Inktober Day 11 "Cruel" and my entry for Trial by Comics

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Today's #inktober see's our witch and her familiar being a tad "cruel"


And the entire piece:


Cassandra could be thought cruel, but really how was she and Balthasar meant to find ink and quills at this hour?

"I've got the ink handled", Cassandra sneered

Balthasar meant to agree, but his mouth was currently full of potential quills.

All is fair in the world of Ink and Quills it seems.

I was sad to not be able to ink yesterday, but having the dentist in the morning and then a list of things to get to, it was just not possible. So, last night, I sat down and sketched out today's ink. I know @katharsisdrill daughter has told him it is 'cheating' to start the day before, but I knew if I was to get today's done, it'd have to be started last night. And as I had not inked for day 10 I really wanted to make this one more detailed.

I have to admit when I looked at the prompt word for today, I was not thrilled at first. Yet, I was on my way to the dentist when I was thinking about it, as I knew I'd be doing tomorrow's word. Having arrived at my third week in a row to the dentist chair, I thought how cruel this surely is and how cruel it was to take away my day of inking. That I love my inking in the mornings to soothe me for the day. And then I thought, what is a cruel way my witch would extract ink?

I had also imagined her needing a new quill and who else, but a trusty hunter like a cat, to snatch down a supply of quills for her needs. I even felt, in a way, that this image also included the day 10 word "Flowing" with the tentacles of the octupus.

I have another busy day ahead of me ( I Know I am rather sounding like a broken record, but alas, what can one do). So, this shall be a short (for me) post. But, I do hope you like what our witch and her familiar are up to today and do forgive her, you can't blame the scorpion when it stings you, it's what it was built to do.

In the tradition of community with our #inktober I'll share another fellow inker today. We have @jungwatercolor and her amazing day 9 why not check that out right here.

In fact it was @jungwatercolor that reminded me I wanted to enter one of my #inktober's into @kommienezuspadt amazing trial by comics. I have not yet entered and as he has opened it up to any of our inktober drawings, I think I will choose this one. Good luck to all who enter that, he is an amazing artist as well as one of my favourite photographers, I'd say on Steemit, but I think just in life.

I hope all of you find the time to ink or at least peruse some of the hard work happening for #inktober and give a good vote and comment, we love that, we artists.

And check out my other #inktober posts thus far:

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Great artwork donna 👌

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Thanks @zpzn

o yes! its wonderful , 11 days? times fly so fast


I know @adelepazani , can you believe it?! Have you finished your collab piece for #sndbox that is due in three days!


nope, i asked you before donnaa :)) seems you don't read answers , today will find someone .


OH NO! @adelepazani I would have so happily done the collab with you! Yes, I'm bad as I don't always get to answers, as I don't have anything set to notify me, so I do it all manually and sometimes I miss them. You should just keep pestering me and then I'll see it :)

Oh, it would have been such fun to do it together, oh well, next time. Who did you end up joining up with? I just finally asked in the slack general chat to see who was up for a collab.

The witch and her cat are indeed cruel. I love her expression. She is having so much fun and pleasure :) Another great work! It's amazing how you manage to post everyday even though you schedule is so busy. I hope that you're not in pain now. Have a lovely weekend!


Well, I try to be pretty good with my schedule. I'm always telling people when they say, "Oh an artist must be so free and easy lifestyle" but I have a pretty specific schedule. it's true my commute is only 'down the hall' or 'into the garden' but it's still a commute to work, so I do TRY to stick with my schedule. If I didn't geez I'd stare out the window all day. Of course I schedule 'stare out the window' time in every day, you have to! OR what is it all for :)


It's good to build a schedule and habit in whatever your job is. It's still a job even though you love it and it's what you enjoy the most. I will put the 'stare out the window' in my agenda too! I do it as well but it's a good idea to put it in my to do list :)

Hahaha she is squeezing ink out of that octopus :D Maybe it is for a good cause ! Like inktober :D Good piece, Donna ! I love the expression on the witch's face :D :D :D


Exactly, @veryspider, I thought it a good play on inktober. I'd say some of my witches do enjoy a bit of 'cruelty' now and again, but all is fair in love and life and magic.

My witch would say, the tiny fish that is squeezed to death by the octopus would feel just as bad as does he being squeezed for his wonderful ink. :)

Another beautiful piece from you!!! The witch and her familiar looks really a bit cruel here, I like it ^_^


Yay, so you got "Cruel" from it then, @silviabeneforti ?

Hehehe this is indeed quite cruel, what the witch and her cat are doing. The mistress and her pet seem to understand each other pretty well.
Nice expression Donna, and lovely ink :).
Good luck with the contest ^_^.


Thank you @scrawly, I have the annoyance of another dentist trip to thank for this one, I really thought about it whilst sitting in the chair getting the drill, a great place to dream up cruel things ;)

Well girl, your imagination is bursting, what idea about squeezing ink from squid and her expression on face. For me, this is the winner drawing @donnadavisart!


Oh, thank you so much @jungwatercolor, this was pretty fun to make. Today we have Whale which will be interesting, so many ways to think about that one.

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Thank you so much.

Wow!!! Donna...Impressive


Thank you @marionbowes :)

I love all of these - particularly the expression and dress on "cruel". Great use of stark black and white and clean lines! <3 <3


Thanks a lot. I really love playing in black and white.

What can Casandra do?I bet she's a lazy witch. She just love having animals around her.


It's hard not to be lazy when one can 'call up one's desires' a temptation to all witches :)

· are right