🔥Steemit Vision Quest - Week 6: “Queen Of The Forest”

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With Great Spirit, we bring you Steemit Vision Quest Week 6. SVQ is a dedicated search for inspiration, inviting you to join us as we envision a brilliant and beautiful New Dawn. Here, we bring our Inner Visions into focus, prompted by the question: What Does My Higher Self See?

Steemit Vision Quest - Week 6: March 5-11

The Theme

“Queen Of The Forest” is our SVQ theme for Week 5. To enter the contest, you'll express yourself creatively with Artwork that helps us to imagine the theme: Queen Of The Forest.

The Invitation

  1. Ask yourself: What Does My Higher Self See?
  2. Create “The Vision,” aligning with this week's theme.
  3. Document “The Process,” revealing your intention, inspiration, and individuality.
  4. Include “Steemit Vision Quest” in your post title.
  5. Choose #svq as your first tag.
  6. Add a link to your post in the Reply section of this post.
  7. [Optional] Upvote, Reply, and Resteem, as you feel called.


  • Paintings, short stories, poetry, songs, and videos are good examples.
  • Artworks may include new originals, old originals, or fresh remakes.
  • Sunday is the due date for entries each week.

The Incentives

  1. Highlights from each week will spotlight one featured Vision Quester, and showcase the Artworks of many others in a curated list, memorializing our collective Visions.
  2. Upvotes, Replies, and Resteems will promote your post.
  3. [Most Important] You will be honored and celebrated for your role in bringing our collective Visions into focus. This is our Work, with a capital "W", and this is what Steemit is all about.

The Examples

Angels Among Us by @skycae
Angels Among Us

Night Flight - Visual Poetry by @cronosclocks
Night Flight - Visual Poetry

Sky Becomes Sea Becomes Sky by @fishyculture
Sky Becomes Sea Becomes Sky

The Calling

Dear Dream Catcher, capture your paradise, bringing heaven here and now. Dear Trailblazer, pursue your purpose, taking the journey led by the heart. Dear Storyteller, create and express your new narrative. Dear Designer, bring your passions into new creations that go beyond function and stir the emotions. Dear Symphony Conductor, assemble your various instruments together to sing in harmony. Dear Player, elevate life with your lightness that lifts others up. Dear Artrepreneur, present your gifts that bring value into the world. Dear Altruist, demonstrate your care for the wellbeing of others.

Steemit Vision Quest challenges you to bring out your Inner Vision, for the higher good of all of us.

The Continuation

Taking a look back at our previous weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, SVQ is stellar, with a blend of surreal, ultra-real, and superconscious Visions! We greatly look forward to new Visions in Week 6, with the theme: Queen Of The Forest. After this, we eagerly anticipate Week 7, when the theme will be: Heaven On Earth.

Steemit Vision Quest is created by @cabelindsay, and co-facilitated by @eaglespirit, @rensoul17, and @girlbeforemirror. On behalf of our team, we'd like to thank each of the Vision Questers and their supporters–The Rainbow Warriors of a New Dawn.

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Thank you @cabelindsay for this vision quest initiative.
We support people who help make the world a better place.

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What a pleasant surprise. How cool, thank you!


A Celtic-themed free-form tune, performed on a flute I made myself. :) Enjoy!

This was incredibly beautiful, It stirred up the ancestors I know I have somewhere in Scotland/Ireland. It also reminded me of the captivating tv series I saw on Starz called - Outlander. You are so beautiful and rare, to have the spirit and the will to compose your own music. I will be following and thank you for your entry. @heatherthebard.

Thank you!

Jeesh, amazing sound. Hauntingly beautiful, and somehow so familiar. Yes it must be an ancestral remembrance or something. Very cool to know you made the flute too.

Thank you! I’ve done a tad more tweaking (and practice, lol) since I cut the video, so the flute sounds even better. 🙃 Glad you enjoyed it!

Lovely. May I ask what material/s you made the flute from?

I made it from CPVC, a grade of plumbing pipe that is rated for hot and cold water (food safe). That’s pretty much it. A section of pipe and an end cap. 🙂

Cool! I thought it might be.

I used to know a guy who made digiridoos from PVC in Florida. They actually had amazing sound, and were easier to play than the real thing, especially as they don't water out, like a wood flute does, after playing several songs.

I have an Australian digiridoo, though mine is made of wood, though it is clearly bored out, and not naturally hollowed out by termites and other borers, which is what the Aborigines use to make the traditional ones. Still lovely, but heavy, and hard to play.

I played the recorder for a number of years, but I've never tried my hand at a Celtic flute, apart from an Irish pennywhistle.


Yeah, the durability is something that was important for me. I have a rosewood Irish flute, and even though it is “sealed,” you can still tell a difference in the playability after a few songs. I also have small children who are kinda grabby (as all children are! Lol) and it makes me breathe easier when I don’t have to constantly guard my instrument against potential damage. 🙂

Yes, I can imagine. Kids are wonderful, but they can destroy fragile items in a heartbeat, just being curious, without ever intending harm.

That said, so can dogs and cats. Ask me how I know. ;-)

This is wonderful Cab!!
I am listening to you with my little guy while I finish my Forrest Queen. xxxxxxx

Thank you, yay, happy to hear you've got something cooking!

No one can beat this ... game over. This is the winner! xx Eagle

Eagle UpComm.jpg

:) Hugs and high-fives! If you were here, I'd show you the "80s Five." Are you familiar with that one? It's an upward high-five that ends with a downward power-fist as you say "Yesss!" I'll have to recruit one of my kids for a demonstration during Spring Break.

This one?

Omgeeeeee they’re so amazingly beautiful and thank you so much for this. Love this so much!!

:) That one's a bit more sophisticated than the 80s Five I know. Mine just has the one hand-clap ✋, and then the second part is a power fist like this 💪, while you say "Yes!" I'll recruit my kids to demonstrate.

Ahhhh okay!! Recruit 🤣🤣🤣

Dear @cabelindsay, first of all BIG thank your for such a nice initiative - I really loved it and it was a great pleasure to create my Vison. Here it is - The Vision: Queen of Forest Tale. My entry to Steemit Vision Quest - Week 6.
Earth 1 by BRIAN KIRHAGIS.jpg
Image Source

I truly loved this story. I did not want it to end. It is the epitome of this week's challenge of the Steemit Vision Quest, you captured it completely thank you for your entry @sashagenji

Hi @rensoul17. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I truly fell in love with this weeks theme and enjoyed a lot creating this vision! I really hope for and more people would have their own visions for a better world!

Image Source

Wow this is amazing work! Love this so much! xx Eagle

Eagle UpComm.jpg

Oh, my sweet @eaglespirit! I believe that it is tales of your people partly made it happen! I think the connection with nature is felt through them and while writing my tale I got inspiration in the wise tales I have read before! Something special for you, dear soul!
PS: when I do my collages I use artworks from Pixabay under COO Creative Commons which are free for use and no atribution is requered.

Wow, is that me?? Thank you so very much.

That's just another vision I had%)) This time you became an inspiration%))) Feel free to use it if you like it%))) Much love! And I am writing a very special article about Strong Women spirit%))
Image Source

Yeah I was wondering why it was your face and my name? LoL

What does that one mean? That I was inspiration for? She looks like she’s sher bling in the ocean? LoL

Hehe%) It is so interesting how people would interpret art in their own way%)) Thanks for sharing your vision%)) My idea was simple - the women on the picture is random women. It is not really me. She doesn't really matter as her spirit counts in the first place%)) You gave me inspiration from your name and this is why I use eagle there%) It is like eagle-soul rising%)) and the rest is not really important so it is blured%))
The second one is just a picture of a spirit%)

IKR!? Art Is so subjective. Thank you for sharing your creativity and soul. Love it!

Yes! Yours is the first short story we've seen in the Vision Quest so far. And it's SO GOOD! Thank you. I'm very impressed by your writing, and deeply inspired by your big message for the children of the world.

if we would teach our children from a young age to respect and live in Harmony with Forests...

Thanks too for introducing the fabulous visual artist: Brian Kirhagis. Wildly fun images!

I just stumbled across this competition and I love it! :D This is so up my street...or woodland path lol I love everything about the forest, I even live in Sherwood Forest! I hope photograph's are accepted in this competition as I have done a post using my images taken with this wierd weather we are having in the UK right now. Here is the link to my entry, I hope you enjoy it! :) https://steemit.com/svq/@beautifulbullies/steemit-vision-quest-queen-of-the-forest-uk-photography-sqv
Love and Peace to you my Steemit friends :)

For sure, yes, photography is one of my favorite art forms. Your entry here is the very first photography submission of SVQ so far. I am very pleased and impressed. Peace and love right back atcha!

Awww wow! I am honoured to be the 1st photograpy entry! :) I am so happy you enjoyed my pictures too! :D

Your pictures say what words can't. You had me at "I even live in Sherwood Forest" I stopped multitasking and pulled up your post. Great job the last picture is my favorite, for me, it depicts a fantastic journey into the unknown. I would love to one day do a Steemit Fairytale and I invite you to join me with your incredible images of the forest. And yes I can see the fairies.... Thank you for your entry @beautifulbullies.

Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes of course, I would love to collaborate with you :) Fairytales have always been a love of mine, ever since childhood :)

Hi cabe
Last minute as always. My painting / creation is not quite complete. I will finish it in time and do a post.
This is a progress shot. The canvas is made of eucalyptus paperbark. The feathers - turkey, owl, Rosella, goose, duck guinea fowl, peacock. I collected all of them myself, except the peacock, which were given to me.


I have a bird and feather phobia.
December 2016 I was doing some self directed exposure treatment on a farm. I collected the feathers then with the intention of creating something with them. It has taken me this long to get brave enough. Thank you for providing the opportunity to complete.

Crown of feathers, yes! Love it. Glad to see you working with the bird medicines, facing your fears in this artistic and enlivening way. Especially happy seeing your owl feather(s), and I recognize that prominent turkey feather too. I think I can understand your fear of birds, and even the feathers–they certainly have Spirit in them. I think this Artwork of yours is a massive move for reclaiming your perfect health, sister. I wonder if your owl feather will carry your burden away for you. Maybe if send your Artwork down a stream. Bury it. Give it to the wind. Leave it to the elements.

Six months ago, I found a barn owl by the roadside. I carried it to a place where I could honor its life with a proper burial. I've given the feathers to a special lady friend, because in the Native American Lakota culture (as I understand it) it's the women only who carry the feathers of the "night hawk." So I've been working with the owl as a spirit animal, and just today I buried an owl talon as a symbol of my letting go of a burden, and a pattern. To me, the owl carries away what no longer serves. This is my wish and my Vision, and I believe it is #truth.

Hi! Once again here is my participation. I hope you enjoy it.


Realizado con ReducirFotos.com

You are brilliant, you know. I so enjoy seeing the art you are, as well as the art you create. Your posts are so distinctly you, they could only be yours. Thank you for sharing your Visions with us. We're delighted and inspired by your Creative Fire.

Here is my entry to the great vision quest, loving how creative this is making me. thank you, thank you xx

I enjoyed the backstory prologue as much as I did the poem it helped to tie all the pieces of you together. It was an honor to take the journey through a part of your life. Yes, nature is so magnificent. Your story reminded me of the time I took in my twenties back home of just going to the park and walking through the tree scenic routes. Thank you for igniting that memory. @trucklife-family. And thank you for your entry.

thank you @rensoul17, I'm so glad I could bring that memory back for you x

I adored your work here my lady. Your words always amaze me and fill me with love. xx Eagle

Thank you @eaglespirit, I really do appreciate your feedback and encouragement. x

you are so welcome, and deserve recognition for your wonderful creativity and art. xx

I cannot yet wrap my mind around what is happening in this space, yet the creation never roams far from its Creator. @cabelindsay your spirit is of unmistakable beauty which is seen by these beautiful souls and spirits that you have drawn to the SVQ. They were already very much alive and manifesting magic in their world and on their journey's path, and you came along as a liaison and orchestrator to bring everyone together for a phenomenal fusion of a new birthing which will open so many more doors in our lives. This space is the epitome of fifth dimension consciousness expanding and pulsating.

You and your words!! You bring so many breaths of fresh air into my life, you know. Thank you for seeing it this way, holding it in such a way that you can see the facets of the diamonds that are crystallizing, through our co-creation. I trust you can see yourself reflected back in the mirror of these facets. I am honored to stand beside you, as we enter new doors together. Yes, I'm with you in the idea that the fifth dimension consciousness is accessible in this way. Last night I read some words that solidified this very thought:

When we write or draw, we actually think, feel, and materialize these thoughts and emotions.

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Queen of the forest, excited about this. xx

Another wonderful prompt my friend! Here is my contribution this week. THANK YOU for giving me a place to express my creativity in without worrying about talent!

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #39. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Cool, thanks for including us!

It's my pleasure, and thanks go to @eaglespirit for bringing the contest to my attention.

Yay @moneyinfant thank you mah man! xx Eagle

This feels so goood!! Thank you for the inspiration. Following and resteemed and hopefully contribute this week!! 🤗💚🦋

Happy to hear from you! Judging by your blog profile page, I believe you'll be blessed addition to the Vision Questers. I'm already enjoying what I'm seeing in your posts.

Aww, thank you!! So kind of you! Grateful to meet so many inspiring and beautiful hearts! I look forward to growing and sharing! 💚🦋

Just shared this with some groups I’m in. Good luck to those who enter!

@moneyinfant, this is our 6th week posting this challenge/contest can you enter this into your list please? 💕

Are stories and poems acceptable entries? Because it looks more visual art focused.

yes they are acceptable, as long as there are photos and they would still need to show their creative process and why they wrote the piece. we have had tons of poetry. what instilled them, since this is a "vision quest." should we clarify that in the contest post? we did put creative process, is there something that would assist those who may just want to write? I know I am a bit intimidated myself because I am more of a writer than a visual artist too. @cabelindsay thoughts?

I'll be looking for updates, but will definitely include the contest. Today's contest post won't be going live for another 8-9 hours so there's time for updates.

Hi @moneyinfant we added short stories and I’m asking to add poetry too. Its an “example”, the contest is quite relaxed and meant to be fun. An exploration of what we can do, even outside our norm. :)

Yes, thank you, the written works are welcomed here for sure. I've added "short stories" as a note under The Invitation:

Paintings, short stories, songs, and videos are good examples.

Hi @cabelindsay can we add poetry too? :)

Interpretive dance, mime, shadow puppetry...
My little guy. Shadow puppet show last week 😂

Yes. Yes to all of this. I just want to keep the wording succinct. Maybe there's another set of catch-all phrases that will clarify.

I was just in a silly mood. I think you have done a fine job encompassing all avenues of expression.

Wow!! All I can say is Wow!! I think I will look at this for about an hour. Love your work so much. xx Eagle

Yes, yes, and more yes!!!

I hope I am not too late! Here is my piece:

Thank you, as always, for holding such a lovely contest! It inspires me to create and paint and I love it.

Emmm i like this content,,,thank's for you