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I pondered in a pond, of how afraid I used to be, of all the feelings deep in me.

Now I sit legs crossed, quiet and sip me tea.

I'm poetry, said the verse. Metoo, said the next.
Keeping bees make sweet love honey,
I apologise and bow to your stings
I am framed by you, out of nature
I'm subdued, tippy-tip-toe
patter lightly.

I can call this Haiku but the Japanese Yakuza know my address, so I will be honest instead. I read the tags off of the pixabay photo - if the random image had a description, the verses may have been nicer. All the same - @curie me please! I am Avante Garde! Now I will pump this post for it's high comedic value - more content, more laughs, more SBD into Steem.

What do you believe anyway?

The verses above represent a work of satirical comedy.
While it may be considered contest-worthy in some circles on steemit,
I suggest you do not take any of them seriously (pun intended).
I do not consider the verses themselves to be poetry in any way shape or form.
They were written by myself while sitting on the crapper.
I wrote some things that took a bit more time .. feel free to snoop around
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What do you believe anyway?

I believe that poetry is created upon interpretation. This is similar to the way vision happens in the mind rather than in the eyes.

I sense and identify with your frustration though. The unfortunate fact about steemit is that payout and trending have nothing to do with the quality of the post. That's why it is important, as a reader, to reflect on what that post means to you and reward or accordingly (meaning up, no, or down vote).

Regarding your post, I actually found the notion of the verses speaking for themselves to be quite poetic. I wonder if it could be characterized as oxymoronic personification.


I agree, Sir. There is definitely a personification there and it is oxymoronic. You interpreted my sentiment accurately. It is motivated partly by frustration- as an attempt to shed negative (frustration) by sublimation perhaps; by producing some form of satire.

Your comment is much appreciated.

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