Sneaky Ninja Reminder of Rules

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Sneaky Ninja
Reminder of Rules

sneaky-ninja-throwing coins

This is a simple reminder of the rules for using Sneaky Ninja.

  1. You can only send sbd to him, not steem.
    • The bot does nothing with steem.
    • Steem is used for donations so any amount of steem you send will be considered donation.
  2. Minimum bid is .5 sbd.
    • If you send less than this it will automatically return your bid with an error message.
  3. There is no maximum bid but please use your own common sense.
    • If you bid more than is profitable, this is your fault.
    • This tool by @yabapmatt can help you bid responsibly.
  4. He only votes on posts, not comments.
  5. He can only vote once per post.
    • I believe that if the same person sends two bids on the same post it will add them.
    • If you send a bid for a post that has been voted/bid on already it will automatically return your bid with an error message.
  6. Sneaky Ninja does have a blacklist.
    • This is reserved for spammers, scammers and simply disrespectful people.
    • If you are put on this blacklist, you will no longer be able to use the ninja.
    • You may never be notified and your bids will not be refunded to you.
    • So, if you are a scammer or spammer pay attention. Everyone else please just be respectful, I started ninja to have fun, not to deal with disrespectful people.
  7. I will give refund for this reason:
    • You did not get a vote that you have bid on. This includes things that are your mistake like messing up the url or post is too old. I run a very fair bot and want to keep all users happy with it.
  8. I will not give a refund for this reason:
    • Any reason that involves you actually receiving your vote. For example, if you think your profit was not enough.
  9. If your vote is missed, you can leave a comment on any of my recent posts or find @michaeldavid (The Docta) on discord.
    • Please only leave one comment per day or two that I have not responded. Steemit's communication sucks, plain and simple. So I don't see the messages until I'm logged in. That is normally once per day. If I am not on for a day I will not see them until I do login. No worries, everyone that deserves one will get their refund.
    • Leaving a ton of messages for me about a missed vote does not get me to see them faster. In fact, all it does is annoy the hell out of me because I will see all of them at the same time.
    • If you leave me a ton of messages about this, I will refund you once I login. Then I will flag all of your comments and likely blacklist you from using the bot.
  10. Wait for your vote.
    • I have made it clear in several posts that this is a bid bot that votes every 2.4 hrs. It may take up to 2.5 hours to get a vote. Just be patient.
  11. I generally do not respond to comments left as replies to his voting comments. There are just to many to go through.
    • If you want me to respond it is best to comment on an actual post of mine.
  12. Currently he will only vote on posts that are not older than 6 days.
    • If you bid for a post older than 6 days your sbd will be automatically returned with an error message.
    • I may change this length of time any day so please pay attention to updates.
  13. I do accept donations to the bot.
    • All donations must be steem and not sbd.
    • All donations will be directly used to purchase more delegation to make him bigger and his vote value larger which helps more people use him.
  14. You have to read all Sneaky Ninja's Stories and prove it to me within reasonable doubt to be allowed to use the bot.
    • I am clearly not serious about this I just felt like this post needed at least a little comic relief at the end. lol

This is how to use ninja...

This is how ninja works.

Please pay attention for future updates.

Many thanks,
Kozeni (小銭)
Sworn defender and protector of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)

Trained by @michaeldavid,
Supreme Jōki (蒸気) Master and warrior for @thealliance


i send you 2sbd with out my link so pleasei need help here

I have sent you 0.50 SBD please upvote on my post. @sneaky-ninja

Before spending money on a service it is advisable to read the rules of the service. It takes up to 2.5 hrs to get your vote.

Why does the vote that you give to the dollar decrease afterwards, as the vote gets $ 2.33 and why does it decrease to $ 2.9?

all posts values do this. We all split the same amount of pool each day. So as more users get more upvotes that take from the pool your posts will always decrease a little before payout.

Also, going from 2.33 to 2.9 is an increase not a decrease.

I like ninja..It's a self-defense

haha, yep!


This post has received gratitude of 1.58 % from @appreciator thanks to: @michaeldavid.

You got a 1.39% upvote from @upme requested by: @michaeldavid.
Send at least 2.5 SBD to @upme with a post link in the memo field to receive upvote next round.
To support our activity, please vote for my master @suggeelson, as a STEEM Witness

i give u 5 sbd but and u give me only $8 why mann?

It is automated man, I do not have any control over what vote you get. You have to pay attention to the voting rounds. It's best to use the bot tracker tool that I give a link to above.

cool postings can only be born by great people. hopefully I can be like you in getting a vote. because I have very little sound when I write something. your writing is an inspiration to me.

How much do you vote if I send 5 sbd?

Click on how ninja works above. Please read my last three posts, they describe everything in great detail.

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