D-Day photos from 1944

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A friend emailed these pictures to me tonight. I checked online to see who they belonged to and found they were taken by Reuter's photographer, Chris Helgren.  

He compiled historical photos from D-Day and then visited those areas in modern day and photographed vacationers in the exact locations where the fighting, destruction and deaths occurred.

It's very sobering to see modern people walking the same roads and beaches where  soldiers marched, secured, fought and died for our freedoms.




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Excellent set of then-now photos. I up-voted and re-steemed this. Thank you

@countrygirl - some of the places on the pics look familiar :)
the beaches seem like Kijk duin in The Hague


Photo 1 is Dorset holiday town of Weymouth, England, on July 13, 2013. The port was the departure point for thousands of Allied troops who took part in the D-Day landings.
Photo 2 is Omaha Beach landing zone - Vierville sur Mer, France
Photo 5 is Gold Beach landing zone - Ver-sur-Mer, France
Photo 6 is Juno Beach landing zone - Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, France
Photo 9 is Omaha Beach landing zone - Colleville sur Mer , France

That's all of the information I could find. Maybe others can fill in.


@countrygirl - yes, much Dday took place there and in so many places in Belgium - forests specially, thanks :)

Very interesting

so important to never forget ...excellent photo essay

That is some kind of photo work here, good job my CAN friend. UP and RS for you also, followed you. Nice to see some folks from #Canadastan on here lol

Nice juxtaposition between the old and new. Thanks for sharing these historic photos.


I thought the message in them was pretty powerful. They are very share worthy for such a time as this.

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