My Cat Says #21: Think!

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Source: The Thinker Wallpapers

2018-06-18 00.35.53.jpg
#smartphonephotography with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Princess: Mama, what do you think? Do I look like rugged The Thinker man above? How can he grow so muscular if he just sits all day and think only?

Mama: Let me think about it. Since you are nocturnal, you think about it while I sleep on it. Goodnite Sweetie.

Princess: Mama, Buddha said, "What we think, we become." Did I thought to be a cat?!? Can I think of something else?

<Psssssst!> Anyone has cat quotes to share here with me? BTW, my name is Princess, not Sweetie! (roll eyes)

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jajajajaj!!! So Funny!!Thank you for this fun time!


My pleasure @betzy! Glad to know you had a good laugh! :D