Definitions of non-supported shenanigans // nojerksgiven

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Every vote is a real-world expression of values
which one holds oneself and others to

Be Vigilant - Every Voice Counts

No support is given to antisocial and non-egalitarian actions. I heard a 'thank you'. You're welcome.

This is an arbitrary description of non-supported shenanigans. No steemit accounts or persons or entities legal or otherwise are named here.
  • association with or support given to entities engaged in a, b, c, or d
Abuse of the vote
by exclusive regular support of content from a group of accounts operating in an association by tag or by tampered metrics unrelated to content quality (circle-jerking, automated preferential scams, game tampering or curation based on political views, sexual preference, regional associations, etc.), or by downvoting a post in retribution for an action unrelated to the post, or in response to actions that do not fall into suggested parameters that merit the issuing of a downvote.

Bulletin Board Spamming
defined as unsolicited and/or irrelevant comments made in response to a post. These include comments falling into the category of cookie-cutting, copy-pasting, either manually or automatically.

Character flaws or pathology
shown by shameless, wanton, unbridled serial or habitual antisocial actions, narcissism, defensiveness, disrespect or disregard for others, arrogance, aggression, partiality, and immaturity.

Discredit (for infractions, without relevance)
by a non-specific comment or allusion to the commission of an infraction or infractions that fall into the parameters that merit the issuing of a downvote and where such inferred accusation is not evidenced in the post, and where such merits are hidden by way of deleted post, there is no screenshot of the portion of the post in question.

Discredit (for arbitrary infractions)
by alluding to the commission of an infraction of an arbitrary rule or one that does not merit the issuing of a downvote.

Unless otherwise stated, this is my original work,
licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Any implied inference to any person real or otherwise is not to be taken figuratively.
Thank you for following, reacting, questioning, and suchlike.
The official number of jerks given by this writer is always zero.

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i'm not exactly sure what this post is for, but hopefully SMTs and account-based voting will fix whales circle-jerking or downvoting, or simply being abusive.. :)

Keeping fingers crossed ;-) my friend! Great to receive your comment as usual. Been very busy recently. Will surely pay your blog a visit!

i see :)
i've been quite busy as well! don't worry about visiting. just do it when you're free 😄

;-) I'm sneaking in parts of your latest video while I'm still at work. My problem is, my time is already allocated this evening and I don't know when I will get round to watching your video again.

You are right though, which reminded me of this

not sure the quote is correct but it goes something like that.

Haha interesting take! Sometimes you just gotta take it slow 😁

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