Inktober Day 13: Guarded

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The protective mother

I’ve been brainstorming ideas ahead of time for each word prompt to quickly change my mind once I pick up my pencil. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s done this. There are days when I feel encouraged to tackle a big drawing and others when I know to take the simple route. Today was one of those big days. :)

The progress...

All my drawings are done digitally on the Procreate App using the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

Here are the pencils that I started out with.

Then I began to ink the details in the face to set the tone.

I wasn’t sure how deep I wanted to take the blacks but I for sure wanted the mother’s features and pose to demand your attention.

I wasn’t sure how I’d ink the feathers. Should they be detailed or should the be simple? Before I could figure that out I needed outline a guide to help me breakdown the shapes and sections of the body.

I decided to commit to detail and I worked my way around the outer parts of the wings.

Then I filled in the feathers from three ends until they met in the center.

Darker lines to balance out the image so the details don’t get muddled.

And finished with a wash of color to the background and light in their eyes.

Yesterday set me a little behind on inktober but I’m still determined to catch up!

Thanks for stopping by to view my art! 🦊

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Hehehe I like looking at the parent's owl's face and the way you render their fur is cute and floooofy <3.


Totaly agree im also stuned by the fur rendering 👌😮


Aww! Thanks! The fluffy feathers were my favorite part!


Perfect! I wanted the mother’s face to be striking so it seems like I did a good job there. ^^

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Argh that's way too adorable send help XD I think it would have worked alright simple but I am so glad you decided to commit to detailed because this looks amazing.

Now we better move a bit before mama owl takes our faces off XD

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Yes! Never underestimate a protective mama!

Well, I love owls, so this is right up my alley. Well done, we are all killing this #inktober challenge!


We are! I feel so inspired. I’ve always loved October for Halloween but now I’ve got something else to look forward to every year.

I love owl of them

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Me too!!

Nothing as fierce as a protective mother and those owls are so cute. Love it


Yes! I agree! I think the mother is even more fiersome since her babes are adorably fluffy! ^^

And a fine strange drawing it is! I really like it. Owls are mysterious creatures.


Thanks! They are indeed mysterious and so interest to observe. I’m really happy with the look of this since it’s a little chaotic.


Yes, it is a peculiar composition :)

BTW. I saw the Mandy film with my wife. The first part is the best thing I saw for ages. After they burned her and it went splatter it was still good, but I would have hope that they had kept her alive together with the mystic mood. That actress has the most wonderful face.

love the pose, foxi ! a parent's guardedness over their young ones is definitely captured well in this picture :) really liking how you ink the feathers also ... both on the wings/body, and on the face <3 <3 <3


Thanks spidey! The feathers were my favorite even thought they had me a little worried. Seems like my drawings get better when I’m tapped into my doodling zoned out mood.