Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 11th November 2016

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Making invisible visible: daily payouts, active users, new users, reblogs and follows count, top posts, top comments and others.

Overview, Changelog and Roadmap

This is a version 0.19 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics.

  • Planned: conversion of content and user engagement historical charts to the new long/medium term format


The data and visualization in this post may contain errors and inaccuracies. Don't make important decisions without verifying data yourself. If you have any suggestions or found an error in the data, please get in touch with me on

How to read

Every chart starts on 1st of June and extends to yesterday. The number on the label attached to the Y axis on the right is the yesterday's value for that chart. Historical charts have STEEM/USD volume weighted daily price(Vwap) on the Y axis on the left of the chart.

Special Reports

Active Users

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
Active users1,1211,1821,2743,36997

These charts provide data on long (since 2016/06/01) and medium (last 30 days) term active users (defined as those who has made at least one resteem, following, post or comment) and price. Max, min and avg baselines are provided for the 30d active users metric.

User acquisition

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
New accounts7474861,75511

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that posted, commented or voted at least once are included are counted towards the total. Max, min and avg baselines are provided for the 30d new users twmetric.

User engagement

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
Active voters2,7883,5013,2555,421230
Active commenters8058598852,81699
Active authors6256727251,78964

A number of engaged accounts grouped by distinct activity. At least one action (vote, post or comment) is required.

Social Network

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
Follows per user1.881.391.433.100.00
Reblogs per user0.470.490.500.660.00
  • Follows per user: number of `follow` operations made by Steem accounts divided by the number of active users. Grouped by date. `Follow` operations made by top 1% users by count of daily follows are removed as outliers.
  • Reblogs per user: number of `reblog` operations made by Steem accounts divided by the number of active users. Grouped by date. Reblogs made by top 1% users by count of daily reblogs are removed as outliers.


Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min

Only posts with >= 2 votes and comments with >= 0 votes are counted.

Payout metrics

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min

Payout data is a sum of pending and past payouts for posts created on the given date.

Distribution of post payouts for 11th November 2016

This is a breakdown of post payouts per percentile. Only top 25% of post payouts are visible on the chart.

Some examples from the distribution of post payouts

75% of post payouts (not visible on this chart) are less than 11.3 SBD

90% of post payouts are less than 21.9SBD

97% of post payouts are less than 44.9SBD

1% of post payouts are greater than 125SBD

Read more about Power law distribution

Top 25 Posts by Net Votes with Rewards Less than 10 SBD for 11th November 2016

3807.082📷 My arrival in Amsterdam: Flight impressions and more!@future24
2774.899I failed to go to SteemFest, so I'm making a teleportation device@dumar022
2601.581SteemFest, SteemFest, SteemFest and Some More SteemFest@cryptos
2554.523SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #17@boddhisattva
2490.506Buying a Gaming Laptop and Mining With It, So It Can Pay Back for Itself Over Time@cryptos
2388.252Creative photography - Playing with the Moon@about
2313.909About this Trump thing...@charlie.wilson
2234.231Checked in... Got my wristband and a nice scarf@l0k1
2190.702DAILY STEEM REPORT NOVEMBER, 11TH ( STEEM 0.14188$ )@elyaque
2170.979ⓐ♠ⓚ♥ⓠ♦ⓙ♣ Vote to stake me in poker as a different way to monetize your vote 11/11 ⓐ♤ⓚ♡ⓠ♢ⓙ♧@virtualgrowth
2150.677My Dream Backyard - Steemit Photo Challenge #17- Entry 1@bullionstackers
2148.374Collective Intelligence - Learning from Ants@krnel
2124.486"Oh you know, just ADULTING"@jillwirt
2128.483Patagonian Smooth-Hound (Gatuzo)@alitas
2099.033On November 11th, Remember... Stop the Soldier Worship!@krnel
2042.243Mein siebtes steemit Gedicht: 'WINTERZAUBER' [modern German poetry]@surfermarly
2045.061Steemitrecipes Daily Picks - Entry 036@steemitrecipes
2017.921A Clarion Call to UNITE Against Cruelty, Madness and Division!@alexbeyman
1981.012STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #3 : "Good for Mama, Good for Baby"@woman-onthe-wing
1921.27Sunset over Lago Ranco Chile@gringalicious
1898.054Open Mic Week 6 - Listen To This Weeks Performers And Vote@luzcypher
1898.023Hot omelete and banana yogurt shake for Breakfast!@cynetyc
1881.807OPEN MIC WEEK 6 : We Are Next in Line ... subtitled video (cover)@englishtchrivy
1880.381Late Night Comedians Respond to Donald Trump's Election Victory@contentjunkie
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Reblogs for 11th November 2016

56334372Steemfest Bountyhunt for photos of Ned's head - 100 SBD reward!!@ozmaster
2120113Fault of life [An Original Poem]@royalmacro
16291586Why We Will Support Short Form Posts (Co-Authored By @liberosist)@donkeypong
13127What do you think about SteemFest? Resteem & Reply and Receive 0.06 STEEM #14@steemitfaucet
13133282Steemit – We have a Problem@ats-david
12079Guess How Many? #54@bola
12081Guess How Many? #53 (Homemade Soft & Thick Snickerdoodles)@bola
929180A search for purpose.@apollomission
9064Sentence Unscrambler #61 (STEEMFEST)@bola
8221898SteemSports: France vs Sweden - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
74148Chinese Ebay Alibaba does Bitcoin's marketcap worth of business in one day.@matrixdweller
7053John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends"@pilgrimtraveler
613264Jordan Photo Tour Part I@exploretraveler
6698D-Day photos from 1944@countrygirl
647412Its been a long time coming...@gavvet
  • Rs: number of reblogs
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Comments by Payout for 11th November 2016

PVsFirst 40 comment symbolsAuthor
43.75236***“It does not require many words to sp@piedpiper
1.93433#Peerplays Project [![Follow Peerplays]@peerplays
1.2284I think the limit you defined as "if the@timcliff
1.2232[A very interesting FAQ about basic inco@chrisaiki
1.16311<CENTER><img src="https://s3-us-west-2.a@steemsports
1.0415This is brilliant in so many ways. From@the-alien
0.8766I have been thinking about basic income@knircky
0.8372Well written, as usual. Some very good@dwinblood
0.6124F.A Hayek in [*The Constitution of Liber@kyriacos
0.5943Shared on [twitter](
0.5944Instead of a basic income, I would sugge@builderofcastles
0.5933if it can be implemented in a voluntary@doitvoluntarily
0.5933Theres overwhelming evidence in the stud@radioactivities
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Total SP of Post Commenters for 11th November 2016

10.7104.005463Property rights and Basic Income - A viable solution is possible@dantheman
10.10.00312Steemit is NOT a Ponzi scheme. But is it sustainable?@eemc2
10.179.706465Hypothetical Price Stable Crypto Currency with Basic Income@dantheman
10243.742586Why We Will Support Short Form Posts (Co-Authored By @liberosist)@donkeypong
9.90.19933I will Trump you with a vicious bitch@karenb54
9.814.76173How to actually do "Recurring & Scheduled Payments" with Bitshares?@alechahn
9.810.9625664 Bit Window Binary compiled with VS2013 (Hardfork v0.15.0)@alphabeta
9.6132.74282Steemit – We have a Problem@ats-david
9.35.427180I just got my first payment from Steem: wow, it really works!!@oleg326756
9.247.636522I travel the world Part 119: Volkhotel Amsterdam (Steemfest official Hotel)@knozaki2015
9.20.0179박근혜 대통령은 하야하거나 탄핵될 것인가?@votelotto
9.200A Baby's Dream@walden
9.1334.037372Steemfest Bountyhunt for photos of Ned's head - 100 SBD reward!!@ozmaster
920.49286The Reason Millenials Are Losing Their Minds Over Trump@kyriacos
964.501401A few architecture and landscape shots - free for you to use in your own posts@thecryptofiend
  • SSP: log10(sum(VESTS)) of authors of post comments
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes


I'm running a fairly useful curation bot, get in touch if you want to maximize curation rewards.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You're welcome to translate and publish this report in other languages on Steem and keep all rewards. You're also welcome to use the charts and data for your own analysis. Drop me a comment and I'll add a link to your post.

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