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About 7 years ago, I made my mother-in-law a quilt that was nicknamed "blood, sweat and tears." It was the hardest quilt I've made to date. I absolutely love how it turned out, but it was such a process to get to the end. I learned through it that I hate sewing triangles which is how all the hexagons on it are made.


Here is the front of the quilt. It was named "Grandma's Comfort of the Psalms Quilt" and it was given to her for Christmas. Their house has dark green walls and their furniture is a burgundy color. I thought all of these colors would look great in the house!

The back of the quilt was mostly one big block of fabric.
Quilted together with all over free motion quilting, also called stippling.
I embroidered her named and mine on the back. Each written fabric was a Psalm.

Grandma really loved her quilt and has it on her couch still. It really looks great in the house. I'm glad that she was surprised by a quilt as her Christmas gift.

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Hmm.. it is nice to see people are still doing that things.

I remember from when i was a child how my grandmother did things like that. Not quilts, but i don't know how to tell them in english.

There were so many things that they were making at that times. And we still have some from them.

I remember also about sweaters, gloves and hats... I found this year one made by my mum when i was a little child. Nostalgia came and i will never throw that away ;-)

When i saw the details of the quilt i see that are some awesome materials there. Pfff... It will be nice to be made a set of pillows and blankets for armchairs. And so many other ideas...

Nice to have memories back again.




Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, maybe she knit them with yarn. :) Cool that you found something your mom made. That is special. :) Making pillows would be a great idea for this quilt. I have some extra fabric!


Nice... then put that on your to do list ;-)

Hmm, i was wondering what could you do for kids room. They should be so excited when they see their own personalized things made in house ;-)


Yes, I will post soon, but I made most of the bedding in my daughter's room and all of my kids (well, except the last two--yikes) have quilts. I'm working my way through the quilts I've done. ;)


Nice ;-)

You gotta lot of fun there. gg

Oh my it is extremely detailed and it definitely stands up to its namesake. It is very beautiful and sentimental, I am sure your mom in law appreciates it as one of her treasures. Thank you for participating in this week's HobbyHubb challenge, good luck! Upped and resteemed!


Thanks! She does love it although she has told me the back is her favorite. I think she just liked that main fabric. It seems to be that way for a few of my quilts - people like the plain back better than the detailed front. :) Lol!

Wow such an amazing quilts, my friend. I bet that took a lot of time and patience. I know this because my mom does similar things and sometimes it takes her months to complete the pieces she is working on.

You my friend, have some amazing talent. They are all gorgeous pieces of art. I think you should actually sell these if you are not doing it already. Custom made like this I bet a lot of people would order it.

Thank you for sharing it with us here on Steemit. Have an amazing day. :)


Hey, thanks! Yeah I could sell them but I'd make like $2 an hour for the amount of time I spend on them. ;) I usually just give them away to family and a few friends have gotten one for their kids, but mostly family. This one turned out so nice but it was a lot of work! So cool that your mom quilts too - I bet she makes some nice looking ones!! Thanks for the comment! Hope basketball and Italy are going well for you! :)

I’m so glad you shared this one!!! I love the Hexagon design and all of the detailed love you put into this one! One of my favorite parts is the scripture you used! I love the book of Psalms! Thank you so much for sharing with us today! Upped and Steemed!


Thanks! I love this one as well. :) And the Psalms.

It’s beautiful, as are the others and I’m sure she loved it. I like to quilt but I find sewing so much more unforgiving than crochet. 🙂 You are very talented!


Thanks! I tried crocheting a few times, but I do it really tight and end up with a lopsided square! :) Lol!

Very cool @apanamamama! It's amazing that quilts created 7 years ago look like they were just made. I can see how well made quilts can be handed down to future generations.


Yeah, I've seen some quilts that are really old and still in good shape. You know, the hand sewn ones!! ;) Yikes, I don't have that much patience.

It's beautiful! I bet it took you a long time. I love it...the colours, the pattern, and especially the thought behind it. Great job!


Thanks! I really like it too. :) It is one of my favorites that I have done...and one that I'll never do again! ;)

Beautiful quilts. The hexagon pattern is nice. I really like the psalms on them. @ironshield


Thanks so much! :)

th! this is a gigantic work !!!!! great !!


It turned out beautiful and will be cherished.

Wow! What an interesting hobby. My grandmother still dabbles in quilting from time to time. I still have a beautiful quilt that she made me many years ago. She used to say that quilting was like meditation to her. Wonderful article entry into the #hobbyhub challenge. I have uped and resteemed. GOOD LUCK!


:) Thanks! My grandmother and grandfather both used to quilt. I always thought it was so cool. Sad that my grandfather passed away before he made me one but he made one for my parents, so that is nice! I love quilting.

You are such an inspiration!!! How lovely!