Tomorrow the results of the 4th ArtTrail Contest. Here are the partecipants (check the list, please)

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A little delay. But tomorrow I'll post the results of the

4th Art-Trail Contest

dedicated to Self-Portrait (too).

Here are the artworks submitted to this edition They are more than 30 amazing works.

Since the tags on Steemit don't work properly (not always), I would use this delay to ask to all the artists to check if their submitted artwork is in the list below.

Thank you! :)




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I thought i would fit better in the digital category. That's where I normally belong. Cheers, paolo and other art-trailers!


ok! I took it as a selfie :)
or: we can consider it in both the categories


I put selfies on Facebook 😊

Thanks for hosting these contests! I'm already looking forward to the next one, too. :)

This is awesome, who could be the winner? Will wait for the update.

OH! I am new here and just knew there is art contest on steemit! I should join in the future:D

Looking forward to seeing the result!

Ah, this is exciting! :)

Is it too late to submit?


too late for this edition, but there will be a new one in a couple of days

Me, by me.

Will it be a self portrait too?
Or something different?


there will be 2 general categories and a theme. I don't know the theme yet. :)


Can't wait.

Also me, by me.

These are the only self-portraits I've ever done.

cant wait to see the results!

Yeeeeee e... Thanks 😁🎆

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