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Step Sequencer

The Step Sequencer is one of the most useful pieces of tech in the synth world. As you start playing with Helm's Step Sequencer you will see that it is used in many many pieces of music that you love.

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Helm's Step Sequencer is very easy to use. You are given a number of step which you can change with the indicator on the interface. Each step has a slider which indicate a value. You set each slider to the value you like. One at a time each value will be applied to the module you have set the Step Sequencer to control. Piece of cake.


You can set the Step Sequencer to control most modules in Helm by clicking the little helmet on the Step Sequencer then selecting the module's control you with to connect with the Step Sequencer. I show how to do this in the video.

You can control the speed of the steps with the Frequency selector on the Step Sequencer. This, like all modules, is connected to the BPM internal clock of Helm.

The Slide control let you apply Portamento to the Step Sequencer. Each variable will slide into the next depending on how much "Slide" you have applied.


I hope you have enjoyed this video tutorial on Helm. There will be more tutorials to follow.

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So many good step sequencers, so little money, time and clock outputs.