Geology, my great passion :)

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I have many interests, but when it comes to geology, i am almost like a priest, in the sense that i want as many as possible to become interested in that, just as a priest want as many as possible to become interested in their religion.. lol

Since this is partly about me and partly about my hobby, i can just as well start by representing my self with my real name and a photo of me.
My real name is Petter Eliseussen, but it was not room for my whole name when i created the steemit account, so i had to come up with a nick name, Rezpatex. ;)

How did my interest for geology start?
It started quiet silly, but i am glad it did. :)

When i was 7 years old, i found a stone with a lot of quartz crystals near my home.
And i had never seen it before and thought i had become rich, so i ran strait down to a local gold smith full of hope.
To my great disappointment it turned out that it was not diamonds, not even something with great value.
But i think the gold smith saw my great disappointment, so he decided to give me some money for it anyway(much more then it was worth)..

Some few years later, our teacher in nature and science showed the class a lot of different crystals with a great variety of colors and crystal shapes.
From that moment my interest for this really started to grow.


And from i was 12 to 17-18 years old i was a completely nerd about this and everything in my world was about geology and to learn as much as possible about it.
When i was not reading about it, i was out in the field and tried to find new crystals for my collection.

At the age of 16, the city i live in paid me to have a course for different nature / science teachers from different schools in our area to teach them about geology.
This happen because before that i asked one school if i could borrow a class room a couple of times per week, to have a geology course in the evening for friends and people in the area that wanted to learn about it.(that i did for free)

I came from a very poor family, so i could never afford to go to school and educate my self to a real geologist, but it have given me a lot.

because of my interest for geology and the knowledge i have got from it, i often see the landscape around us in a very different way then most people do.
So when my family was on vacation and we drive around in our car, my sister and brother often was very bored when we was driving.
But i was always looking out of the window and trying to analyse the landscape i saw, and trying to understand it.
That way, what was boring for them, was often a great adventure for me. :)

To day i have many other interests(mainly within science and nature) but geology is still my main interest.

And whenever someone ask if i can show them something, i never say no if i have the time to do it.
Last year we had a visitor from Brazil that also was interested in crystals, so i showed her around in different places we could find different crystals, and i love to see the smile on their faces when they find their first crystals there.
Here is a photo of her from some of the Baryte crystal she found on one of those tours:

And since i mention Baryte, i can just as well show a picture of a little post i made for facebook some time ago:
Barytt representasjon.jpg
(The crystals in the picture on the left bottom of the post is from the same place i showed our Brazilian friend)

But geology is about much more then crystals too.
Here is a photo of something i found a couple of years ago, that might be a petrified dinosaur claw:

I have not been able to analyse it seriously yet, but in about a year from now, a friend of me that is a real geologist with the possibility to use professional equipment will come back from a foreign mission, and then i will ask him to take a closer look at it.
If it turns out to be a real dinosaur claw, i will give it to the Geological Museum in Oslo. :)

I think that having a hobby is a very valuable thing for most people, it gives you both something you love to do, and often it also give you a lot of extra knowledge.
So whenever i see young people develop a interest for something, no matter what it is, i do whatever i can to encourage them to keep the interest for this to grow.

I have seen so many young people without interest in anything ending up on a very wrong path.
I have also seen people that most people have given up, suddenly develop a interest for something that have given them something to aim at, and that kind of give them a meaning in life.
And that is why we always should encourage and try to be supportive towards young people who start to develop a interest for something, like for example a hobby. :)

I hope you have a nice day, and that you all will find something you find interesting! :)

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Looking forward to more posts in this great competition:

Even if i should be lucky to win, it is not so fun to win if there is not competition.
And i also love to read about other peoples hobbies and interests. :)

Nice information on those different stones @rezpatex, I was once a Geology student during my bachelors and you made me go back to those college days. Followed, upvoted and resteemed. Hope you too can follow me. Thanks, Have a great day. :)

Thank you for being the very first entrant into the #hobbyhub challenge! And wow, you out did yourself! It is so amazing that your city PAID for you to study your passion, we need more governments to invest in their people this way. Upped, resteemed and followed! Nice to meet you Petter Eliseussen :)


Thank you again. :)

I believe it is ideas like #hobbyhub that will help steemit to become a interesting place for people to look around, and find articles about things they find interesting. :)

What a great entry ! So glad you decided to share your awesome hobby here in the new #hobbyhub , I really loved your story and im glad to be guest judging with @sweetpea ! Good luck !! 👍👍👍💕💕💕


Thank you! :)

I have noticed you before in steemit and therefore know that you are a very active Steemian.
This time i manage to follow you too, and will take a closer look at your posts.
People who have a passion about what they do tend to write interesting posts for other, so i look forward to take a closer look at your posts. :)


Yes for sure ! And check out my #popcontest number 10 that @sweetpea and I now help to guest judge for each other since she just started her contest today ! Im looking forward to reading your positive post entry !!✌❤👍👍👍


Thank you. :)
I had a short look at it now, and it look like something i would like to write a post for.

But as geology comes so naturally for me, i did not even have to think when i wrote the post for the hobby hub, it just came naturally, and i actually had to stop my self from not making a post that was to big.

Even if i mostly are a very positive person, it is not something i usually write about, or have thought so very much about.
(some people believe i am a negative person when they have read some of my political stuff, but that is only because they have misunderstood my real intentions behind them, that actually is very positive.)

But i will focus my attention about being positive in general in the post i will make for this, and hopefully come up with some good example to add to the post too.
So i guess it will take a day or two before the inspiration for this hit me. ;)

When i say i have not thought so much about it, that is kind of a lie, because me and my brother that both are very positive in general, have often talked philosophically about the positive effect of being positive towards things... ;)


That's awesome , Your #hobbyhub post was great ! There's no rush , the contest runs weekly from Sundays to Saturdays ! 👍👍👍

Excellent story! I really enjoy reading this post very much! I wish you would come exploring the mountains in the north one day. My freinds told me that the hill tribe people just pick up crystals and sometimes sapphire (uncut) from the roads!! My friends also stopped their car in the middle of the dirt road, they went down to pull out a big crystal rock from the earth.
I would like to have this sort of experience too!

Thank you for the post.


Thank you for letting me know.
If i had money to do it, i would travel to Thailand just for this comment alone. :)

I am not so found about tourist places, but as i have understood it, the Northern part of Thailand is not over-populated with tourists and have a lot of great nature to offer those who are interested in that.

I could probably spend many weeks in those mountains without noticing that time flew.. :)


Thank you @rezaptex for such a lovely reply! I hope you'll have lots of money for your travel soon. I will have to ask my friend who owns a crystal shop about places and old mines where people can go for some digging. Sometimes it can be dangerous going into the forests and mountains without local guides.
A group of my friends had a local hill tribe guide to take them to sacred caves where inside there were lots of crystals and the whole place reflected lights like diamonds when they switched on the torch light. Some caves are still hidden and secret. It can be quite an adventure exploring caves and mountains.



Thank you.

Yes i would never enter a big forest without local people who knew it well. :)


I am glad to know that. In the past several tourists went for walks in national parks and got lost for three days.


Good post


Thank you!

And i wish the best of luck with your new restaurant.
And i love the name of it. :)

I just discovered that i have got 54 votes for this post... WOW!
I am stunned and would have been very positively surprised even with half of this.

I must admit that it is fun to have written something that so many people like. :)

I still hope more people will enter this competition and that the votes will be spread among the different posts, because when people write about their interest / hobbies, it usually is interesting to read about, because when you are passionate about something, you tend to write better about it, and i think that will be reflected on the one that read it also.

Write a post about your hobby and use "hobbyhub" as your first tag.
You can read more about the simple rules in this post:



I told you geology was interesting to people, it's all in the presentation :)

This is a great post and entry into the #hobbyhub challenge! It was extremely educational and is sure to spark an interest for some people. Good Luck with the challenge!

Enjoyed this post! I too collected crystals and all kinds of gemstones as a kid! My love for it started when I was in 3rd grade. We had a field trip where a company brought in dirt and mining kits for us to find stones in the dirt and we got to keep them! I found all sorts of treasures and it snowballed from there! My children now too enjoy them too! <3 Blessings


Thank you,
and i also love to hear that your kids have taken i interest in this. :)


Oh yes, I've brought home little geodes and stones from various places we've visited. We live in Panama and so they are always looking for new things near the rivers and basically everywhere we go! Lots of volcanic rock here as well since we live near a volcano! Super fun!


It is easy to see how this add value to your kids life, since most kids love a little treasure hunt. :)

and in time it will also add knowledge.
For example as you say, you live near a volcano, and then it usually is pretty easy to find volcanic glass / Obsidian.
Obsidian might look kind of boring just to look at, but if one add a history to it and how much it has meant for people in the past, because of all the different things it was used for, it also get a historical value. :)

Epidote is also another mineral that often is common to find in volcanic stone.
And some times you find perfect and clear crystals of it, and those are very beautiful to, and many collectors love them because of their beauty. :)

I hope your kids will find many crystals and that this will make their interest in this grow. :)


Yes! Exactly! Thank you .. me too! Blessings to you!

I am very much impressed how you present your hobby and I will look forward to your next posts.

I still keep my son's collection of stones and crystals. He was interested in geology and more in paleontology when he was at school. Unfortunately there are no traces of dinosaurs in our country :-)


Thank you! :)
Volcanic stones are just as interesting as sedimentary stones are, if not even more, since you will find a much larger variations of minerals in them. :)

If he still have a interest in paleontology then i hope you do everything you can to encourage his interest in this.

Its a luxurious thing for young people to have a interest in anything at all this days, and it also help them from falling in to unhealthy street life. :)


It is true that young people need to be encouraged to develop their interests.

My son got many other hobbies and now being grown up he is focused on something else he likes a lot - miniature painting. He has several posts about it here on steemit.
Like this on:


That is cool! :)

It also remind me of a period where i made small models of sailing ships.
(i did not make them from the bottom, it was models i put together and then painted, pretty much the same)

Maybe you should ask if he want to join this competition too?

I think many people will find his hobby fun to read about, and to see his work.

I am great fan of many fantasy stories, like Neil Gaiman`s Sandman, and everything Terry Pratchett have written.
For the same reason it always gives me a great pleasure when i see miniature figures from some of those characters. :)

I will imagine that those who recognise the characters of his miniature paintings also will like those extra much. :)


I will tell him, he was not active for some time.

But I am glad to find another Terry Pratchett's fan. 😀 I am reading "Raising Steam" right now.


WHAT!!! :) :) :)

Thank you very much..
I was sure i had read everything, but that one is new to me.
When i had finnish the last Pratchett book, my first thought was
"what now?" because i was sure there was no more new books for me to read.. lol

And now i know that i have at least yet another great Pratchett adventure in front of me.

And this came at a very good time, because i kind of realised earlier to day that i had to study on
Classical mechanics
for the next year to be able to understand something else,
and that did not made me in a very good mood.. lol

Now i am just a big smile again. :)

My interest in geology probably started as a kid around the time my school made a field trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History sometime in the mid 70s. I remember being fascinated by all of the crystals that were on display. Until that point, I never realized rocks could be so interesting.

Another event that also increased my interest in geology was a side trip Luray Caverns (around the same year) my family made while on the way to visit the grandparents. I'd seen caves on TV before, but never in person. My mind was blown by how big the "rooms" were. I remember being upset that we had to stay on the marked path and that we not not allowed to go off exploring on our own.


WOW! :)

I understand that you got upset for not being able to explore on your own in those caves..
That look amazing!

When i lived in Oslo, i used to stay up extra early every day, so that i could make a breakfast i could take with me and eat in the park of the national natural museum there before i went to work.
That always lifted my spirit before i had to go to a boring job.. :)
And since i did this for almost 3 years, i got to know most of those who worked there too, and some of them often shared my breakfast, and they all worked there because they had a passion for what they did.

Even the caretaker there had this job because he was deeply interested in the things in all of the different museums they have there. :)