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in poetry •  4 months ago

Everytime we make our own choice, it turns out we didn't make the right choice. Don't worry, friends of your old friend, CJR, have sent some crosstitutes in red berets. To quote from Bob Marley,

Soon we'll find out, who is the real revolutionary

Just some pointers (if you need any) - If you want to predict rain, it's best to observe who is doing a rain dance and for whom And, when you aren't sure of a man's identity, observe the way he walks, and the sound he makes. With some patience, you will discern the duck from the wolf, and the wool from the stuff falling down when you yank it sharply.

Those of you who enjoy soccer, here's a reference for you - we're not the players, we're the balls being kicked about, that's why we suffer headaches. Our grandfathers suffered the same headaches from bouncing on the same field of games.

So, anyway - I wrote these verses - attempting to roughly imitate the Lu Shih style. And because my cryptic verses are often misunderstood, I added this small, more cryptic introduction.

Save Your Wise On

In stages we are guided by our Own
whose need can brighten up the darkest night
that seat, this row was Wisdom sweet disowned
or there by weakness, measured Truth took flight

a while Azanj the Land stands Evil's dare
Her orphaned starved and harmed take arms and fight
their blood for songs, comfort New heroes' tears
Again, again a chapter's end draws near.

© 2018 Thomas Clothier
19th August 2018, in Gapyeong
Collection: Crosstitution Rips

Robert Nesta Marley - Russian Invasion

Thank you for following, reacting, questioning, and suchlike.

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