Hobby Hub Challenge - I Love to Quilt! Check Out Our Quilted Christmas Stockings

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About 9 years ago, I learned to quilt and I have loved it ever since then. It is difficult for me to find time for large projects with 5 kids that I homeschool, living in a foreign country and the other various tasks we take on regularly. Because of that, I don't get to spend as much time as I would like quilting. In the past, I have been able to make quite a few quilts and I look forward to getting to do that again someday and possibly passing on a love for quilting to my children!

One year, I decided to make us all quilted Christmas stockings. At the time, there were only three of us, so I came up with a pattern and a plan. Daddy's would be all black with his favorite school as the top part, Mom's would be khaki colored with quilted flowers all over, and our sons would be indestructible denim with a cute little boy fabric.


When our second son was born, he could be left out of the Christmas stockings, so one was made for him as well. It also included some cute little boy fabric and denim.

Next, my daughter was born and I was able to make her a stocking that was similar to mine. Hers is also a khaki color with girlie fabric.

When our next son was born, I sure was glad I had a lot of denim fabric to make another stocking. His followed the pattern of the others, but with a different fabric.

So here are all six of the stockings lined up...

...and then we had another boy!

Each of the stockings is lined with a coordinating fabric and the kids really love their individual stockings. I hope they last for many years to come.

Each Monday, I share the quilts I have made. If you'd like to see the ones I have already posted about, check out these links:
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Hobby Hub Challenge put on by @sweetpea

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They are beautiful, something I have added to my list to try and make too! Wow, a mom to 5 kiddies, hats off to you :) and well done for still making time for yourself, eveb though it os limited! Thank you for entering the Hobby Hub challenge, upped and resteemed.


Thanks! :)

Wow great entry ! they are beautiful , what an awesome hobby ! Good luck , upped and resteemed !!👍👍👍✌💕


Thanks! :)


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It's always fun seeing your quilting projects! I don't think I've ever seen Christmas stockings, though.

My family has always just quilted quilts and not many other things. It's neat to see what others are doing. I'll have to share this with my mom and grandmothers.


Nice! My mom makes a stocking for all of us - cross stitched - takes her forever. I wanted to make something for my kids but not take a year to make it! ;) These went together quickly...for the most part. I've also quilted pot holders and made quilted pillow covers. I have been really into quilting in the past when I've had a little more free time. ;)

Nice work! I can't help but wonder if you've tried making oven mitts? It would be pretty cool to make your own!


I have done pot holders but not oven mitts although I think it would be similar to the stockings. The batting you have to use for those has to have some metallic element to keep you from burning your hands - reflecting the heat. It was a pain to use with the pot holders. :)