Photocircle project quest: Your guide to the Hall of Fame

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Dear Steemians!

It has been a month since we first launch the Photocircle project using this account and we’ve been consistently curating since then. We have noticed new participants that are joining recently and we are receiving few questions about the program.


Due to the amendments on the original program, some of the participants we’re unable to catch up with the present curation style. While new participants are getting confused when it comes to the correct program to follow.

In this post, we will consolidate the two current programs, these are “Top 10 Contributors contest” & “Hall of Fame”. This post will also serve as the ultimate guide for the participants.

Let’s begin!


Photocircle Top 10 Contributors

PC Badge group - top 10 - separate.png

What is the Photocircle Top 10 Contributors contest?
It is a contest that feature ten (10) outstanding photographers that contributed their photos to the #photocircle tag.

What are the categories?
In total, there are nine (9) categories, these are nature, people, animals, magical hour, vehicle, architecture, city view, street & macro.

What is the schedule of each category?

  • Monday quest : Nature & People photography
  • Tuesday quest: Animal & Magical Hour photography
  • Wednesday quest: Vehicle & Architecture photography
  • Thursday quest: City view & Street photography
  • Friday quest: Macro photography


Photocircle Hall of Fame

PC Badge group - hall of fame - separate.png

What is the Photocircle Hall of Fame contest?
This new feature will aim to distill the Top Contributors of the week and come up to a single (1) author that will earn the title "Photocircle Hall of Famer".

How is it related to the Top 10 Contributors contest?
In basic terms, the more Top 10 Contributors feature that you earn within the week, the more chances of getting to the Hall of Fame.

When is the announcement of the Hall of Famer?
Each week, we will select one (1) photographer/author that will receive the Hall of Fame badge. It will be announced on a separate post on every Sunday of the week.

Since our aim is to build a community of creative individuals with positive attitude, we will also consider your effort in supporting the project and the featured Top 10 authors. Feel free to make new friends since everyone are sharing a common interest which is photography.

PC Badge group.jpg

What are the rewards in participating?

Photocircle Top 10 Contributors contest rewards

  • an upvote from @photocircle together with its curation trail
  • 2SBD reward pool that will be distributed equally among featured authors

Photocircle Hall of Fame rewards

  • a solo feature for the Hall of Fame post that will showcase the authors best photography
  • 5SBD prize to delivered to the author’s wallet
  • one (1) month support from @photocircle through an upvote & resteem

How to participate?

The only requirement is to tag your original photography post to #photocircle. No plagiarism!


We hope that we are able to clarify the queries from our dear contributors and to the future participants that are currently reading this post.

Please support the Photocircle project by assisting to spread the word by means of resteeming this post.

We hope that this effort from the Photocircle team can encourage more quality content creators to be more motivated and have a feeling of enjoyment on their experience to the platform.

So, keep steemin’ and have fun everyone!

With appreciation,

@photocircle Team


Thanks for information.

Great I like the idea. I hope I have not 🍅 tomatoes on my 👁 eyes :-) is there a discord channel ?

Cool idea for the minnows here In steem! Thanks for that

Hey @avizor, thanks for your interest in participating to the project. We do have a discord channel though not in full operation yet. It will be opened to public as soon as we have set it up properly. For now, please tag your photography posts to #photocircle to participate. Cheers!

Hello, thanks for the information, I think it was well explained, congratulations for this help, greetings @photocircle

Great! We hope to see your entries to the #photocircle tag :) thanks!

Thank you for the clarification,now i know the schedule @photocircle

Nice, thanks for your feedback :)

Read, understood, let's go !

Hey y'all, thanks for all you do! I was wondering about the Hall of Fame selection, is that based on how many of your photos get selected in a week or is there other criteria?

You're welcome! about the criteria, the main consideration is the number of photos selected for the Top 10 for each category within the week. In addition, we are also looking at how you support the project.
Each week, we will select 1 Hall of Famer.

Thanks, @photocircle! Enlighted :)))
I kindly ask you to notify the lucky featured in their posts comments!
Truly grateful.

Thanks; I've just done my first photocircle photo and was pleasantly surprised by your upvote...

yo tengo un problema, bueno un gran problema, no tengo camara y soy de venezuela. asi que no puedo andar con la computadora en la calle jajaja. una propuesta es que deberían hacer un plan b, es lo que yo digo pues, gracias

Gracias por decir tu preocupación. También consideramos fotos de teléfonos inteligentes. Si toma buenas fotos con su teléfono, siéntase libre de compartirlas con la etiqueta #photocircle. gracias

Thank you for the information

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