Enter the Hobby Hub Challenge Week #2 And Win SBD!! PLUS ***Winner Announcement***

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Enter the Hobby Hub Challenge Week #2 And Win SBD!! PLUS ***Winner Announcement***

Just launched! HOBBY HUB CHALLENGE! #2 

Yes, we do live in a fast-paced world where time for our hobbies is often limited. But still need a pastime that keeps us in check and relatively sane. Here’s your opportunity to write about one of your favorite interests, something you enjoy doing in your spare time. Enter your hobby into the Hobby Hub challenge and…WIN!



The launch and first week of the Hobby Hub challenge, in my opinion, was a huge success! Every entry was outstanding, interesting and undoubtedly original. 

Winner Of the Hobby Challenge Week #1 is ...

@mother2chicks for her submission: Hobby Hub Challenge #1 Bone Collector: My Unorthodox Hobby

Congratulations on your winning entry! This is certainly an "unorthodox" hobby as you put it, but interestingly so! We loved how you shared some of your adventures with us while explaining how you came to be a bone collector and why you enjoy the "treasure" hunt. 

It was incredibly difficult choosing just one winner out of 11 AMAZING entries, but after much collaboration and uhming and ahing we finally came to s decision. If you are looking to do some curating, please visit the following posts submitted by #HobbyHub participants and show some support:


Why Enter This Challenge?

This is an ideal chance for you to write about something you love, and reap some rewards at the same time! Your entry will be exposed to a larger audience, helping you to gain added recognition here on Steemit. 

All entries that meet the guidelines stand a chance to be mentioned in the winning announcement post too, for an additional chance to get you some exposure.


How It Works:

It's all very easy! Write about what you enjoy doing when you have some free time. Enlighten us on your hobby, how you discovered it, what it entails, do you do it often etc.

Definition of a hobby -

 A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements. - Wikipedia

Guidelines & Rules

  • This is a weekly challenge, for now. Challenge #2 starts from the post date and ends on the 29th of October 2017 at 8:00 am UTC +2.
  • One entry per account for each issue.
  • The main topic of your submission must be about a hobby. Effort and original photos will be given preference on the judges final decisions. Images that do not belong to you must include a source link.
  • "hobbyhub" MUST be used as your first tag (you can use any additional tags thereafter). 
  • Kindly upvote and resteem this post (to benefit all contestants).
  • Add your link to the reply section below.

Judges Decision

  • Thank you to @what-did-she-say for joining me as a guest judge for the 2nd week of the Hobby Hub Challenge. It's great to have you on board!
  • I will always have a guest judge to collaborate with and we will always finalise our decisions together.
  • The winning post will be announced on the following Monday and the winner will receive his or her payout along with the announcement.
  • An entrant's post votes and post payout will not influence our decision; effort and original content will.


  • A BIG thanks to @eroche for his continuous advice and support with the launch pf this challenge. @eroche is the mastermind behind the @culturevulture challenge, the prize pool is AMAZING, I am sure you will want to try grab a piece of the pie! I was honored to recently be interviewed by @eroche, see the interview HERE
  • Thank you to @giantbear over at @steemiteducation for sponsoring the Hobby Hub challenge, thank you for helping the challenge with some great exposure! If you have information that you think could help a student or teacher, submit your post using the @steemiteducation tag and reap awesome rewards. Find out more HERE


Looking forward to reading about your hobbies...AND GO!!!

Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

Much love - @sweetpea

(bringing you original content)

*** please remember to upvote and resteem --- Any donations towards next week's prize pool will be greatly appreciated

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thanks for the sharing


Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

That is exciting! Congrats!
Here's my entry this week: Grandma's Comfort of the Psalms Hexagon Quilt


Thanks for the entry! Off to go give it a read :)

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I'm very excited!

It was a pleasure to participate and equally pleasant to read other posts about so different hobbies.
Well done everyone!!! :-)
Special thanks to @sweetpea for creating the Hobbyhub challenge.


Thank you for your awesome submission and support!

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Good Luck!

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Some of them are truly great.

Congratulation @mother2chicks. :)
It is both a unusual and interesting hobby.
For me some of the most interesting things about the hobbyhub is when i read about this new hobbys i have not heard about, and this was one of those. :)


Thanks so much, it was a nice surprise and an honor. Glad you enjoyed reading about my hobby🐓

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Wow, Thank-you so much!
What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning.
I feel honored to have won this challenge. Looking forward to the next one.🐓

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I think this challenge is going to uncover some very interesting pastimes. 😀


It already has! And I have learnt so many new things, I'm in my element!

Congratulations @mother2chicks !! This was one of my favorites as well ! I had a lot of fun guest judging ! Best of luck @sweetpea moving forward with your contest , so much did she win !? ! I really enjoyed all your entries ! Upped and resteemed💕✌👍

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Congrats @mother2chicks!
You have quite an unique hobby.

The last post i made i had to try to post 12 times before it finally got posted.
So i am kind of sceptical to start to write a long new post again, before i see that things are normal again.

But i will try to make a new post for hobbyhub about my second passion when things work normal again. :)


I am hoping all the hassles had to do with the new upgrade, and that things will now go back to normal. Would LOVE a new entry from you!


Hey there, one way I did was to click post and immediately open another tab on steemit and open up the post function. You will see that you have an exact duplicate of your post. If the circle doesn't stop spinning, refresh it. If the post was not successful, at the very least the extra tab will come in handy. I hope that's clear? Hope you get your post up =)

Hey there, thanks for organizing something like this. Here's my entry



My pleasure, upped and resteemed :)

Thanks for continuing the challenge, here is my entry for week 2: