Inktober Day 15 using the Drawlloween prompt: Owl

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Today our witch was not inspired by the word Weak but rather chose the word "Owl"


And the entire piece:


Elsinore felt life could be black and white, at least when it came to familiars.

I wasn't really inspired today by the #inktober word "Weak", but the #drawlloween word was inspiration enough, especially with my own self-imposed month of witches and their familiars.

I am running a bit late today, as well, trying to catch up on my to-do list. I hope you will be happy with my drawing today and not much else. I am still chugging along with the daily inks and hope others are hoping to join in before the month is through.

In my daily tradition of sharing other's #inktober, let's visit @katharsisdrill today who is not only fulfilling #inktober with his amazing sketch for "clock" the can see here, but also adding to his wonderful project Phill from GCHQ which can check out here.

I hope all of you are enjoying your October and not too unsettled by how quickly it seems to be passing.

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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I am SO far behind on here. Your series is very intriguing, and so much fun. And so well drawn. I'm indubitably impressed. Never could pronounce that word. I so want it to be indubiably. Anyways, I love the BW nature of your witches...which I suppose IS what drawing in ink is all about. (The BW, not witches, of course). I hoped to get to these and partake, but not made it yet. Better hurry, I suppose ( :
I love those Drawlloween thingies. Very creative too. Well, I'm off to do chores. Hope your world is going well. Have a vundebar day.


I had to laugh at your 'idubiably' pronunciation :)

I'm trying to keep up, visitng as many of my fav steemians each day and trying to keep up with inking, but now I am about a week away from my big UK sojourn so it's starting to pile up.


Oh, I remember seeing something about the UK in one of my "flyby's". Are you moving back to the big city across the pond? Or just messing about for fun or possible profit? Hopefully not a permanent thing, but then again, we are on the Internet, so another 4000 miles might just make things different only in a .079 millisecond reply delay. Gotta remember these things.
As for indubiably, I just feel like there should be about 2 more d's and b's in the word. It just rolls off the tongue (albeit incorretly, but when did THAT ever stop me) much better. Cheers to ya, my friend from the Eastern Seaboard (What DOES that mean?..)

Nice pose and gorgeous dress. Lovely art piece, Donna :D.


Thank you so much @scrawly, I love victorian dresses :)

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very beautiful as always ! your series is going nicely Donna


Thank you so much @adelepazani. I'm trying to keep up but I might need to start doubling up words and days soon. :/

Really great work @donnadavisart, consider yourself followed!


Well, thanks so much @marcusbareburn.


Haha, a ‘bareburn’ sounds nasty!


Oops :) @marcusbraeburn...

These are EXCELLENT!!! Love the owl, and the contrast you bring into your drawings.


Thanks a lot @katrinia-ariel. I am finding myself even streamlining my black and white drawings more this month as I haven't time to worry about mid range tones so am really loving the challenge and fun of using the black and white mainly.

Magnificent as always!


Thank you so much @edgarsart.

excellent presentations you did a great job I congratulate you all is first quality.

I think owls are much easier to get inspired by than weak, especially given your theme :D Also that flying owl in the shadow looks awesome.

and your posts are getting really long XD


I had actually sketched out a start for Weak, but I just didn't have time to finish and then ink it, as I'm doing a lot of things in a day this month :/ I'm still happy to do something though and I'm loving #inktober and steemit together, it's really my 'meditation' for the day. I have not had a moment to do it today, though, or time to check others, so I don't even know who else has Inktobered today.
I also love Owls :) @ryivhnn