Inktober day 8 "Star" and Drawlloween's "Yokai"

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Today's drawing inspired by two prompt words.


The Entire Piece:

Cyril thought his mistress far more menacing then the Yokai she was currently conjuring

I'd much rather spend the day with that half animal ghost then my Mistress when she is in a foul temper", thought he.

The Fox-headed spirit seemed to be of the same mind as Cyril, as he looked rather alarmed at the peevishness of the witch currently summoning him

Today I decided to use the prompt from #drawlloween as well as the prompt from #inktober.

As you can see #inktober's word for the day was "star", quite cut and dry. But, then when I saw #drawlloweens prompt of YOKAI I had to look it up and was pleasantly surprised. According to a very basic Wiki defnition Yokai are

Yōkai (妖怪, ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for "bewitching; attractive; calamity"; and "spectre; apparition; mystery; suspicious".[1] They can also be called ayakashi (あやかし), mononoke (物の怪), or mamono (魔物). Yōkai range diversely from the malevolent to the mischievous, or occasionally bring good fortune to those who encounter them.

Yōkai often possess animal features

Here's an example of an old versions of them:

And Here is an interesting article about it in New York Times.

I couldn't resist when I saw that they were part animal ghost/monsters.

I just decided that in the vein of my 'witch and her familiar' that I'd approach it as if the Yokai being conjured was actually the less frigthening of the two and that our Witche's familiar would find the dapper fox/ghost more appealing than his witchy misstress on a bad day.

I am still plugging along daily here with #inktober and hope all who are doing so are still having fun with it. I may be combining days later on as I get busier, but it has been a good solid course to follow in my busy month.

Well, keep inking everyone and join in if you haven't!

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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Hopefully Cyril escapes the wrath of his mistress, she really looks like she's facing a grumpy day.
The Yokai looks like a very nice gentleman compared to the witch right now XD.

You are going to have an amazing collection of drawings by the end of this month. And thank you for the definition of Yokai !


You're welcome. It was wonderful to find out about a new subsection of art I had not known of!

Woo, you joined the Drawlloween boat! Great job mixing the two prompts together. Your yokai is such a dapper lad.


Yes, thanks to you! I didn't even know it existed. And then when I included the Ghost band member in one of my drawings my niece was so excited and then she told me there is an inktober list that is specific to that band as well! There must be tons of 'inktober' related lists! but, the drawlloween one just suits my own witch/familiar theme nicely :)

Think I'd be more concerned for whatever she's directing that death glare at XD

Also amusing is how unconcerned the familiar looks about it all, guess it's used to it XD That fox does have a slightly perturbed look about it which is hilarious and great.


I wanted to flip it about and have the witch be the scary thing and the ghost/demon think, 'well this is scary and an inconvenience' and of course her familiar is just aware of his Mistresses 'moods'. But, I think we all can relate to the witch as we've all had things we've had to do that just was annoying or angering :)

The she-fox plays a role in Kurosawa's Ran.


The impish and troublesome nature of the spirit world ;)


There is a scene earlier where the vassal who cuts off her head comes to deliver another cut off head to her. Instead of the head she finds a fox head of stone, making her furious. He then plays superstitious and warns his master of the dangers with foxes that masquerade as women.


Always amazing drawings . I featured you earlier on my art curation post


OH, thank you so kindly @yidneth, you're a darling.

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love the witches familiar today! Yey, a beloved Bulldog! 😍😍😍 I always love your work but this one is extra special! You have captured his expression perfectly 💕💕🐶🐶

Thank you so much for sharing!

BB xx


I wanted him to look perterbed like, "Oh here we go, she is at it again" sort of face :)

These are nice. I am looking forward to seeing them all.
science fiction, fantasy, erotica


Thanks and I'm looking forward to doing them. Also 'eek a ghost' (cuz you said boo!) ... :)

i love this collection. congrats dear!

ah this is so cool! i love the stars on her dress and her facial expression :)

Really nice, Donna ! Love the 'star' attitude of the witch and the fox yokai's outfit <3 And her familiar is very wise ! :D :D :D

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