Inktober Day 12 "Whale"

in inktober •  7 months ago 

My witch is enjoying herself today with a very special familiar.


And the entire piece:

Titchaba didn't mind being told she was the size of a whale when it meant swimming with her favourite familiar

I was able to get my day 12 done today and therefore haven't much time for writing.

I hope you all are having a lovely day and let's share today's fellow #inktober artist @frejafri amazing whale, check that one out right here.

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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Wow fantastic Inktober entries! Well, my good intention to participate this year has remained just a good intention LOL. I just can't keep up LOL


Well, you never know, you might end up doing at least one #inktober, that still counts as participation.

Great work beautiful symbiosis between human and animal


Thanks, I knew it'd be interesting to play with scale on this one.


Thanks, I knew it'd
Be interesting to play
With scale on this one.

                 - donnadavisart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


OH, @haikubot, you little dickens! Now, don't tempt me today, I have SO many things to finish and then you take my randomness and give it cohesion and all but force my hand to want to make an illustration to go with it...raises fist to the air Robot overlords! Why do you tempt me so!...tries not to think of illustration to accompany pretty rad haiku

She is swimming well with that whale ! <3 Beautiful body language, Donna ! <3


Thank you @veryspider, I figured after the torturous witch yesterday, this one would be loving the animal.

I was briefly pondering if she had a very small whale or if she was a very big witch XD Actually I'm still wondering as I only leaned slightly more towards the latter from your description. And the main thing is they look like they're having a good time ;D


Good @ryivhnn, I like it to be a bit puzzlng. I like story in my art, so this way it's really up to the viewer is she the size of a street block or is the whale only 6 feet tall? Either way, some magick has been about and the result is a playful dance in the water with a whale, something I'd love to do myself.

Very cool! I love this kind of thing with just black and white. Very skillful. I wish I had the patience to do this kind of thing. The octopus one is my favorite.


I have to say @nuthman, the octopus is my favourite as well.

I spent more time on that one, as I had to skip the previous morning so that night I started on that one and then did it a second day so I could put more detail into it.

This one was meant to be more involved, but I looked at my day and thought, I can finish the witch and the whale, so I did :) It's all about time.


I totally get that! I feel like the days used to last 10 times longer than they do now. I must be getting old...

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Thank you it really does mean a lot that you guys manually curate.

buen arte original-



One more beautiful than the other!


Aw thanks, @reinhard-schmid, how have you been? I feel like I haven't 'comment chatted' with you in a bit, I've been so busy.


Outside a lot with the good weather we are having. I know I have been a lousy communicator, sorry. You on the other hand are omnipresent and always so good with comments. Thank you for staying in touch. :-)

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If only I were omnipotent, to boot ;)

I'm happy for any comments, no matter how small.( I don't even really mind the the spam ones that much, but don't tell anyone, it is NOT a popular opinion. )

Some say it is better to be noticed in any matter than to be ignored altogether ;)

This one was challenging again! Your whale is hidden perfectly! I was about to say that I have missed that, but then I thought that I will not give up before I find. And there it is!!!

Beautiful work as always. You don't cease to amaze me with your art!

As I said before, better and better with each new one @donnadavisart, this Inktober is wonderful journey with you, enjoying your drawings and amazing imagination!