Homebrewing - more than a plain hobby

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I have a ton of hobbies. That’s why when I saw @sweetpea’s challenge I knew that it is something just for me :)

I’m not going to point all of my hobbies right now, I simply want to surprise you in the next weeks :) In this post, I will present you one of my favorite hobbies, namely, homebrewing.


It all starts with my love to drink and appreciate a beer. And one day I thought that learning to brew will be a perfect hobby for me. Now I even consider this more like an art, but it’s still a cool hobby. Come on, making your own beer? Could it get any better? :)

Ok, but someone can ask: “Why would I want to brew my own beer? Why should I bother and waste my precious time? I can simply go to the store and buy whatever I want since the choice is almost unlimited these days.” First of all, I would say that it is a matter of personal pride. Being able to say “This beer I drink - I brew it” is a great feeling. Secondly, you can boast of your work with your family and friends and observe their reactions. And last but not least - in my opinion, brewing at home allows us to make much better quality beers than those that can be bought in stores!

Frankly, homebrewing is ridiculously fun and amazing. But if you still have some doubts, or believe this is something that can’t be done, please let me assuage your uncertainties. Here is why I think that homebrewing is fun and noble hobby:

You save money - the price of ingredients for a 25 liters batch of beer may vary (depending on the style), but in most cases, it will be cheaper than buying a six pack of comparable craft beer.

It’s not that hard - really ;) You don’t need a lot of knowledge or skills to brew a beer, if you are able to read the recipe, you are able to brew a beer at home.

Starting is not as expensive as you may think - you don’t need a special expensive equipment to start homebrewing. Homebrew starter kits can be bought for around $75, and contain everything you need to brew your first batch.

You can make an impressive gift - homemade gifts are the best. And homemade beer is good for any occasion and will make your family and friends impressed. Why not brew a special batch of beer for your friends’ wedding? Sounds great, isn’t it?

Anyone can make a good beer - let’s be honest, it’s not rocket science ;) You can make beer equal or better than those that you can buy in your local store.

Beer is good to your health - the health benefits of drinking beer has been proven. Of course, you should remember that drinking too much is far away from being healthy.

You are in charge - you can experiment, experiment and experiment a lot. This allows you to customize a flavor that is to your liking.

It will make you proud - this is something I already mention above - indescribable feeling :)

You will expand your world - by learning the homebrewing process you will expand your knowledge, it will keep you sharp and you will appreciate beer more - trust me!

Like I said at the beginning - I have a ton of hobbies. But homebrewing is special for me. I’m sure that there are more reasons why it is great, but I think everyone should discover their own. Those above are my reasons why homebrewing is an amazing hobby for me.

At the end, I want to show you some photos from my homebrewing:




Also, I need to mention that I’m already writing posts about homebrewing here on Steemit - if you are interested to learn more from me about my hobby, I strongly encourage you to check out the posts I have written so far. Here is the list:

HomeBrewing - the basic process description
HomeBrewing - the needed equipment
HomeBrewing - THE GLOSSARY


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How cool is that!
I started home brewing this summer as well. And it all started from home made blackberry jam! I work in construction, and near the site I was this summer was a lot of blackberry bushes. So one Saturday I decided to pick some and make home made blackberry jam as my kids love jam and we buy it all the time. So I thought I'm going to save some coin here and it's homemade, everyone is the winner. And to be honest it was not money save driven, but the process of making it, almost something caveman like in our digital age, where a lot of people get distant from reality, making things and stuff.
My mate once told me his fourteen year old son was good at computing and he could model and render egg and bacon sandwich, but he could not ever make one for real.
So anyway I picked berries and made 4 litres of lovely jam, and I had some berries left over, so I decided to try making blackberry wine, how bad can it go, right? So managed to make 1 litre of deep burgundy colour wine, which when poured in the glass was amazingly clear colour, I mean it was not muddy or anything. Taste was rather on the dry side, but with a bit of sweetening it was ok. So that was a foundation to my home brewing.
Then I thought to myself why not try making cider. And when talking to one of the fellas at work I mentioned my intention in experimenting with home brewing and he said he had some apples from his garden, my name was all over those apples I told him. And that is how I started to plan for my cider production. I got the apples, I juiced them on my juicer, which we bought I used couple of times and now I had ultimate purpose, yay.
So I had juice done, I poured it into empty 1 gallon water bottle a set it aside to ferment. I needed hydrometer to check alcohol as I read on some blog, you meant to check before fermentation and after. Anyway it was an excuse for a shopping trip.
When in my local shop, where they have a home brewing section, I discovered all sorts of handy things, and most importantly that you can buy a kit to make beer, cider, wine, etc. I was all over it)) I bought couple plastic kegs for storing my cider and beer, bought proper fermentation bucket, empty bottles and caps.
When I got home set my first cider kit batch fermenting, now it was not 1 or five litres of brew , but exciting 40 pints of Wilco's kit cider!
Now it's been over 4 weeks and I already started tasting and testing this lovely drink, I gotta tell you, it's quite satisfying the fact that you drink beer/ cider you made. Since then I set some beer fermenting, and I have stout in my plans for Christmas. So home brewers around the world I salute you!
This is it, my story of home brewing and newly obtained hobby.
Thanks for reading.

Thank you very much for this comment. You are 100% right, making stuff by your own is so exciting! Now I'm brewing and I'm making fruit liqueurs from time to time, but I'm also planning to start making my own bread, cheese and smoked meat - this should be fun also :)


dobre piwo, nie jest złe :-)

I think it will feel very gratifying making your own stuff. And true it does not have to cost much at all.

But hey, if you look at your last picture there... it doesnt look too much appealing right? ;)))))
More like a saturdaynight accident after the combi of Indian food, with pale ale

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I accept. Thank you :)

I was thinking of home-brewing. After your post I'm deffo getting a kit

I'm very glad to hear that :D Remember to share your opinion with us, and remember - if you will have any problems with starting, feel free to contact me and ask questions :)

I will thanks for sharing

I will show this to my boyfriend when he comes home and he will for sure love this and want to try on his own :) thank you for showing how it's done! :)

I'm very happy that my posts inspired someone - or will inspire :) If you will have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you! here's "the boyfriend" and yes my girls was right :D right now i'm trying to distill my own spirits but i know for sure what comes next - thank you again for sharing your experiences :)

Haha - moonshiner? :) You are very welcome!

Haha funnily the little distillery is called "easy moonshine" but as long as the bowl doesn't exceed 0,5 liter it's legal in Germany. And in 2018 the legal qty will become increased to 2,0 liter ;)

Cool, it's still illegal in Poland...

Nice to meet someone who has just as many hobbies as I do! But this is one impressive one to boast about, super cool that you brew your own beer! I agree with you, home brewed beer WOULD make an excellent gift! An awesome entry into this week's #hobbyhub challenge! Thanks for your participation, upped and resteemed! Much love, @sweetpea

Thank you for posting. :)

For the last half year i have thought now and then that i should start to make my own vine. But then i forget about it again.

Its not the same as beer, but pretty much the same anyway.
And this post inspired me and reminded me about that.
So within the next days i will go and buy some of the equipment i need for that.

The main reason for why i want to do it, is because i want to do some experimental things and try to find some completely new stuff.
I expect to fail a lot of times before i find something i am pleased with,
but then my pleasure will just be even greater when i finally manage to get what i want.

I will start with 3 separate 50 litre kegs, so that i can try 3 different variations at the same time.

Thanks to this post, i will remember to buy the equipment, and when i have that, things will go faster from thoughts to action. :)

Cheers! :)

It's all about experimenting and finding what fits you the best :) Making wine is also a great thing to do, the results, in my opinion, are often far better than the wine from the store.

I can believe that, and also as you point out in your post, the fact that it is something we have made our self will also add a extra pleasure to it if we like it. :)
Maybe even more if other like it too. :) :)

Well said my friend, well said :)

Now this is a great hobby ! And something I did many years ago before my kids were born ! LOL they are now 27 & 30 ! I still love my beer though haha ! Great post and photos , im glad to see your planning on entering again next week which I may be guest judging as well , not sure yet . Good luck , hope your beer turns out awesome ! Cheers !! @karenmckersie

Thank you :) In the very near future, I'm planning to brew again and make some video from the whole process to post it here on Steemit. Just saying, if you are interested ;)

Awesome ! send me a link if you do , with a reminder , im following you but I would rather add it to my @momskitchen account way easier to follow posts there as its new / not thousands of posts to keep track of ! LOL and its an all food and drinks blog . Steemit steem down right now so I cant log in on steemitstages ,.💕👌❤🍻🍺🍺

I will try to remember to do so :)

Awesome !👍👍👍

I seriously have to take a closer look at some of your animations for future use.. ;)
PS, can you make someone for men too?
I would feel a little bit to feminine if i for example made a cheers salute as a woman.. lol

Yes haha ! If you checkout my post on it , I tell where to Google to get the app or whatever it is . Once you sign up you will see how easy it is , it walks you through how to make your head first you pick male or female ! And you can choose the type of 2 kinds of heads , the other one is a emoji head that's fatter then the one I chose ! But once your done making your head of you , all the other stuff and cartoons are automatically done for you ! You will get a little icon that will appear in the top right corner of your screen instead of a app ! So its then very easy to just choose what you want while your commenting or posting without leaving the page ! Very easy to use !

sound like something i will look in to next time i am bored :)
Thank you :)

Cool !!!👍👍👍💕

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Thank you very much :)

Looks like fun. Always wondered about homebrewing.
Now I'm getting thirsty for a beer, being Friday, almost end of the workweek.

It is fun :) Trust me ;)

Very interesting hobby! I have dabbled in Home brewing myself. I am busy drinking a batch of Ginger beer that I made. This is a great hobby to have. What a fun topic to use as your first #hobbyhub entry. Good luck in the challenge.

Thanks! I never tried to make ginger beer, I need to do it one day :)

Cool! I see that you use bags for your hops! I just toss them in without. I've heard that it gives more flavors that way. But then again it's more messy!

I used to do it without bags, now I'm trying a different approach :)

So which one is better? With or without bags? :)

It's really hard to say - I didn't get the difference in the flavors... With bugs it is not so messy, that's for sure ;)

Okay! But then again you have to clean the bags! :)

Yes, but I find it very easy ;)

I don’t make beer but I brew my own Kombucha :)

Unfortunately I never had a chance to try it...