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Today is the start of the Steemit Vision Quest ( #svq ), where we bring our Visions into focus, like stars joining their rays into one potent light beam. This new community challenge encourages us to slow down, check in, and ask ourselves: What Does My Higher Self Desire?

Steemit Vision Quest

The Introduction

Introduction to the Steemit Vision Quest.

The Theme

"Sky Meets Sea" is our first SVQ theme. To enter the Week 1 contest, you'll express yourself creatively with an original artwork that helps us to visualize the theme: Sky Meets Sea.

The Invitation

  • Create an original artwork that helps us to visualize this week's theme. Examples include: illustrations, stories, and songs.
  • Be daring, lively, and raw.
  • Enter “Steemit Vision Quest” as the beginning of your post title.
  • Choose #svg as your first tag. Recommended tags also include: #future #art and #community
  • Add a link to your post in the Reply section of Monday's post (the one you see here), which introduces the week's theme.
  • Sunday is the due date for entries each week.
  • [Optional] Upvote, Reply, and Resteem, as you feel called.

The Incentives

  • The Top 11 entries will be spotlighted in a curated list.
  • 100% of Steem Dollars earned by Monday's introductory post each week will be distributed among the Top 11.
  • Upvotes, Replies, and Resteems will promote your appropriate and original posts.
  • [Most Important] All of us may actively give and receive the gifts of our Co-Creations. This is our Work, with a capital "W", and this is what Steemit is all about.

The Calling

Dear Dream Catcher, capture your paradise, bringing heaven here and now. Dear Trailblazer, pursue your purpose, taking the journey led by the heart. Dear Storyteller, create and express your new narrative. Dear Designer, bring your passions into new creations that go beyond function and stir the emotions. Dear Symphony Conductor, assemble your various instruments together to sing in harmony. Dear Player, elevate life with your lightness that lifts others up. Dear Artrepreneur, present your gifts that bring value into the world. Dear Altruist, demonstrate your care for the wellbeing of others.

Steemit Vision Quest challenges you, dear Visionary, to bring your Vision for the future into focus for the higher good of all of us.


OK, this one was a trip down memory lane for me! (And a bit of a scramble to find that old picture... lol!)

Oh my! I can feel tears welling up. So perfect, sister. Thank you. I bow to you and your awesome artistry. Your words and images are stirring my soul this morning.

Thank you my friend, your kind words warm my heart on this chilly morning!

I would like to thank you for hosting such an incredible initiative. What I see here is that you have a carved out a parallel universe for us to reside in, a much bigger space for us to spread the wings of our spirit and our creativity. This quest offers all that dare to connect to it an opportunity to take that journey inward and live their authentic self from a place of truth. I am so busy writing curating and launching a new tribe on Steemit (which I would love your quest to be an alliance member to.) that I can not designate the time or energy to write an entry for this massive vision quest, but in some way, others ways I would like to join you because I want you to continue doing this every week. Let me know how I can be apart what can I offer. In the meantime, I am sending you 10 SBD to support the vision quest entries for week 1 sky meets sea. Please let's stay connected @cabelindsay, I will also resteem and follow you.

Amazing! Thank you so much. This feels like the beginning of a beautiful kinship, @RenSoul17. I deeply appreciate you.

Ok let's see where it goes, I really want to work with you side by side to help each of us bring to fruition the visions we have been given. I think that we can complement and support each other. As you get to know me you will discover that I am authentic and the real deal and I am a giver in many ways. Some of those that have entered your Vision Quest Week 1 can attest to that. Let's talk more or if you have ideas you want to share with me please do so. Thanks. I honor and welcome the kinship @cabelindsay.


More kindred missions I could not imagine.
I have been waiting for my next spiritual / creative instructions from both of you. 😂

My friend, I honor your special way of sharing this experience with me. Thank you. I believe there is a good reason why we crossed paths in this way. I wonder: Will you join forces with me as a co-facilitator? I'm extending this same invitation to @eaglespirit and @rensoul17. At this early stage, I'm not entirely sure what "co-facilitator" will mean, but I see one project ahead: Select a "Top 11" list of outstanding entries each week, in a Recap. I'm feeling it will work well for us to flow with what feels natural, whatever happens with SVQ, so hopefully some specific roles will emerge for each of the four facilitators. How's this sound?

Ah yeah, I feel it! One idea that comes to mind right now is this: You could be one of the eyes who identifies the "Top 11" standout entries for these. I've extended this invitation to @eaglespirit too. I already trust the synchronicity here, and I will greatly enjoy including you as a co-facilitator, if you're willing. I'm not exactly sure there are 11 entries this first week, but I'd like to call it "Top 11" regardless, because this number reminds me of divinity in us.

I'm thinking it'll be good to give special recognition to some of the noteworthy Visions each week, holding reverence for each, while also honoring one of them (or however many) as being an exemplary encapsulation of the theme. I'd like to launch this "Top 11" post as a Recap on Thursday, and tag it: #thankfulthursday. <3

I accept your invitation and would love to be a part of this. Please let me know when you want to start and how we will meet up to discuss the top 11 picks. Thank you for this honor.

You're wonderful. And your particular variety of wonder brings out the wonder in me too, so thank you for helping to bring out the best in others. Deep bows to you for your willingness to team up! Here's what I'm feeling, for starters: I'd love your help with: (1) let me know your #1 favorite entry of Week 1; and (2) then maybe select a handful of secondary favorites that belong in the spotlight. We have at least one additional person on the team: @eaglespirit, who will help with the same. I'll credit the two of you as co-facilitators with me when I launch the Thursday Recap. Let me know whenever you see opportunities for improvement as we move forward, and we'll continue to tighten things up and make it great! Feels like it's taking off already, I'm amazed with this first round of entries, wow, what a joy! And I am so pleased to know you, you know.

Is there a place that I could let you know that other than here such as steemit.chat or discord.

Yes please, email works well for me: [email protected]

Here's an entry (in gif!) I made for "Sky Meets Sea". I enjoyed doing this; thank you for the opportunity. :)

Oh wow, I'm astonished. This creation of yours is so full of wonder, you know. Yum! Yes, yummm, it just resonates... I want to keep watching and feeling the vibration of this image, curious to know why surreal is so appealing. Jellies are such otherworldly creatures, aren't they? Thank you.

The resolution was tampered a bit :( but it's the idea that counts, right? Haha. Thank you so much for the kind words! Keep inspring people! :)

Here is my entry for this week SKY MEETS SEA. I upvoted used the tags. Here is my entry, which is a painting:


And here is the post about it https://steemit.com/svg/@donnadavisart/steemit-vision-quest-sky-meets-sea

Sheesh, you are talented! These eyes, they mesmerize. I'm instantly engaged with this girl in your artwork, and I'm noticing my curiosity going wild with these fish! Suddenly I'm like a kid, discovering exciting new possibilities, feeling thrilled with all the new, new, new. These birds hanging around seem to feel what I feel, just watching in awe. And my favorite of all is the subtle water line, where we see "As Above So Below," in the wholeness of her and the duality of her being: alive-dead, warm-cold, real-surreal... Thank you so much.

gorgeous xo I love it

I am so glad I watched your video.
I am not a singer, but there was nothing more enjoyable and hypnotic as a kid than a melodic repetitive picking strum on my cheap 3/4 size Valencia guitar. I still have it in a cupboard somewhere.
I am not a brilliant musician, I can play basic chords, but I will get it out today and dust it off and have a play, that is my goal for today.
Listening to you talk was lovely, I like your quest, and you deliver it in a very genuine way.
My life has haltered recently, but not gracefully or by my choosing. Physically I have stopped, but the slowing and the checking in needs some work.
I have reengage my creative side, but with the same momentum in which I was chasing my previous ambitions.
It has both an isolating and painful period for me, but I also feel / know that in this stoppage and being exactly here right now has me more real than I have been to myself for a long time. Within that real awaits my potential.
Steemit has reacquainted me with these things already. Now I need to nurture them rather than instantly start brainstorming on how to capitalise them, because they are worth so much more.

Ah, I feel you. You have so much art in you. I appreciate the scene you set: being a kid and creating a mantra with your strings, immersing yourself in that high vibrancy. I'm delighted by your message here, feeling lit up by your encouragement, and excited for the guitar you're dusting off, trusting you'll be blessed. This in itself is a Vision that blesses me and Us.

Hi Cabe.
I did a little drawing, and I dug out my guitar.
Thank you

I appreciate the way you've imagined the possibility of whales and dolphins lifted up into the sky, with butterflies swimming in the sea.

Reminds me of an amazing scene in the movie Fantasia 2000, where the whales go airborne like that (see below). I had a cat who was never interested at all in the television, until we played that movie, and he put is paws on the screen and stared at those flying whales, mesmerized.

I feel what you are saying so much. I have been in a very deep isolated period myself. Its scary to me as I feel like I don't even know this bitter withdrawn person sometimes :( .... Here's to reacquainting ourselves with our joy xox :)

I have just popped over to your posts as a consequence of your heart felt comments here.
I like what you are about and am following with intrigue.
I spotted your wt? post about steemit and revenue etc. I wrote a rambling post not long ago about my experience with steemit success / failure. Funny how the post I am referencing did quite well as far as pay out goes. For me I have done extremely well if it reaches doube figures, but as I explain in the post I didn't come to steemit with a concept for making money. Anyway, for what it's worth, here is my 2c worth on the steemit Cash cow.

I hope you find your way and stick around I think you can find your people here.
I'm not overly familiar with the music making and gaming people, but there is definitely a movement here.
Contests, collaborations and getting chatting is the way to go. Discord channels specific to those people too. Although I'm hopeless on discord, I'm very low Tech.
Thanks again for sharing your experience. I'm sorry you are going through some tough times.
Steemit can feel like you have to sift through stuff to find a gem. I love finding a gem though. Cabe was last weeks find, I believe you are this week's.
I have found a way to steady myself through a difficult time by staying creative and sharing here. I look forward to reading more from you.

I some how missed this reply! Thank you, thank you for all of your kind words 🙏🙏 I will give this a read right now. I am sort of in the place of trying to find a way to stop starving even though I feel like I have so much value. I really struggle not with the concept of how to make money but why my making money has to be on the backs of others when we have a history of people who have solved so many labor and food issues for humans. I tend to feel pretty 'bad' about making money and find flaws in how I am getting it. Im hoping with this, I may be able to really just do what I do best which is teach, solve problems and scheme on behalf of others happiness and 'accidently' be able to eat and pay rent haha. ❤ lets do this 🤗

Check out @stellabelle's posts on breaking free of corporate slavery. Another great one @hopehuggs. Both woman advocating for economic freedom and gift economy.

This was the first oil painting I ever did, it was a dream I had where I was the only person around, staring up into a sky with two monsterous jellyfish battling in the sky.

Thank You For Hosting This Creative Project! This Is My Entry For When Sky Meets Sea-- Creatively Expressed Story Telling



Thank you for this wonderful invitation to release our creativity, here is my artwork and I hope you will continue making challenges like this and keep the vision alive.
https://steemit.com/svq/@artofuna/3xcbt6-steemit-vision-quest-sky-meets-seasea and sky smaller.jpg

This is awesome! One of the coolest things I have ever experienced is diving with a school of rays, and I love the implication of flying with their spirits in the heavens...

Swimming with the rays must've been an amazing adventure. Yes, and I appreciate your comment about flying with them. One of my kids' favorite movies is Moana, and there's a scene in that movie where the girl's grandmother passes, and her soul is embodied in a glowing, soaring ray. Visionary!

I see brilliance and beauty in you, through this artwork of yours. I see divinity, through the sun beams playing with the sea, observed by the stars and this ray, who holds the sky on his skin. I like the clouds drifting about, and unveiling the open sky above.

When the sky meets the sea all the wanderers can return home.

My entry is an original song, called "In The Space In Between," holding each of you Vision Questers in the loving waves of my gratitude.

Hi @cabelindsay! I don't know if I made it to the Sunday due but I'm sharing this post anyway because I want to share my love for the sea and the critters that thrive below its surface. Here's an original poetry that I wrote about my second home, the reef:


Thank you for this opportunity and keep spreading the positivity in steemit!

Happy bubbles,

Oh, my new sister, I adore your poetry. Feels so familiar to me, and fresh and new too. Thank you. And I also admire the original photo you're sharing here, which also aligns with this week's theme.

Yes, indeed, you did send in your entry on time. Love you.

I LOVE THIS!!! I can't stop smiling :) :) I have been battling with a very deep depression for almost a year due to lots of material and creative loss. I've been slowly touching back out to others and touching in to see where my joy is and protecting and holding space for the little seed that is left. I am crying now. Steemit is slowly bringing me a way to build my joy and be inspired, even though I honestly sometimes don't want to be because of how painful it is. the climb back up is always excruciating for me, but once I get there it just shines out of every part of me. Thank you and I will see what pops up and wants to come out during these quests if you keep doing them :) xox

Thank you. Your realness here feels stirring to me, like a water whirl, bringing healing and purity with centrifugal force of the spin. I almost feel dizzy. In a good way.

Exploring the community of sky and sea deepens our appreciation of our connection and is a wonderful idea. I felt sharing the deer's experience (in my post) is a perfect illustration of that connection.

My entry: https://steemit.com/svq/@doana/steemit-vision-quest-week-1-sky-meets-sea

I'm with you. Yes, I resonate with your way of imagining and articulating the deer's gratitude. Beautiful.

Here is my contribution to this first week of the Steemit Vision Quest, thank you for the inspiration @cabelindsay, I really enjoyed the process and challenge.

Man, you are one rad daddy, you know. What an epic way to capture your son's arrival in such a meaningful and memorable way.

Aw thanks @cabelindsay, you know they say it takes a pretty mighty rad dad to recognise another. ;)

High-five! Thank you, brother.

Here's my entry for Sky Meets Sea: https://steemit.com/svq/@pual/steemit-vision-quest
Thanks for hosting this, I like what you are doing here :-)

Your artwork here is incredible. Good Work! Thank you so much for your entry.

Cabe, you are a magical conjurer of what is good and real. Thank you for inviting us to be a part <3

Here's our's. xoxo

I'm stupefied. This is ah-mazing.

These artworks are so full of life! What a hip and vibrant contest. Wonderful entries so far, and I trust this is only the beginning.

Zactly how I feel, yes! Thank you for articulating that so well...

Yay, I've been waiting for you to post the first week. I like the challege terms "sky meets sea" because I love animals that live in both those places so will most likely include those in my piece!

What is the deadline? I read through it twice and I don't know if I am just being dense and looking straight at it? So, if you do have it in the post, sorry, I'm too thicke to see it ;)

Good question, and I appreciate you for asking. This week's due date will be: Sunday, February 4. I just added a bullet point for clarity:

  • Sunday is the due date for entries each week.

Happy to hear you like the theme. You are so talented! Can't wait to see what you see.

Thanks. I love contests, they really are an amazing motivator for my work.

Thank you for the compliment.

Yeah mine does not fit this weeks theme. Bummer. I wish I could take off the svq tag. Sorry about that. I tried! I forgot I was supposed to wait for a theme. Doh! Good luck Week 1 challengers.

Your article is incredible, though. Thanks for it. Your way of seeing the Invisible is amazing, you know.

Thank you so much. I like your guitar scene, it was seriously intense ... I almost felt like I shouldn't be looking in. LOL
I appreciate your comment and I'm still sending people this way. xx

Intimate, yeah, and I can see how that could feel intense. I was really feeling the Force in that moment. :)

Will you please help me to figure out some wording for the Vision Quest? I love the idea of "original" artworks for this, and I also want to make space for: (1) "cover" artworks like maybe a song about the week's theme; and also (2) older originals, like reliving the magic of an old painting or an old song. Know what I mean? What are your thoughts? I guess that means:

  1. New original artworks
  2. Old original artworks
  3. Fresh covers of classic artworks

The Force! 🤣🤣

The numbered list is perfect! xx🦅

Hey Sister, how would you feel about being one of the eyes who identifies the "Top 11" standout entries for these? That's one way we can get your name included as a co-facilitator.

HEY there! @cabelindsay where ya beenz? Missed you and there were questions flying around. Yes, I would be very happy to help Brother. Yay!

Good work, love it. I wish you good luck in the contest :)

Thank you. Feels exciting! This is the second community challenge I've started on Steemit, and I have a good feeling about it so far.

Brilliant! Great to see you getting things off the ground - love the song :) Looking forward to seeing the entries....

Thanks so much! Feeling a elevated after this release and launch. Yeah, I'm with you, thinking these entries will be awesome!

This is so beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration! Would love to be apart of the next group experience. Blessings!

Thanks for your interest. Yes, it'd be great to get to know you in this way. If you follow the #svq tag, you'll find a new invitation each week. Looking forward to connecting with you further!