Naked Ducati Motorcycle – Hobby Hub Challenge

in hobbyhub •  9 months ago

One of my favorite hobbies is restoring and modifying motorcycles. This is one of my latest projects. It’s a 2008 Ducati 848 Superbike.

It started off pearl white with a few aftermarket parts. I took it down to an engine and frame, everything else was removed, everything.

moto1 (1).jpg
During deconstruction in my garage

One of the distinctive changes that I made was removing all the fairings, thus called a “naked bike”.

848 terra2.jpg
I made a custom frame for an old Yamaha SR400 café racer seat. I designed the frame to match the characteristic Ducati trellis X-frame. Cut into the custom seat frame is the break light with integrated turn signals.

The headlight I used is from a Ducati Monster. The exhaust is a custom modified QD ExBox. Off-road tires are for the roads and trails in Panama.

The fuel tank was replaced with an aluminum tank and painted a Satin Ducati Red and finished off with vintage DUCATI decals.
The clutch cover was replaced with one that is transparent so you can see the clutch spinning, I like to see all the moving parts.

Many more modifications where made, and many parts removed. Total weight reduction was 51 pounds, along with a lower center of gravity.

The goal was to make a timeless café racer inspired motorcycle that was lighter weight and could handle the roads of Panama.

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Upvote and follow. I am motorcyclist to. You can see my couple projects in my wall. I like restoring old bikes :) you have gold hands. Your Ducate looks amazing after work. Good luck


Thank you @daumantas I'll check them out.

Really nice bike. Maybe you'll take me around on it someday. ;)


Sounds great to me.

The end result looks very modern, I like it! You are very talented! Thank you for participaing in the first ever Hobby Hub challenge, good luck! Upped and resteemed!

It's looking... sweeeetttt

That is cool man!! Converting a Super Bike into a café racer. Nice :):)

Wow.. This is beautiful . What a creative idea. In fact, u need to leave ur garage and show yourself more to the world.

Wow what a cool hobby to have ! Must be a lot of fun !! Thanks for entering the #hobbyhub contest ! Good luck !👍👍👍

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Who told you these things?


Nice! That Ducati look fun... Great entry into #hobbyhub and I had fun reading it. The final outcome picture is beautiful. Good Luck with the challenge.

wow, this is amazing! you did a pretty great job :)

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Oh man that's so cool!! How long did it took you to work on it?

Nice job! The end result looks great.