Crypto Enthusiasts Resources, Ep. 20: Steem Powered Websites

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This is the twentieth day of my 30 days challenge dedicated to crypto resources. Each day I will post a relevant resource (used by me, or recommended) and at the end of each post you'll see a list of all the previous articles.

Today I thought it would be interesting to give you a list of Steem powered websites. Meaning websites which are using the Steem blockchain as a backend, including the minting and reward mechanism.

Without further ado, let's start:

If you know of other services, or you know who made the last two, feel free to add this in the comments!

Previous Resources

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@dragosroua can you please add to this list by @elear? Thanks!


Good catch, will add, thanks :)

I think they need a 'Steem Powered' logo for these sites to use so people realise they are connected. Maybe we will see some fresh marketing efforts now we have the new branding


Very good suggestion!

@dragosroua Just another fine source for all of the STEEMIT blockchain parts. What I like about your postings is that I learn something NEW everyday. Thank you for that.


You're welcome!

Thanks @dragosroua for sharing these great resources, was very helpful, keep them coming in....

You might want to add a space before @good-karma so his username becomes clickable...


Done, thanks for the heads up!

I've been using the esteem app following your suggestion and it's been a very nice experience so far. Thanks for pointing it out for me.

nice post my friend and i think you do a little mistake here, meme sharing portal, twitter clone on top of Steem

actually is a meme sharing and zappl is a twitter clone and i also know about one more frontend and that is and it's also super cool, thanks for sharing

Good work and too much talente

Thanks again @dragosroua for creating these articles. Looks like i have some catching up to do. Appreciate the effort you put in.

Great job dear hope you do same in soon thanks and please follow me @steemforall lot of thanks

Thanks for the resources!!!

Nice write up, definitely resteem it, my friends will find it useful.
Anyway, just a quick info, also have a new bot that upvote according to the power of your follower.

thanks for the website list's

This is a bit too "ninety ninetish" for my taste. Looks like a button for a children games site. But paired with overall change, it's palatable.

Yeah I feel like the post button is actually moving back through the years in design. Something sleek, to something pointy, now it just looks like someone who's trying to build there own site found a new "customization" code to make there site "pop" and "stand out".


Well, you can't have everything :)


What!?!?! I can't have evaerything? Why not? LOL