Reminder - How to Use Sneaky Ninja

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How to use Sneaky Ninja

sneaky-ninja blowing fire

I get asked from time to time just how to use the Sneaky Ninja so I thought I would dedicate a post to showing eveyone just how to do it.

How to use Sneaky Ninja

  1. Transfer SBD to sneaky ninja
    • In your wallet click the amount of SBD you have in your wallet and choose "transfer".
    • Put @sneaky-ninja in the "to" or "send to account" box.
    • Put the amount of SBD you would like to bid in the "amount" box.
    • Put the url of the post you would like an upvote for in the "memo" box.
    • Once all fields are filled in and correct hit submit.
    • Enter your Private Active Key where it asks for password.

  2. Wait for the vote.
    • His vote will come at the end of whatever 2.4 hr round you are in so depending when you put in your bid, you may wait up to 2.5 hrs to see the vote.

Many thanks,
Kozeni (小銭)
Sworn defender and protector of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)

Trained by @michaeldavid,
Supreme Jōki (蒸気) Master and warrior for @thealliance


Sneaky Ninja Backstory Part 5 is still in the making!


When you verify my post?Is about 27 hour past .I send you @sneaky-ninja 2.5 SBD to upvote my post.
I'm really said about you because you do not check to see your bot do not upvote my post.
Please refund.

I just took care of you.

Thank you for refund.

I got you covered :)


hi. I send you 2.5 SBD 1 day ago and give this link
but you didn't upvote my post.
Please refund.
Thank you

Sorry for the missed vote. I just refunded you.

Thank you

Hi, is there a minimum bid ?

Yes, its .5 sbd

Thx... i will try that ✌️

So I am done now it is your Turn @sneaky-ninja

I sent 1.50 SBD about 12 hours ago but did not receive an upvote or any refund. I carried out the transaction correctly, inserting the right URL.

The screenshot from Steemd and my Wallet below shows that you must have received the amount.

View larger version of the image HERE

Request you to please send the SBD back and also let me know what happened, so that I can continue using the service without any concerns.

Awaiting your response.

Sorry, the bot and steemit were both having issues yesterday. Sneaky Ninja was having server issues. Steemit is still having some glitches.

Several votes were missed.

I just refunded you :)

Thanks for the response and the timely refund!

These things do happen, not your fault. Most people are aware of the Steemit issues of late.

Yea, they really do.

Thanks for being understanding. :)


Please refund my bid as the upvote did not happen

21 hours ago Transfer 0.509 SBD to sneaky-ninja

Sorry, bot was having issues yesterday. I just sent your refund.

Maybe its also best if you add on the content on How Old The Post should be befofe submitting. I mean some upvoters like @upme will upvote the post of up to 6 days old and 6 hours.

Thanks and I will be using you guys soon too :)

what is the amount to sent?

minimum is .5 sbd

Thank you so much #sneaky-ninja for upvote me I like you nd love you

You are simply the best... @sneaky-ninja

Thanks @aerick!


Hey, I'm still in confusion about @sneaky-ninja bot, how to defend us from attacks?? I seen many post where @sneaky-ninja commented about some thing like Sneaky Ninja attack!...

Just want to know that what is main work of @sneaky-ninja.???
How, when and Why use this bot??
I was reading about all Steemit bots but this bot still like a question in my mind.

U've always been a pushing factor. Appreciate it !

Thanks a lot...


Hi. I sent 9.00 SBD yesterday and give you this link
but I did not receive an upvote or any refund. please check it.

Sorry, bot had issues yesterday. Lot of missed votes. I just refunded you :)

I repeat my message, until I have an answer:
Hi. I sent 2.446 SBD 2018-05-08,
but I did not receive an UPVOTE or any REFOUND. please check it.

multiple messages do not reach me any faster than one fucking message.

seriously, learn that.

shifu says you so sneaky ninja

I sent 2 SBD about 24 hours ago but did not receive an upvote or any refund.
I do have a comment but no upvote, the link of the post

I just took care of your refund. Sorry about that. The bot was having server issues yesterday.

You got a 1.24% upvote from @upme requested by: @michaeldavid.
Send at least 2.5 SBD to @upme with a post link in the memo field to receive upvote next round.
To support our activity, please vote for my master @suggeelson, as a STEEM Witness

Anova salam de

thank you for sharing

you are welcome...


Hi, I send you 1.5 SBD yesterday, and in return I got o ly about 3$ upvote from you. Can you please refund me the rest cuz I got less than 40% back of what I invested


If you want better returns then pay attention to the bidding rounds. $3 is double what you put in.

In fact, lets break that down...

After you take out curation, you will receive 2.25, that will be split between sbd and steem.

You will get 1.125 sbd and 1.125 steem for a grand total of a 50% profit.

Even if you did not profit, these are bidding rounds, they go only as the bidding does. If to many people bid and it goes to high no one will profit. This is why most people pay attention to the rounds as I've suggested you do.

If you are ever missing a vote I will refund but not because you selfishly think you did not get enough profit.

My mistake

Request a refund

Looks like you had 2 missed votes:
This one:
yesterday Receive 2.000 SBD from rhkddl6647

And this one:
yesterday Receive 1.000 SBD from rhkddl6647

I just took care of your refund :)

I sent 0.50 SBD about 4 days ago but i did not received an upvote or any refund.I did everything right, inserted the right url in memo.

how do you upload a picture

This is the screenshot from my steemit wallet.

Request you to please send the SBD back .

Thanks for letting me know, I just refunded you. Also, that picture is far to small to read.

sent 0.51 SBD about 2 hours ago but i did not received an upvote or any refund.I did everything right, inserted the right url in memo.
bandicam 2018-01-14 01-30-13-327.jpg
This is the screenshot from my steemit wallet.

Request you to please send the SBD back .

You got the vote.

Remember, it can take up to 2.5 hrs to get it.

Question: If I transfer you 5 Sbd, how much Sbd will I receive?

please read my last 3 posts in full

hi sneaky-ninja I send you 0.50 SBD and this link.

It's been 24 hours. You have not done upvote yet. I use long-lasting sneaky-ninja. Really good quality bit bot. But you have to fix this last thing. I do not want more. 0.50 SBD refund or upvote. This is my 3rd message. I hope everything goes well. I will wait for news. Thank you.

Please refund.
Thank you

Sorry, the bot had issues yesterday. It's fixed now and I just sent your refund :)

thank you so much

hi, i just now send you 0.5 to probe im wait

it takes up to 2.5 hrs to get the vote.

Send 2.7 SBD the Bottracker tells that the vote should be 19.89 in value, but the vote only added ~$6 to the post -- will you refund the difference?

Pretty sure you are reading the tracker wrong. $6 for a 2.7 sbd bid is nearly average. you would never get 19 from 2.7.

The tracker has a drop down for usd, post rewards, steem and sbd... its a little confusing at first but if you play with it you will see what I mean.

You are most likely looking at it with usd selected. that is the default. if you are it will show much higher because it is converting to estimated usd value

Also, I am not associated with the tracker, if that info is wrong that is not my doing or responsibility.

you just got your vote. it takes up to 2.5 hrs... please read the post fully.

gracias todo bien.

Just made my first bid excited to see how I get on!

postinganmu sangat bermanfaat sekali
semoga anda selalu sukses.
salam kenal dari saya

Hi @sneaky-ninja I just got a downvote from @ grumpycat because I used your bot? What is going on? Is there a bot war that we don't know about?
I'd like a refund if possible on this post or at the least some kind of clarification on what us minnows are supposed to do? And this grumpy cat gave itself a $90 upvote at the same time? That's just rude, offensive and abusive.

This post has received gratitude of 1.46 % from @appreciator thanks to: @michaeldavid.

imagen de mapa de bits (3).bmp
Hello @sneaky-ninja, I sent you this amount 2.446 SBD for your vote:
and you have not voted for me. Check your operation. Thank you.

Hi. I sent 2.446 SBD yesterday and give you this link
but I did not receive an upvote or any refund. please check it.

@sneaky-ninja I missed one post, after I sent 0.500 SBD forgot in Upvote my post, Please check back 🙏
This my link

Great info. Thanks.

Please guys i'll need you to upvite my posts. I just joined steemit few days ago.. And i don't have upvotes and views to my post. Please you guys should help. It will be appreciated.

EDİT : My problem was solved by typing @michaeldavid e reply.

Hi, i sent 10.00 SBD for following post but did not get my upvote. Could you check it please?

Please don't ever leave this many messages about this type of thing again.

Its called spam here, when you advertise your "cause" on other peoples pages. I will flag that every time I see it. You've been here long enough to know that. Also, if you had bothered to even read this post you would realize that this is in fact my page.

I really don't mind what you do on steemit but I do mind what spam you leave on my pages. I'm in no way steemit police but spamming is really frowned on here on steemit. When it is on my page I will flag it every time. I will also sometimes flag it if it is on a friends page. So will a multitude of other people here on steemit.

There are many other acceptable ways to get noticed man.
in this post you are asking to learn how.

Posting comments on people pages that are unrelated to their page will not only get you flagged but also simply get people to not like you.

Hopefully you can take all of this as just constructive criticism:

Actually take the time to read the post you are leaving a comment on. If you can relate with it somehow, leave a related comment, something meaningful. Something that relates to what they are talking about. This is one way you will get people to notice you, there are many others. Do a search for it, there is a lot of info here about it.

Why is my problem still not resolved?
This situation is shaking my and others' confidence.

I used @sneaky-ninja for the first time and I had this problem.
It made me very sad.

And this problem is not solved.

These negativities will move people away from @sneaky-ninja

I hope you can help me.

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