ * AMAZING



Thanks @veryspider. I like to make patterns for fabric so this is a cool way to design some small bits to use in my black and whites. Yay #inktober.

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What a start @donnadavisart :) Great work in your recognizable style. Now seen what others done, I am not sure will I post mine made yesterday. Flu or something is killing me for days now and despite it |I am going to work. Somehow I managed yesterday to do small drawing.


Thanks @jungwatercolor,
There are different versions of #inktober where you can do three a week or even one a week. I'm not sure I'll get every day done, as it's gonna be a busy one, but if not I'll still try and share at least a digital ink doodle. Just do what you want and have fun and GET BETTER!


I will try as much as I can :) And yes, autumn got me unprepared, and it looks like I am having allergy on this plant that is blooming here like crazy

It's horrible being like this :(

Wow, this is awesome. Poisonous indeed... Well done.


Thank you @fictionspawn. It was fun to do.

Amazing artwork!!! Good luck with the Inktober, i did not know the rules. It looks tough but also a good way to practice your skills daily:)

These are amazing. You seem to have an impressive vision, @donnadavisart. There's definitely a story in this picture (as in all of your pictures).


Thank you @honeydue not sure if all the inktober witches will be the same one or a series of them, we'll see what comes out of me each day (in between root canals and fillings and airports oh my!) :)

Hello this artwork is featured on the 9th Issue of Steem Sketch Book on this blog : The Bests of the first four days of Inktober 2018 Challenge : 9th Issue

Thank you for contributing the awesomeness of art here on Steemit!
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I am so in love with this piece! Your black and white drawings are wonderfully complex yet simplistic at the same time... so much going on, with such crisp lines. I adore your “witch + familiar” theme for the challenge too.

I like the idea of following prompts, but since this is the first time I’m attempting #inktober I’m just keeping it open and following whatever inspiration strikes each day.