Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!

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That you're a newcomers, a minnows or spammers.. to read this post carefully will be able to change your time and growth here in Steemit.

I'm not overreacting, my friends.. If you give me a chance, and I will prove it to you.

I know what it means to be the newest member of this community and feel disoriented.. But that doesn't give you the right to disrespect to other users!
You just have to be modest, take some time to look around and understand how the steemit community works!



FIRST OF ALL, I suggest you read STEEMIT ETIQUETTE before anything else.



I'll tell you right away: DOESN'T WORK!!

Whether your goal is to earn money or growth in steemit community, certainly would not be other minnows or newcomers to take you the big swing! So what is the point of this?

In fact, if you propose vote for vote or follow for follow in all your comments hoping that some experienced user or whale will accept, you'll make lose right track and you'll risk undermining your reputation, because you are going to face a lot of downvotes! Who will accept this will be other newcomers or minnows like you that aren't useful for your goal.
The most of them will certainly stop writing in short time becoming "dead follower"!

And it makes no sense. Because it's better to have 100 active followers with good reputation and a decent SP than 1000 followers with low reputation and any SP weight most of which will became dead follower..


You could verify on your own what I've been telling you. Use the steemit Dead followers app created by @mynameisbrian



It's worst thing you can do here in steemit!!!

If you take content from the internet and copy/pasta it here in steemit trying to pass it off as your own, there're good chances rest assured that you'll get busted. There's a bot called @cheetah which performs this task, but also users that sometimes make this kind of control and report plagiarism to @steemcleaners..
Always remember to cite your sources!



Try to write good comments!

Take you time to read posts carefully and to write relevant comments. Don't comment with monosyllabic answers like "good post", "nice post" "great" and so on.. also don't post unrelated links in comments, you will get a downvote for sure.



Keep in mind that your reputation is a sort of business card.. when you write a post or a comment, almost always the first thing that a reader will see is your reputation. If you put it down with a bad behavior, you compromised your future here in Steemit!

So in short, my ADVICE are:

  • don't ask vote for vote
  • don't ask follow for follow
  • don't write spam comment
  • don't post unrelated links in comments
  • don't be a troll
  • don't be a plagiarist
  • cite your sources
  • respect other users
  • quality is better than quantity

Here you can find My commitment to making STEEMIT a place free from Spammers.




This here's all part of my new plan to combat the scourge of spammers and trolls who comment the majority of trending and hot posts in Steemit.

I'm a great believer in steemit growth, so i think I have to do something to free our community from peolple aren't interested in steemit community but only to harassing and take advantage of such attitude.

The general feeling is positive, authors had words of appreciation for my initiative. I created a banner to highlight the spam comment:


Please feel free to help me in this uphill battle! I need more SP so if some users is interested in delegate some SP i will appreciate it. You could also help me upvoting my comments against spammers when you'll see them or through SBD/STEEM donations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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1st: don't expect to get rich in a week
2nd: post for yourself, you found something interesting - post it without expecting 1000 $ for 5 min of work
3rd: find your niche, your style and get some fans, some people who really like your posts

I wish there was a way to get these kinds of messages to newcomers. There are so many arriving thinking they can fish for votes or followers by making lots of short comments. Just look in the "hot" or "trending" posts and you will them in action big time.

The only way is to reply to spam comments individually.. i'm doing my best to do this and most of them understand the mistake and change behaviour. Some of them become aggressive.. But, you see, that's the risks you take... when you want to help someone who doesn't want it.

That is exactly how I found this article from one of your replies miti. I am a newbie and this post helped me. Everything makes sense when you read it but it wasn't all common sense for me haha. Thanks for helping and trying to make this a better place.

Very good advice!


The tough part in regards to Steemit from the perspective of a new author is gaining exposure while wading through the shit pond of garbage posts in order to gain a following. There are so many junk articles out there it can be off putting to find your solid effort in writing an engaging and detailed post swallowed by a sea of bullshit articles consisting of regurgitated links and unoriginal thought that are for all intents and purposes spam.

I find it particularly frustrating when the aforementioned bullshit articles are nothing more than an aggregation of links copied and pasted from various sources such as Google news on a topic. It reminds me of Magpie, the old content aggregation code that we would use to vomit key word relevant articles into a feed on a site in order to move of the SERP and game the Adsense system.


This unfortunately creates a situation where talented authors or those that have the requisite grey matter between their ears to write solid content must debase their character and engage in link spamming comments or whale posts in the hopes of getting some love.

I’m not quite sure what the solution to this issue is. Perhaps a category of up and coming should be created where new authors are featured based upon a ratio of positive feedback relative to posts; though even that would not work as it again fails to address the issue of initial exposure in order to gain the needed positive feedback. Perhaps a metric needs to be applied to number of words vs. links, or number of words total. Longer more engaging articles would receive a multiplier based on the likelihood of them containing good content. Whereas posts of aggregated links would receive a penalty as they likely contain nothing of substance.

This may even address what I as a new user have come to see as “lazy whale syndrome”.. I’m a whale, I made it.. I’m just going to post articles full of links with the mentality that the legion of dung beetles following me will upvote in the hopes of gaining curation manna the turd I just produced.

I’m not sure what the actual solution is so I’ll just keep lurking in the shadows ambushing whale articles with link spam until I’m all grown up and can venture out on my own.

Also on a side note; Steemit seriously needs a larger text input box in the comment section for folks like me that actually like to type detailed responses… 

@miti and @pawsdog you both have done excellent work creating meaningful content so that future Steemians (Steem-men?) can learn, understand and enjoy the network efficiently. I will be using this post as a point of reference to give to friends. Good work.

Why thank you I appreciate your kind words...:)

Also on a side note; Steemit seriously needs a larger text input box in the comment section for folks like me that actually like to type detailed responses

Not sure to understand...


But drag to expand the comment section..

Sweet, a larger comment box.. Thanks for the tip. I'm on my way now....

You are welcome ;-)

I just read your comment above... i agree.

Thanks....Excellent article yourself...

Very helpful. First referred here by @cranium i felt offended. I had made a comment i thought was sincere, and he instead posted for me this link. Honest to say i was offended, but now reading this, i am grateful. Very. Because this has been revealing.

I just linked my latest blog about spam commenting to your post here @miti. As you will see I am giving out $55 votes today, so you deserve one for your good work in stopping spam.

Thanks @swisseclive! I resteemed your post, it's a really interesting initiative!

@miti (53), "Newcomers, minnows and spammers.. this post will save your reputation!"
I really appreciate you taking the time for this beginners guide. We need to keep re-producing these as new beginners arrive all the time. In future, I will re-direct comment spammers to this post.

Thanks @swissclive. I think that newcomers and minnows are a resource which deserves our support and guidance. ;-)

See below my (newly amended) warning to @myaceh who just spammed-commented your blog. I often try to warn comment spammers like this. Then I check back later to see if their behaviour changed.

I think is a very good comment but it's too long and I doubt that a spammer has the will to read it all... i tell it to you for my experience with them.

Good point. I will shorten it and leave the link to your blog.

Preach! I hope that every minnow on Steem sees this post...

I will put the link to it everytime i will flag a spam comment.. ;-)
Thanks Joseph!

You're welcome. Your project deserves the support, and I thought that an upvote wasn't enough.

Steemit needs more People like you.. would be a better Place.

Your post is very informative. You would think that people would generally know theses things, but with all the new people coming online each day I understand why you had to write this. I ain't gonna lie I avidly learned something new from your article about the reason why not to do a follow for follow or vote for vote.

Then I'm glad to have been of use to you.

Hi, @miti, really enjoy reading your post, two days ago I have to flag one of these spammers in the community i take care of. I can make a direct flag with the reason for my decision to educate them. l call them the" Steemit Spammer Beggar" or SSB usually if they do it once I do not flag and don't even reply but when they do it twice I flag. Yes we do have to unite against it, it is nessecary to educate the newbies. Thanks.

You' re welcome @ricko66. Usually before flag a comment, i take a look in their the comment page, to be sure they're serial spammer.

Great Advices bro, all the newbies who come here think they will become rich overnight.

Thanks for sharing this @miti

You're welcome

Good post that everyone should read! Quality comments are vital! Did you know that we don't all start out as minnows? Read my [recent post] and see. I was totally shocked when I found out since everyone throws "minnows" and "newbie" together everywhere! :)

Thanks! This id the reason i wrote:NEWCOMERS and MINNOWS, to make a distinction between the two categories

Nice! :) Good thought distinguishing between the two! :)

Joined a couple of days ago and not at all sure of how steemit really works so found your article enlightening - thanks. So far i like the idea of a supportive community but have noticed a huge disparity in the quality of posts. Also disappointed to discover that a person can promote a post here as naively hoped that, for once, quality would shine out rather than bucks :( Heyho, onward and upwards. Be well all xox

Sadly truth..

@miti i read this post that is very very informative for me and all of other steemers that ask for upvote , comment and follow . i am very thank full to you for this post and a very good blog......

Hope it will serve you to grow here in steemit.

Being new to Steemit I found your article and advise very helpful. The main reason I joined steemit is to have a place where collectively a group of like minded people can assist in "keeping it real" from a knowledge and information sharing perspective. Too often I spend way too much time hunting for information (read; knowledge) about something only to find out late in the process that a ton of what I have read is at best .... garbage. I see steemit as a great way to keep it real! Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the post. Reputation IS everything!

You're welcome ;-)

excellent advice, thanks. I notice a number of users simply copying you tube vids and photos to their blog sometimes 10s a day....just crap posts trying to get a bite. Who do we grass them up to please ?

My project is to fight all type of spam, what you say too. But i need more SP to flag all comments, so for now, maybe I just re-focus and concentrate on SPAM comment who ask for vote or follow. My hope is to receive some delegation of SP.

Thanks for the reply, I didnt understand this was a personal project and not some Steemit committee type thing. Could there not be a voluntary Group of steemians, financially backed by some sort of voluntary central fund set up to combat shite in the community ? Apologies again for the naive newbie question!
Even in decentralised communities there needs to be a minimally intrusive organisational body to stop the whole thing descending into farce. Self policing is fine to a point, but perhaps our human evolution hasnt quite developed enough yet to rely completely on self discipline and trust lol
Anyway,big respect to you and thanks for doing your best to keep it a clean environment :-)

Hi @nathen007, it's not at all a newbie question, but a valid question!
Something similar already exists, i think to @steemcleaners... but it works by report through users. Instead, i go looking for spammers..

A team who support and help me... that would be great.. but i think that first of all i need to increase my SP (also through SP delegations) to allow myself to built a team.

Magnificent article. It's a pity I did not find it similar when I just start my life on Stim. I copied it to the bookmarks and will share it with new users.

Good, post and information thank you but there missing the role of bots you must explain about the bots thank you.

Hi, i don't use bot.. all it's done manually. I don't trust bots

Thank you i am not using bots i also hate bots but here i think lot of people use if bots come in action then why we create quality content readers also must choose bots are quailty content on best topic which we be use full for every one thank you have good day.

May I link back to this for spam commenters Ifind, please?
It should be spread as wide as possiable.

I'd appreciate it, thanks ;-)

Good, post and information thank you thank you.

i'm learning. it's so easy to be impatient in the grand scheme of things. hopefully my ranks can improve like yours and other whales too.

for now, im just a newbie minnow.

I'm not a whale but a minnow too! Try to follow my advice and you will growth for sure!

exilent advice post i underestand spamming comments so i will do not try this comments.thnx a lot for sharing this post

Thanks to youto take the time to read it.

This is gold! I was wondering how this worked!

Good job! Thanks to @josephsavage you have planted 0.13 tree to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Help me to plant 1,000,000 trees and share my Steem Power to the others. Selfvoting is prohibited, but that should be the reason to spread the world to protect our precious environment. Check out profile of our conservation association @kedjom-keku and the founder/coordinator @martin.mikes to get more information about our conservation program. My current SP is 14355.61. Help me to plant more trees with your delegated SP.

Thanks a lot,
your @treeplanter

Thanks for posting this information for those of us who are new to the site. This advice helps those of us who do not fully understand how steemit works, and also limits the amount of unoriginal work. Recently, I shared a video on Assange's ideas about fake news and propaganda. I found it worthy to share although it is not my own work, and I haven't seen too many other posts regarding his talk at Holberg. I surely didn't claim it as my own but found it valuable to share with others. I am learning that perhaps it would be better to share that kind of material elsewhere, so reading this really helps me to determine what's good here and what isn't. Thanks again.

You're welcome ;-)

Thanks for the post. I've found it very helpful because I'm new and I don't want to make any spam. What suggestion do you have for a new comer to start sharing a post? How can I reach more people to show what I do?

I think that at starting it's more important to write GOOD comments rather than starting with posts. You need to create your active followers list, better if they are experienced user otherwise no one will read your posts

You are actually discussing an important issue that we can fall into a very big problem at very little

Yes, so tried as best you could in order to contribute to creating a better Steemit.

That is definitely good information! I only wished more would understand the principal of how this works. Thank you

The principle is simple, a social network is worth approximately the number of users squared. If we keep making at least partially interesting content, we will attract other people, spread the word about the steem and increase the value of it. If we do post-for-post, we will annoy the outsiders, the network will shrink and we all lose. So the point is - make something interesting. Earn 1-10 Steem $ per month. Keep growing and hope that the Steem $ becomes more valuable in the future.

I like your logic Sir! ;) xox

Thanks this helps

Thank you for sharing this post @miti, it enligthens and very informative. 😊😊

You're welcome ;-)

Ok this is very helpfull information for me a new commer to build on

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It's amazing that people continue to try these tactics in social media.
I am new here, it's only my second comment, but it's common sense and obvious to behave in a way which benefits the community.
And so even though posts such as this are needed, if you follow basic social rules you will get on.
Try going up to some strangers in a pub having a conversation and jsut say, "amazing", and see what happens.


Are you kidding me? You didn't read a word of this post!!

The @youssefgassem kind are just a nuisance with very unethical motives in a society that should be true!

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