Inktober Day 4: "Spell"

in inktober •  7 months ago

My drawing for today, day 4, prompt word: SPELL


The entire piece:
Elsbeth couldn't imagine a better spell than one that realized one puppies.

"An incantation for impish pugs seems a fine way to spend one's mana" she thought, " I may need a bigger basket!"

I was happy to see today's prompt word was "spell"

Certainly an amazing one for my focus this #inktober in that I am doing witches and their familars. However, today I am back from my dental appointment where I have just had my root canal. My face is still numb and as it has not worn off and the pain (which might come) has not yet arrived, I sat straight down and began my drawing.

I had plans to make it a bit more elaborate and to even involve "Mushrooms" as I see, thanks to @la-fumettista there is also a concurrent drawing challenge happening this month called, Drawlloween. It looks fun and I might mix in their prompt words sometimes. I just wasn't up to it today, however. Here is the list of prompts for that:

And of course for #inktober as well.

I thought it would be fun to share a link to another's inktober each day.

And since I mentioned @la-fumettista why not go and check our her latest inktober here.

Now, I need to relax as I have to go to the dentist again tomorrow to have the next bit of the root canal capped and to have a cavity filled. It is not turning out to be a good month for my teeth!

If you like my posts by all means upvote, resteem, and comment. I always appreciate comments.

And check out my other posts.

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Beautiful work. Imagine that just comes out of your pen.

Sorry about your toofs, going to the dentist sucks 😫


Thanks @pricessmewmew. Yes, teeth care is not fun for me right now :/

Well, first it comes out of my crazy mind, then my hand just follows suit ;) I thought about this one sitting in the dentist chair today waiting for my shot to kick in.

Wow, awesome! :D


Thanks so much.

wow awesome pieces for every day:)


Thank you so much @edgarsart It's good having a theme as I think it'll be a nice little collection when I am done.

The spells that brings forward - not the great old ones, but the small old ones. The whole series is great! I would wish that the width of the Steemit lay out was a bit wider.

Amazing illustration!
Does she have a spell to clean up all the puppy poo too?


That might be a 'composting' spell, it appears in the neighbours compost pile 'as if by magic' ;)


Shit flinging magic!

You had me at puppies! Obviously hehe 😂😂🐶🐶🐶


One day my witch might need a Bulldog familiar ;)


everyone needs a Bulldog familiar! :D

I think I am becoming addicted to your inktober works.


Wow, now that is a healthy addiction :)

These are stunning. I'm doing Inktober this time, but mine are just scribbles :)


It's all good in #inktober, scribble away!

Love it, artwork & concept!! I can't think of a better spell than to manifest adorable puppies XD Thanks for the mention!


Thanks @la-fumettista, I thought it'd be fun to give a shout out each day to one other steemians @inktober.

PUPPIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES almost get an automatic upvote XP I hope she has a spell for magical pug food too XD

Now one has to wonder just what those impish pugs might get up to :D


Oh the pugs will have the spell of people falling in love with them instantly and wanting to cuddle them, but I think all pugs know that spell ;)

Funny entry for the word spell. This is a very interesting painting technique you work with.


Thank you. I just really started playing with using only one tone (well two if you count the white of the page) as I liked the stark contrast and I really wanted to do something sort of detailed but 'finished' in a day. I've been getting more and more into it lately and am really having fun with it this month with #inktober.

These are delightful!


Thanks so much :)

What an amazing spell XD I love this one !!!! And yep, she may need a bigger basket, for sure <3 Love her witchy shoes, so much, also :D

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