Hobby Hub Challenge #1 Bone Collector: My Unorthodox Hobby

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My unusual and some might call it strange hobby is "bone collecting."


Yes, I am a a collector of bones. Not the hoarder type of collecting, mine is specialized and limited to things found in nature. To me it is treasure hunt.

**Let me make it abundantly clear I am not a hunter. I have nothing against hunting. It just isn't something that interests me. All bones collected are from creatures who were already deceased and are found artifacts.

For me being out among nature is relaxing. It clears my mind and causes my focus to shift from the mundane problems of the day. I tend to take notice of everything except the occasional well camouflaged snake. I have walked into snakes of all types from harmless to downright dangerous. Rattlers are the worst followed closely by water moccasins. I did on one occasion have to shoot a moccasin.


Once when I was walking in the woods with my dog I walked to within 10 feet a coyote sunning itself in the tall grasses! I was more worried about my dog and getting her turned around before she spotted it. She now stays home.

Some of the bones I've found wandering the woods include cat, hawk, raccoon, possum, bobcat, armadillo, dog, wild boar and fox. I really get excited when stumbling upon skulls! Many finds include deer mandibles, leg bones, vertebrae, digits or toes, teeth and so on.


I searched an area once that was a bit scary and found a alligator carcass that had been poached out of season. It was missing only its head and feet.

Poaching makes me really angry and sad at the same time, it's usually not about the food, but instead for money or admiration!

My favorite finds are the skulls of 3 large cows who were struck by lightening while sheltering under a tree during a bad thunderstorm. Two are proudly displayed on my front porch and the rack from a 6 point buck hangs proudly above the screen door.



One day my farmer friend called me to say I was free to come by his property to retrieve any of the cow bones I wanted. The bones had been there for a couple of years and were bleached from the sun. There was wide variety of cow bones lying around so I filled up two 32 gallon trash cans to the top. Those bones were used to make sculptures all along the pathway leading up to my house. It's rural so most people would never know and those that did would hightail it off the property!

Hunters usually have sites where they dress their kill leaving a nice supply of bones from the previous year. Those sites are prime hunting grounds for me. Sometimes I drive slowly along the rural roads, stop the car and start walking into the woods. After years of doing this I know the signs of a good area to search. I do this when searching for deer and wild boar skulls.


Hunters rarely take doe or wild boar skulls if they are dressing it in the field. Some will take a doe skull if they planning on tanning a hide in the traditional manner-it's a method of tanning using the brains.

Having learned a few secrets from local taxidermists regarding fresh finds that have not been bleached by the sun or if bits of flesh or hide still remain all is not lost. They are still salvageable by using peroxide purchased at a beauty supply that's much stronger then 3% household peroxide. It's usually 20 to 30 percent. Household chlorine bleach will ruin a fine bone specimen.

Other artifacts stumbled upon throughout the years are shells, lichens, wood mushrooms, stones, metal tools, glass fragments, arrow heads, scrapers, pottery, and flints.


Sometimes I even make art with them...


I simply enjoy the hunt, my heart begins to race when I spot a promising find.

All text and images owned by @mother2chicks

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This is certainly a unique hobby! Thank you for sharing some of your finds with us, I enjoyed the photos, especially your art (so original and deinitly something to boast about). I can only imagine the thrill you must get out of each find! Just stay safe out there!!! Upped and resteemed! Thanks for your participation, good luck!


I have tried many times to say thank-you, steemit keeps misbehaving!


Don't worry, you are not the only one! Steemit has certainly been otherwise these last two week's, but I am assuming it's because of the new upgrades! You are more than welcome :) "see" you around!


Don't worry, you are not the only one! Steemit has certainly been otherwise these last two week's, but I am assuming it's because of the new upgrades! You are more than welcome :) "see" you around!

Cool. :)

It kind of remind me of early Victorian scientist collectors too. :)
But i guess your motivation for this is more artistic and something you does beside walking in nature. :)

Once i did something similar, i did not exactly collect, but i had an idea for some strange art i was going to make, and needed some skeleton and bones to make it.

I have sold it a long time ago now, so i dont have a picture of it, but it was a skeleton of a squirrel, and i had change the head with the skull from a crow.
Then i put it up in a position beside a mini lamp i made that looked like a old English street lamp, and dressed it up like a old English gentleman. :)

I still regret that i sold it, just as i regret that i have sold every single other "art" i have made.
But at least i have learned my lesson now, and if i get more ideas, i will not make the same mistake and sell them. :)

I hope you never lose your passion for this. :)

Haha , I have to agree with you very unusual and strange contest indeed !! Great post !! Good luck in the #hobbyhub contest !!💕✌👍

This is awwwesome! What a great way of getting out in nature and exploring! I strongly agree with you about poaching actually. Your pictures are nice especially the last one, of the skull. Great entry into the #hobbyhub challenge! GOOD LUCK!

Love it, @mother2chicks! What a great way to decorate the walkway to your house. Must be such a thrill when you find a complete skull in the wild.😊😊


It is a weird hobby I know, when we first started collecting it felt kind of morose. Now it is just common practice. Kind of like finding a prize that has been hidden from everyone else.

What is your take on steemit right now. So frustrated cause I can't upvote or reply most of the time. Quality posts waiting to put up because problems here still not fixed. Have you seen this happen before? Your friend. Ellie Mae🐓🐓

Come to think of it, that does sound like something Ellie Mae would enjoy collecting. Lol.


Hi Ellie Mae, I've been really thrilled when I've found buck skulls while out hiking - my problem was I didn't have anywhere to put them! I like your organised approach.

And on Steemit, I found this, which is probably out of date, but the comments are overall pretty cranky - https://steemit.com/steemit/@ned/steemit-update. It is frustrating indeed. I can't tell if you've received my upvotes without going to Steemnow to check! Busy.org, steemnow...other people are talking about using eSteem and SteemStage (had not heard of that last one)...I do think we deserve better communication. 😢😢


Hi Kiligirl. Thanks for the up vote. No can tell these days if anything is coming through. Have been upvoting on comments because, well I hope readers can see the comments.

We do indeed deserve more communication from our host. I did visit the sight where he declared all is well. Not very convincing.

I did forget to tell you that the pepto pink barber was amusing in your photo's. Oh and pretty cool you find deer skulls on your hikes. Does that mean there are big cats around or something else lurking? Lol Ellie Mae🐓🐓

This certainly is an unusual hobby for a female for sure but a cool one nevertheless!


Yes, you crazy man. Some of us farm gals have some pretty interesting hobbies. You should my Monster Truck I drive on weekends! Lol🐓🐓