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Trail of Verse

The Trail is yours as mind and heart and eyes in Life ensue
endure to dusty depths or cling to heights in mist,
in words line your days with packed mules
in one more verse convey upon the world ethereal grist

Though some wish you'd crouch in fearful state
entombed in deep dank hole of woe,
and say your frantic letters singe each day your fate,
and you're mute, you're standing on your own.

Silence keeps the never-mastered man,
and covers him from rainy ridicule
They saw him scoff at common scoffed bribes
for him petty Hunger's soon relief,
and Thirst's quick quench, was dry.

Through him the ages' restless roots spread out
his eyes saw nought in pride-filled lie stacked high
his feet found shade and watered paths through mist,
and one day the Summit's view he glimpsed.

by Thomas Clothier a black, conscious African
                                  19th July 2018, Gapyeong

Except where otherwise mentioned, this is my original work, licensed under the
Creative Commons 4.0 International License

My work is fictional. Any similarities to actual persons, conversations or events are
incidentally and unequivocally intended and should not be interpreted in any other way.
I'm not responsible for your feelings, but I'm still keen to hear all about them.
Thank you for following, reacting, questioning, and suchlike. Previous musings, verse, etcetera

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👏I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!


Thank you for pasting your comment - I love pasta.

I love your very rare but quite interesting poetry! I like it!


Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I have neglected to keep up with my friends' blogs the past few days due to being very busy. I will be sure to stop by and see your latest posts now.

As you enjoy poetry, have you checked in to the poetsunited server at all? I have recently chatted with three Spanish language writers in the server.


no. I haven't really had the chance! I'm new at this and I'm just getting involved! I hope to keep moving forward in this! God willing!

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