New Sneaky Ninja Abuse Policy - MUST READ FOR ALL USERS!!

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New Sneaky Ninja Abuse Policy


Sneaky Ninja is Watching!!

As I've pointed out several times before, I believe it is the responsibility of bot owners to keep their bots from voting on crap.

However since these bots are automated, and service hundreds of posts daily, it has been quite the task just figuring out how to accomplish that.

I do believe that I've found a solution. Only time will tell.

The truth is that unless the posts are being viewed by a human you just won't know in some cases if an account is abusing the system or not.

This is why I have recently hired a team to begin 100% manual curation of all of my bidders and their posts.

The team is @steembotcleaners (To be announced).


Once they have most of the wrinkles ironed out, they will be offering their service to other bot owners as well.

For now, I guess I'm the guinea pig lol.

This team will be reviewing each and every post that I have voted on each day.

Their purpose is to find violators of the new policy below and deal with them accordingly.

This is a monster undertaking yet must be done to keep bot abuse from spreading.

Sneaky Ninja's new Abuse Policy
Effective Immediately!!

Listed below are things that Sneaky Ninja considers abuse according to the new policy.

  1. Using multiple accounts to post duplicate content.
  2. Copy Pasta.
    • Plagiarism or copy and pasted/spun content that is from another source and not your original work.
  3. Single photo posts without supporting information.
    • All photography posts should have location, lighting and a description of why, how and where you took the photo.
    • Photography is an art. Those that take it seriously know this and will present it as such.
  4. Short content.
    • This is of course subjective. However I do expect at least 50 words that make sense and follow what the post is about in clear readable writing.
    • It is possible to make a powerful post in less than 50 words, I understand this and will review accordingly.
  5. Memes.
    • Self explanatory.
  6. Art that is not your own original work.
    • Original art must be verifiable.
  7. Videos that are not your own and are not being used as descriptive tool in your post.
    • Must be properly source cited when using as descriptive tool.
  8. Posts without proper source cited content.
    • Videos and photos for example.
  9. NSFW posts that are not your original work.
    • You must be either the model or the photographer.
    • Must be verifiable.
  10. Tweet type posts.
    • Posting things like, "chillin, hangin with the boys, just made dinner, look at my nephews new toy, ect...".
  11. Posts that have already been flagged by @steemcleaners, @cheetah, or @spaminator.
    • These posts will automatically be treated as blacklisted and you will simply not get a vote or a refund.
  12. Overuse of bots.
    • This is also subjective. However, if you are using tons of bots on all your posts and your posts are sub par according to anything listed above they will be considered abuse.
  13. Consistently bidding at 5-6 days for instant turnaround.
    • I stand firm on my decision to allow bidding on days 5 & 6. I believe there are many legitimate reasons to bid on these late days. However, it is very clear if you are taking advantage of this for your own personal gain and it will be considered abuse.
  14. Over posting.
    • Over 10 posts per day is automatically considered over posting.
    • Between 4-10 is subjective. However, this combined with anything above (for instance, overuse of bots) may get you blacklisted.

How violations of any of the above will be treated.

  1. Minor violations or violations that seem to be done accidentally or from acceptable ignorance (At my discretion.) will result in your account being put on my watch list.
    • This list will be posted each week so you know that you are on the list.
    • If you are on the watch list you will have one week shape up.
    • If you are still violating any of this policy after your 1 week shape up period, you will be immediately blacklisted.
  2. Major or obviously direct violations of this policy will result in your vote being pulled without refund and your account will be immediately blacklisted.
    • I may or may not publicly post those that have been blacklisted. You know what you are doing.
    • Blacklisted accounts will not receive refunds for attempting to use my service so I strongly urge you to read and follow this policy to the letter.
    • I also suggest you pay attention to upcoming weekly updates that will have our latest watch list and potentially blacklisted accounts.

Can I be removed from the blacklist if I shape up?

  1. Simply put, yes.
    • To be removed from the blacklist you must prove that you have actually shaped up.
      a. You must first have a proven track record of no violations for at least one week.
      b. You can then leave a message/comment for @steembotcleaners on the post titled Removal From Sneaky Ninja Blacklist asking to be reviewed for removal.
      c. If @steembotcleaners team decides that you have indeed shaped up, you can then be removed from the blacklist on a probationary term.
  2. If you have been removed once from the blacklist consider that your one and only chance to do better.
    • If any user is found violating the Abuse Policy after being removed from the blacklist once already, that user will be permanently blacklisted.
    • I am quite serious about this. I simply do not have time for games.


For any post that a user brings to my attention that @steembotcleaners does not catch, that results in a removal of that posts vote, I will give that user 25% of whatever the abusive post was bid for.

So if someone bids $4 SBD on an abusive post that you bring to my attention, and @steembotcleaners misses it, I will send you $1 SBD.

This will be based on my specific Abuse Policy and will not be counted if it happens to violate someone else's idea of abuse.

If this post has already had it's vote pulled you will not get credit.

To take advantage of this special offer please leave the URL of any posts you find as a comment on this post.


All accounts that are blacklisted by Sneaky Ninja will also be blacklisted by Lost Ninja (@lost-ninja) by default.

Thank you and bid responsibly,

Kozeni (小銭)
Sworn defender and protector of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)

Trained by @michaeldavid,
Supreme Jōki (蒸気) Master and warrior for @thealliance


Rule # 1 is now simply "Duplicate Content"

Yes, YEs and YES to all of this. This is desperately needed. We are in a state where quality has become meaningless and the size of your Steem account is the only this that matters. Re-steemed for visibility, much appreciated

Thanks so much for the resteem.

Yes we do need this very much.

I am taking this policy quite serious.

Please take a look at this account:

It makes like 10 posts a day and promotes them strictly on the 3rd day. They're all translations of the same short automated content and it's all low quality.

And if you could also contact Jerrybanfield and the Booster team, it would be awesome. Minnowbooster and Smartmarket already have him blacklisted AFAIK (after my report :P)

He is definitely overposting. Ive got him on watchlist for now.

How do you know that it is automated content?

All of those posts with trophies in the tags peringkat and japanese have 3 lists and the same text everywhere. There are some slight differences everyday in the Tips Hari Ini section, but it doesn't seem to change much.

Otherwise, the posts have a bunch of giant copypastas and upvote lists. If he posts these everyday for months on end, I don't think it couldn't not be automated unless there were some giant dedication to it.

When the account was not on Smartsteem and Minnowbooster's blacklists, it used to have an automated bot that would detect whether the bid had been returned and would resend eternally for hours until the whole bid was accepted.

And in the unlikely scenario that they aren't automated, they're almost copypastas except for the list, so it's still a spammer pattern. There is little to no audience to his posts and he promotes them exclusively on the 3rd day, which would suggest that he's not doing it for exposure but money.

Ok, i just looked more into this guy. He's definitely got a voting ring going. you can tell because he only has 5% and 100% votes for all of those votes. This can only be the case for voting rings/bots.

He's over posting for sure. I'll blacklist him and call it copy pasta and over posting.

looks like I need to send you some sbd. This guy has a lot of posts to pull votes from.

i'll total it all up.

Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

I was able to remove votes from 3 of his posts all were bid for $2 sbd each. I just sent you .75 sbd.

Thanks for pointing this guy out.

Can you take care of naim444? Hes a flag happy spammer.


does he use my bot?

I am not sure... im new so when i saw your post i thought it was a bot to report abusers to. sorry :)

Really nice initiative, someone needed to start to at least try to do something to reduce abuse with a different approach. How are you gonna manage the watch list? Would you be posting it regularly or something like this? I mean, as you say someone maybe do something wrong by mistake, I think that this person should be able to know that you have them in a watch list.

Keep up the good job ;)

I'll post watch list weekly like this. I will also be notifying accounts via post comment when they have been added to the list like this.

This will give any people making mistakes ample chance to fix them. :)

Hey ninja! i really appreciate that you aren't doing what a lot of bots are doing with NSFW [which is just not allowing use for anything with a NSFW tag, period] I am super appreciative that you're supporting original NSFW content creators with this move rather than putting us all on a blacklist and lumping myself and fellow original NSFW content creators in the same pile as the spam accounts that rape and hog NSFW tag as it stands now. I have a lot of faith that this move will help clean up NSFW [especially if other bots follow suit and hire your team and manually check NSFW posts] since one of our main issues in NSFW is the rampant abuse of bid bots to promote posts of literal copy paste stolen porno spam [ugh]
again, thank you!

You are very welcome!

Some people forget that even if they do not appreciate NSFW it can also be a persons art/profession.

It is this reason that I make sure to allow anyone that is a model or nude photographer to use my service to promote their work.

Maybe this can help clean up the mess in nsfw tag and allow real content creators to be seen.

Ps. you're damn sexy, too bad I'm not closer ;)

Oh yea, I noticed on your page that you use steepshot sometimes. I thought I should tell you that I am about to start not allowing posts from steepshot to use ninja. The vast majority of them fit into the "tweet type post" category and don't add anything I want my bot to vote on to the platform.

Just giving you the heads up.

Thanks for the support :)

Thanks for letting me know..I will say it makes me a bit sad that you're doing that to steepshot since you actually can post quite a few words with a steepshot post as opposed to a zappl post that forces you to microblog..altho since steepshot is mimicking instagram it generally features boss photography.

I suppose it really comes down to what one considers worthy vs unworthy content/platform, and steemit is experiencing SO MUCH FUCKIN SPAM lately!

And yes, as to cleaning up NSFW I agree this could vastly help especially if other bid bots followed suit. I actually shared this post with the newly founded NSFW content creator community on discord, as we had been brainstorming how to cleanup NSFW and most of the ideas were just "Flag em all" which, in my mind. is a bit excessive. So! Very glad that this could be a better option since most of the issue isn't so much that people are posting stolen's that they are then buying said posts mad upvotes so that a post that would normally make maybe a few bucks since it's stolen and no one should be upvoting that that much..ends up blocking users who are creating good original NSFW content but can't afford to buy enough votes to compete in any way.

This new manual system you're trying out could def take care of a lot of the spam that is dominating many categories as of late and mitigate the negative effects of upvote bots. Hooray!

Also, thanks so much for supporting NSFW original content creators! We tend to get lumped in with spam accounts lately which suuucccckkkkkkkks so thanks!

I've actually pulled votes from a couple that were stolen porn once it was brought to my attention.

The thing with steepshots is just that, even though you can make a good post with it, most people just do the single pic with no supporting information and little wording. So it ends up being like a simple tweet. Once the manual thing is going really well I may opt to bring it and dlive back. Not till I know I can curate them all though.

I would talk with some of the creators about adding more relevant supportive info to their posts. This is the one thing I see that they could still get black/watchlisted for.

Interesting post dear, i like it and enjoy it, thanks for sharing with us, keep it up. And im waiting for your next post. Thanks

What a comprehensive way to eliminate bidbot abuse!! This is genius. I love the idea of actual people evaluating each post. Going off to use sneaky-ninja now. Great job!

Thanks so much! It has taken and is taking quite an effort to put this all together.

I really think it will work wonders.

This is wonderful @sneaky-ninja ! I have undertaken a project to Verify NSFW Content Creators. I hope that the project will grow into a means for the true content creators to be verified and to be a place where those interested in finding and following original NSFW content creators can search and find. If you are interested in learning more please hop over to my discord channel. Thank you for your valiant work to keep Steemit clean and free of spam and plagiarism!

I love your initiative. It's a shame that so many bots are simply not allowing nsfw.

True nsfw content creators need to have the same space all other artist have here.

I just hopped into your channel to have a look around.

Keep up the good work. :)

I appreciate the visit - we can get so much more accomplished if we all work together!

#sneaky-ninja sir 23-04-2018, 5.40 pm I bid 0.883 sbd for my post. but I still not get back upvote. please review my account and please also refund my SBD
and please back my Profit kindly

for this post

A bot that actually cares! Fukn awesome Kozeni.

many thanks fellow warrior!


BRAVO! This sounds like a wonderful initiative!
Upvoted 100% 👍

Thanks so much! It is really going to change things!

This is excellent truly excellent work, I can only hope and pray that other people who control bots will get on board and do the same thing for the platform well done.

I believe once @steembotcleaners is officially announced that many of them will :)

Good. Its hard to stay motivated for good content when it doesnt pay off. Any shitpost earns the same or more.

yes. there are many things on this platform that can kill your motivation. Seeing crap get paid out high is definitely on that list.

I appreciate this effort very much. The thing that worries me most about steemit going forward is having the bots run the show... They do NOT curate! This is a wonderful attempt to remedy that issue!

You are right, they don't curate. That is exactly why we are where we are.

There may still be a few that slip through the cracks but this will have a drastic impact.

And yet the Grumpy one has a problem with it ?? Crazy cat. This Bot is really noble in so many respects

He has blinders on.

This is GREAT! thank you thank you thank you! $hit like this keeps us all hopeful for the long term viability of this platform. I juts started using bots and they are fabulous, but I do worry what rampant abuse would do to us and this puts me at ease a bit. Thanks again!

You are welcome.

I want to do all I can to stop the abuse.

That sounds like a lot of work!! But it is needed and thank you for doing this!!

Definitely a lot of work. Also hard to separate bias as well. (liking or disliking vs. abuse)

Once the team is dialed in it will be smooth sailing.

You have received an upvote from @nicestbot. I am an automated curation bot trying to make minnows happy.

Good for you. If you are going to give your vote to something, make it count, and at least do it yourself, or if not, have a person you trust do it.
If more people were like you, this platform would mean something.

Thanks so much for that. We all need to do our part.

This is a real sample of the commitment @sneaky-ninja and his creator has with Steemit.

I find it very proper with community's alingments and know it will be a total success and that many people will hire this service. Total support to this initiative!

Thank you so much for the kind words! This guy just copies news from the Internet, he does not even write his description. The uniqueness of the post is 0%

Thanks for pointing him out. He is now on my watchlist and will be posted shortly.

I can see that you’ve taken a lot of diligence to responding to multiple questions, so first off I appreciate it as a newbie here on steemit. I understand your stance on Photography, but my question relates to food related photography. There are a lot of posts – especially those trending that are original, and use progress pictures to help guide users in the recipes. I know this might be a grey area under the listed stipulations you have provided, but do these types of post fall in line with acceptable or not? Or is it more or less subjective if you determine it is considered spam/abuse?

Thanks for your time!


Those are perfectly acceptable because they are used to support your post.

The only photos I have issue with are single photos that have no supportive information with them.

awesome, and thank you for the clarification!

Thanks for all that you do @sneaky-ninja!

I just hope it all works

i like and thanks you information

Hope your efforts help improve this platform...I want steemit to be a success. Regards

I really do to :)

You got a 4.66% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @michaeldavid!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

So if someone bids $4 SBD on an abusive post that you bring to my attention, and @steembotcleaners misses it, I will send you $1 SBD.

I better start looking for abusive posts!

But on a side note, thank you @sneaky-ninja! It's great that there are people like this who are willing to put in effort to make Steemit a better place :)!

yes, you should. :)

I can use all the help i can get. leave them on my post called "Place Abusive Posts Here"

I will be getting daily reports from @steembotcleaners When I get these reports I'll be pulling votes each day. The key is that it needs to be something they have missed and that i have not already pulled the vote for.

Thanks for taking the time to make the Sneaky Ninja bot more effective for the Steemit community. I love the idea of having a manual review of the content submitted to the bot. It will really cut down on tons of junk reaching the top of the Trending section just because the author has a ton of SBD or STEEM available. I hope more bots will start to use your manual service once you put it out there.

I really think you are right. Its a lot of work but definitely worth it.

I really hope to see a lot join in also.

2 things I do not entirely agree with. 1) Duplicate content - if content was flagged because a whale with a dozen bots had a bad day I will post it again at some point. It is mine and I have a right to publish. 2) Photography - Because I shoot on movie sets, shoot antiques, objects or locations where privacy and security are a concern, I can often not publish the location. I will not disclose any of my methods because I haven't seen anyone disclose the exact steps used in Photoshop to get their image to look a certain way, so listing an f-stop, focal length or Camera is a complete waste of time. Asking anyone to explain why they paint, draw, sculpt or take pictures is just silly.

Sometimes the picture by itself is all that is needed.

both of these have some subjectivity to them. This makes it hard to determine abuse sometimes because there is a lot of grey area. I had to keep the "duplicate content" one general. It's really at my discretion and I'm human so if it seems legit like your example you would not be in violation.

Also, for the photography one it is not black and white either. I do not expect you to include everything on my list. I will tell you that it is more important to me that you explain something about the photo than tell me what lens you use.

Thank you for your time, for trying, and explanation of how you would implement these. Whenever I use material created by others, I link to their publication directly; I'm too lazy to copy their stuff. Greetings!

You are welcome!

Hello @sneaky-ninja @GrumpyCat flagged me on this post.

please return my 5 SBD which i had paid you for upvoting my post.

I did not take your money. The cat did. I am in no way associated with this guy. He's a thief and an extortionist that's all. The rule he has made up is not real and he is just being a dick.

If you want to help stop him join the resistance

imagen de mapa de bits (3).bmp
Hello @sneaky-ninja, I sent you this amount for your vote, and you have not voted for me. Please, Check your operation. Thank you.

I will repeat my message, until I have an answer:
Hi. I sent 2.446 SBD , 2018-05-08
but I did not receive an UPVOTE or any REFOUND. please check it.


one more = blacklist...


Not all images are photos!
Some images are digital painting on which the artist's signature exist!
What about this case? Thanks!


If it is clear that the image is your own original work, then no source citing is necessary.

If this is not what you are asking, please elaborate

Glad I read this, I'm new to steemit for 4 months now and was getting flagged on a few post. I guess they were to short. I was use to doing facebook updates lol. @grumpycat keeps taking from me because I use your bot? Not sure how he does that? Anyways I'll get this figured out. I've made a few adjustments and am posting more of a story line and people are loving it. I have a long ways to go. And will wait for the dust to settle. I had a great week posting to build my platform so now I will take time to learn more. I understand now why you have these blacklist. Have a great day

@kibby13 has to be looked at. :) he
s appearing alot

This post pays out in 3 hours and fits the short content criteria. I ask that you please unvote and consider there activity for blacklist add.

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