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They say that in the school of experience, lessons come after the test! It cannot be more true for most newbies who join steemit. We mostly start with that morale and excitement, and overlook some basics that must be known prior to any undertaking.

After getting battered, and making no headway, that is when we comeback, and start to take those lessons. But of course by then, time has been wasted, effort unrewarded.

Now a little over one month old here, I know this because it is a path I walked, and that I am still walking.

Fortunately for me, whereas I am still getting the hang of things, I am quickly acclimatizing, thanks to the support of several wonderful friends and groups.

I cannot, but do my own small part to encourage somebody out there whom I know is going through the same thoughts and entertaining the same intentions as I previously did.

A very important thing every newbie needs to understand is that Steemit has some unwritten etiquette and procedures that you need to follow, in order to progress and which, if you should overly breach, could indeed cause you to regress. And if you are not careful, all together force you to call it quits.

To Quit or not to Quit?

I know that feeling of quitting. Honest to say, it was a thought I played with. And do you know why? For so many reasons, which cramped up together, came down to ‘making a point!”

Yes. I was posting original work, products of so many hours toil. And what was the reward reading? 0.00$ and thereabouts! Compare it to the shit posts earning hundreds of Dollars, I am not sure if I was angry or frustrated, or even both, but I decided I would make a point. I would quit.

That feeling no doubt sounds familiar to every newbie. And that resolution to make a point by quitting this damn Steemit could be playing on your mind. That is ok. But you know the funny thing?

Nobody will lose sleep over you quitting! Indeed, nobody might even notice it.

And the reason is simple. You quit, it is your loss!

Steemit has so much to offer financially and socially. Besides being the first, and as yet, only platform of its kind, with the membership it already has, Steemit is already a success. You are not joining to make it a success; you are joining to share in its success.

Overall, the newbie that you are certainly adds value to it by joining, but in no way do you take away from it any value by quitting the following day!

If anything, at that moment when you are quitting, somebody somewhere is joining to balance away your numerical glitch! It is true.

There are several concerted promotional projects being run both online and offline. Hundreds are daily sighing up, and of these, the majority remain and add up to the steemit community.

At the technical level, with the lessons of experience, Steemit is also being improved every now and then. So the steemit experience can only get better, and more rewarding.

Hardly yet 3 years old, and with an active member ship of thousands, as a newbie joining today, you are one of the earliest members of steemit, you don’t want to look back many years from today with regret for having quit.

What is to be done?

At any rate therefore, however hard your start to steemit life is, the only intelligent thing is to work around ways and means to succeed not playing the victim and looking for excuses to quit!

It is in these ways and means to succeed, that I hopefully plan to help you starting today and going forward.

To better grasp those means and ways, you need to above else appreciate that irrespective of our motives for joining (we all have/had), steemit has its own unwritten but practiced norms.

The good news is that several wonderful steemians have written very valuable posts already to cover basically all aspects of the steemit behavior it takes for you to succeed.

At only a little over 30 days, reputation 50.6, and over 200 friends I have, I believe done as fairly as anybody would wish to.

I am frequently asked by newbies how come I made it that high, and that fast. My answer is always the same: I am effective at the basics!

What are the basics?

I. Post original and quality content, and consistently

II. Visit other peoples blogs and engage through value adding comments

III. Belong to your interest area discords and chat rooms, and network

Resource to read

I have gathered a few resource articles that I believe come handy to whoever wishes to effectively perform the basics above.

They answer such questions as how to write a quality post, which by the way involves the legit use of images, and text formatting for convenient reading.

They also tell of the do’s and don’ts you should pay attention to, if you wish to grow your reputation around here, and with it, earn.

Generally, they are a selection of resources any newbie should find useful. And answer most of the question on challenges frequently encountered. You can of course look up your own as there are frankly several others out there, but I hope these help for quick reference.

For emphasis, the first of these resources is the Steemit FAQ. Have you read it?













Keeping your account safe



Making a quality post





Editing your post









Correct/legitimate use of images


Making Comments










Correct use of tags



Getting Quality followers















Feeling discouraged? Motivation






To further simplify your steemit experience, here are some web pages that are useful as a beginner.

Steemit Webpages to help you with the steemit experience



This site is used to keep track of your voting power and other stats. You do not want to run out of voting power, and you only get so much per day. I keep my voting power around 80% for example

This site like is handy for tracking yours and other peoples voting power, and upvotes on your posts

This site will tell you who follows you, who unfollows you, and who mutes you. It is great for meeting new people too. I regularly check it to see who has followed me to see if I should follow them back

This site is the official chat webpage for Steemit. There are Discord channels too, but I usually stick to the official site. Come in to network and meet new friends. You can directly message people there too, so it makes it easier to communicate with your closest friends

This site is a comprehensive list of valuable tools

You want to study the voter behavior of member of steemit? This is where to go

Unsure if your photo or another person’s photo is plagiarized? Check out webpage

This helps you find out who delegates to you or another person steem power

Effectively performing those basics and following the recommendations above, will without doubt give you a strong claim to success in the platform.

Final thoughts?

To cap it all however, I wish to reiterate that:-

Steemit is not just about the block chain and money. Granted, it is an incentivized public content sharing platform, which means money is a fundamental part of it. But that is only one half of it, the lesser, I might add. The other half, the most important, is that it is also a social media platform.

What this means is that Steemit is not just a market place where you come to sell the best content, and expect, or indeed demand that you are paid the highest deserved reward. If that were the case, then you would just about retain the right to ascribe your content’s worth, and to name the reward you should be given for it. You would indeed make a lot sense adding a take-it-or-leave-it note to the footer of your every post!

But of course you don’t, instead your content’s worth, and indeed, the reward given, is left to the nous and actually the whims of the rest of the community. Sometimes deservedly, and other times undeservedly, that community rewards you, other times, it doesn’t even notice you!

This being true only implies that at the heart of Steemit, is the community. It is, i will finally conclude, ultimately about people and relationships, both online and offline.

That is the rule. Anything else is the exception.

Let your primary goal be to become part of that community, and to fit into it as an accepted rather than ostracized member.

Call for help

Are there any specific guides you know of that are worth recommending? Kindly drop the links in the comments so I can update this post with them.

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Posts like these are always welcome!
(especially with the new growth)
Thanks for putting the extra work in!


The pleasure is mine. I am trying as much as i can, to help our lot out there who are struggling to break through here.

I am glad this is of help.

Wow. This is by far one of the most useful posts I have vome across this week!
Thank you for sharing so much valuable information. Indeed we all pass througj that "I want yo quit" phase & Im glad to see that you acknowledge it as well.

This was the point home for me,

You are not joining to make it a success; you are joining to share in its success.

Thank you for this wonderful compilation!


The pleasure is mine, @elsiekjay. I hope to keep adding in more of those posts i find useful.

I trust that such tips and guideline are essential, and if one follows them, can be of quick help in progressing around here.

I followed some of them, and i can gladly confirm that they have been invaluable to me.


Thank you for your lovely compliment @Mirrors ,

Well, as of my last post, I have decided to master and challenge myself in creating video content. I hope you willfeel like those just as much.

I do agree, reading and creating tutorial guides can be such a help not only to ourselves but to others. May you continue to share as you have done here.



Thanks for those kind words @elsiekjay. Video content? huh, yesterday i was kinda 'forced' to create one. lol. check out my last post!

Appreciate your honest appraisal and solid advice.

Namaste, JaiChai


The pleasure is mine, @Jaichai. Thanks

Thanks for this insightful post.


The pleasure is mine, @ehizzy. I hope you find it useful. Don't hesitate to reach out for any kind of guidance/help.

You can reach me in the comments of any of my post, or you can find me in the @asapers disocord.

By the way, are you an @asapers member? I see you are new, only 48 days old, to be specific. Being a member of the @asapers would be of great help to you. It has been to me.

I suggest you at least consider following @asapers and if you don't mind, join their disocord channel.

Let me know of any way i can bring you in.

Otherwise i am glad you found this post insightful.


Would really like you to mentor me on steemit. I'll join the @asapers discord channel. Thanks for your concern really appreciate it.


I am glad you are interested in being mentored. You should that i am honored., and will gladly do that.

I see you have already joined the @asapers disocord channel. @insideoutlet will shortly approve you, and then you will access to every resource there.

Quickly join the conversations in the pub and use the post promo channel for promoting your links.

I can guarantee you, it won't be long and the road currently rough for you, would have some what smoothed.

Once again, i am very impressed with your attitude.

Welcome to the @asapers family

Wow you did grow real fast i must admit. I had thoughts of quitting to till maybe i discovered what i was good at and make post about them. Things are looking up for me.
The points you mentioned about
Original write ups
Engaging in other blogs meanifully
Having groups to back you up.
I would like to add this and its real fundamental
Finding what your passion is and making posts about it.
This way you never run out of inspiration or the flames in your heart. Thanks @mirrors this is good am resteeming this.


You say it all too well. And with that, you can be certain your way is 'up', and real fast. Thanks,

This post is so detailed and informative, if every newbie can read this, most of them would know how to navigate their way around. Thank you for this post and i am going to resteem this and also keep the link so i can give newbies when welcoming them to the platform. Thank you @mirrors


Oh, that is very sweet. I am very glad you are so willing and this ready to help newbies. That is the spirit.

It costs a candle nothing to light another candle! I am very glad for you. With that attitude, your way here is up.

And obviously you haven't let anything discourage you from submitting well-written posts.

I empathize...

Namaste, JaiChai


No. After crossing the discouragement of those first days, i have only gone form strength to strength.

Great and very comprehensive post @mirrors. I was pleased when I saw my 'steemit do's + Dont's' post among your list of resources :-) I remember when writing it thinking that it was quite an honest appraisal of what I wished I'd have known from the beginning of my time on steemit. I always wondered how many people read it and benefited from my hindsight. Anyway, I think many people will gain great guidance from this post you have written and I i'm pleased it has extended the shelf-life of my post as well ;-) Good stuff, I'm following you now and have given this my 100% vote


Wow, thanks for the support @raj808. I found your link in one of the discords, and you can be sure it caught my attention, and helped guide my feet as i stated off here about one month ago.

And i think i have come far since, as far as anybody could wish in this duration of time.

That is in part due to the encouragement in your experience, of how you started out, and then of course heeding your advice on what to do and what not to do. Effectively, t least i was able to avoid some of those common mistakes.

Thank you for this, @mirrors. To be sincere with you the thought of quitting had crossed my mind. I joined in February and all I had gotten is a mere 1 Steempower Dollar. I'm fed, I still am, but this article has opened my eyes to something and I want to harness this thing. Quitting isn't the option. I need to improve in my engagement. Thank you, Mirrors.


Engagement! That is the key. Do that 'effectively, and you will master a massive turnaround in your fortunes here.

You can see by simply engaging with me, but more than that, writing a comment that actually adds vale to this discussion - your personal experience does-i am now going to follow you!

So at least you have won one more follower! And with that, some upvotes on your quality posts as i will occasionally come across them!


One of the most helpful posts @mirrors. Thank u for sharing such useful information. I came to know about bandwidth a few days back when I ran out of it.


The bandwidth problem can be disheartening for beginners. Those posts on it talk in great detail about it. They should be able to help you.

@mirrors - Added to my list of "go to" guides!


Wow, i am glad you found it that useful.Thanks


Not, only that; I recommended it to someone, only moments ago.


Wow, that is really good. I am very glad we can both be of help to others.

Very useful post @mirrors
Yeah your hard work you really deserve 50.6 rep in a month congratulations 🎊


Thanks @bmotives. Hard workk sure doesn pay. At least i acn now attest to that.

I am glad this post helps.

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Impressive post, @mirrors. And not just for the huge list of impressive links (I’m bookmarking this post in case I need to know anything sometime), but also for your insightful vision on SteemIt. Very well done! :0)


I actually intend to keep updating that list of links as i come by more helpful one.

Thanks for the encouraging words.

I'm In love with the way you outline these basic points.
Indeed, no discouraged minnow would read this and remain the same.


I am glad you find it that useful, @derovict. My first advice to planktons/minnows is always the same. Progress here is founded on those basics i have named. But the key is to be 'effective' at them!