How to use ReSteemBot (Updated)

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@resteembot is a bot that resteems articles to its followers. When an article is resteemed, it receives attention. If it is a good article, this might result in upvotes and comments.
If the article is bad - it might lead to flags.

@Resteembot simply gives you another chance to appear in people's feeds. That's all.
At the moment of writing, the bot has 1700+ following.
That is not much by itself, but considering how cheap the price is, it is a simple decision.

Also - the bot will upvote ~10 people every day, at random.


How to use it?

    1. Follow @resteembot
    1. Do not use it in the first 3 hours after following for the first time.
    1. Check the price. It is your reputation, devised by 1000 (The price for 44 reputation is 0.044 or more)
    1. send a transaction of any currency with your price or more, to @resteembot.
      Write the link of the post in the public memo.
      The link must lead to any post that is newer than 6 days. The author can be anybody. The price is decided by your reputation, not the one of the author.

That's it. If you did everything right, your post will be resteemed.

Special Newbie promotion.

If your reputation is bellow 30, resteeming your own post costs only 0.001 Steem or SBD.

Check out my other bot - @reblogger


Just sent you a transfer but didn't include 'https://' and got a message back saying no link, when clearly I put one in the memo.

Just wanted to make sure it still goes through.

Please accept this upvote as me saying "sorry".
The bot will not be changed though.
I pushed your comment up, so that people will know about this situation and avoid it.

thank you hope to use your service

Just asking, is this bot created by steemit platform or it is some personal bot. Who owns the earning of the bot and is it by law of steemit forum?

It is personal.
The earnings go to the owner.
The bot follows the rules of the STEEM blockchain as it operates on that blockchain.
The bot's work has no direct interaction with the website.

Interesting and hopefully useful thank you.

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I like your words that are highly motivated ,, I want to ask for tips and tricks
from you how to write interesting ,, please help.

As there is no change with upvote even in resteem already

I am sorry. I don't understand what you want to say or ask.

I accidentally sent you 0.520 sbd instead of the 0.052 sbd i was suppose to send. Any chance you could refund me the extra amount? I love ur service and use it on all my post, so i would really appreciate it if u could help me out with this mistake ive made. Thanks :)

Done. Be more careful next time.

Thank u very much :)
It wont happen again!

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Good evening team resteembot it's been more than 3 hours since I followed you and you are yet to follow back. Please how do I actually send a transaction to @resteembot?

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