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The player strips his moer

by Thomas Clothier - a black, conscious African

Reams were flung to the conditioned atmosphere
captioned, a hail of words like deforgotten spawn
in self contempt were born
now thrust on ill-mature'd wing

Suspended there mid air,
then to-and-fro
floor words we've grown to ignore
familiar as the backs of hands
by which we live surrounded,
our bulldozed belongings.

The muted moer had darkened,
grown smooth and shone from years' friction
the price when to the hilt the thread's stripped
a frantic tilt and naught can hold the fort


In aftermath, the stark white noise,
the vacant painted sockets on dead masks
precarious hand props in a rough sport of men
who lady like tippy toe, a heeled masquerade
ignoring half-shade glance, hold manhood back

This time, a burst instead
then flourished texts, the calls requests
retain cloaked men for hearings
arguments for damages and cost


This day was circled, sure
ahead of an all-too old new dawn,
you must remember when
they spied your dial and used it,
they shoved the saddle, horse,
the shovel in your grasp
throughout days and years
as you dig dug dogged in a trench

You'd heard behind, the grin and unintelligable din
the coffee meets, the breakfast eats,
how laughter muffled questions, is he still man?
does he know they knew
does he think they don't
or perhaps they think he can't,
may be he knew they knew
he knew. Whatever may be, was never said.


Saying anything, rounds out the corners
And by Silence, the grip is lost
by minutes the degrees,
until all is complete fatigue

First your reason, then fell judgement
then sons and daughters
and one day in a studio,
grew that from quiet vestage, self respect.

23rd June 2018, Gapyeong (edits may follow)

Except where otherwise mentioned, this is my original work, licensed under the
Creative Commons 4.0 International License

The characters mentioned in my work are my fictional creations.
Any similarities to actual persons or events are incidentally, absolutely intended
and should not be interpreted in any other way.

I'm not responsible for your feelings,

but I'm still keen to hear all about them.
Thank you for following, reacting, questioning, and suchlike.
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