Hobby Hub Challenge - Astronomy is My Hobby

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I am stargazer, my hobby is astronomy.

The contest #Hobbyhub is initiated by @sweetpea and you can post about your favourite hobby.

Here is the link with all the details:


Let me show how it all started


In the beginning there were countless nights looking up the sky and searching for the planets, naming the brightest stars, recognizing the constelations.

It was exciting to find a place, dark enough and despite the city lights to spot meteor showers. Frankly it was single ones but still I was excited seeing quick flash.

Next thing was to spot the International Space Station ISS for short. I subscribed to receive notifications on my e-mail when ISS is passing above my town. It gives you time, position, how long it will be visble and where it will disappear. My friends are joking that I receive messages from the mother ship 😉

Here is an example

Time: Thu Oct 12 7:27 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 80°, Appears: 23° above WNW, Disappears: 77° above S

I live on the top floor, got big balcony facing south and rooms facing north. Easy to see the ISS through the window and then to run on the balcony to trace it when it will disapppear. You may ask how it looks like. It is visible with naked eye like a bright star moving extremely fast.

Fact - the speed of the ISS is 27,600 km/h; 17,200 mph

Next thing obvoiusly was to buy a telescope. And here it has arrived and me - assembling all bits and pieces.


I have said that many times - I was mesmerized and glued to the eyepiece.

There were many wows when I first saw Jupiter and the four Galilean moons. And bigger wows when I pointed the scope towards Saturn. I see the rings of Saturn!

I am afraid I am not able to show you pictures of the planets as my camera is not good enough.
There were several attempts to photograph but I wasn't happy.

But what I can proudly show is the pictures of the Moon. I had posts before with many pictures of the Moon. Now it is New Moon but soon there will be new series of my original images to share with you.

So, let see some of my best shots.



It is so beautiful to watch the craters and different phases of the Moon. Sometimes clouds can pass in front and gives another unique view. However all I wish for is clear skies. 🔭🌠

I am absolute beginner in astronomy and I am having a whole universe to explore. Who wants to join me in this exciting journey 😀?


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You probably already know about this one, but in case you have not seen it before, i thought i would share it.
List of retroreflectors on the Moon:

You will of course have to do a search on "map of the moon with latitudes" to be able to find the exact location to look, but i think that should be pretty easy. :)


That is very interesting and I will loo at it.
Thank youvery much!


Thank YOU! :)

It was you that reminded me to look up this again. :)

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I so love the fact that you shared your pictures of the moon with us, totally awesome! I can just imagine your excitement at viewing all the stars and planets for the first time. Had a good laugh with your mention pf receiving updates from the "mother-ship"! Thank you for entering and supporting the #hobbyhub challenge, good luck! Upped and resteemd!

Thank you for sharing. :)

I have a friend that got a telescope that look pretty much the same as the one you have.
But it is not directly a hobby he have, and he have not got on about it in so organised way as you have done it.

And only a couple of months ago i actually told him that it will probably be a way to find out where the ISS is at different times, and by that be able to look at it, and also the same about the famous mirror on the moon.

We both agreed that this was something we had to find out about, but we have forgot about it since then.

But with this post you have reminded me about it again. :)

It would be so great if you had a link or something where we could get the information on the location or be able to subscribe to this and get those notifications in our email. :)

I know he would be very exited about that, because i think the moon is pretty much the only thing he have manage to look at with it so far.

It turned out to be more difficult to use this then he thought, when he did not have the positions for where to look and so on.

So now the telescope just stay in a corner, and that is kind of sad i think.
Its my hope that it will be used more often, and that i then also will be able to look in it. :)

Hope you have a nice day when you read this. :)


Thank you for reading my post and I will be more than happy if I can make you start gazing at the stars.

As for the ISS, i use this site


But there are othres that also can help to track it, like:


Another useful tool is the application Stellarium. It helps me a lot to find the objects and to point the scope at the desired destination.

I am having limited view because of the city lights but still I can enjoy what I could see.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you very much! :) :)

I cant wait to visit my friend and share this with him now.
And also because i would love to see ISS with my own eyes in this way. :)

I was going to have a great weekend, but you just made it even better. :)

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Wow ! Now that's a very cool hobby ! Love it !! Thanks for entering the #hobbyhub contest !! Great post !💕✌👍

Wow ! Now that's a very cool hobby ! Love it !! Thanks for entering the #hobbyhub contest !! Great post ! Love your cartoon haha !💕✌👍


Thanks Karen!

These cartoons are so funny, I love them very, very much. 😀



Haha! Me too ! Your very welcome !!

I really appreciate your courage in showing your "amateur" pictures of the Moon. They look great to me.

I have always loved astronomy. What I really find interesting about astronomy is the time that it takes for the light to reach us. For example, it takes 79 minutes for light to reach the sun. So depending on our position relative to Saturn, it takes about that long for light reflected off of Saturn to reach us.

It may be old light, but it's still light. :)


Thank you very much for your comment.

Indeed it is amazing how the light is reaching us and what we see on the sky in fact is past not present.

Wow, this post has actually made me want to go out an buy a telescope! It sounds very exciting. I would love to know exactly how you got such good photos of the moon? Good luck with the challenge.


Thank you very much!

I tried to make pictures by attaching the smartphone to the eyepiece.
Then I bought a camera for telescope. The camera is directly connected to the laptop and pictures and videos are recorded.
This is my small observatory 😀



That is really cool.

I studied physics in college and it is one of my regrets I never was involved in the astronomy club. I never got into it. I live in a city now and not much chance for stargazing at night but I hope one day to get a chance to learn about the constellations and gaze at the moon.