Crypto Enthusiasts Resources, Ep. 4: Coinbuzz.Stream

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This is the fourth day of my 30 days challenge dedicated to crypto resources. Each day I will post a relevant resource (used by me, or recommended) and at the end of each post you'll see a list of all the previous articles.

Today I thought to present you an interesting project, still in beta. It's a news aggregator, and you can find it at The services crawls Twitter, reddit and Google (apparently, only the trends chart) and displays the information in a trello like layout.

While I don't think this is suitable for a day to day usage (or maybe yes, for some people, this may work) I think it's very useful to quickly spot trends. Having a significant part of the information in one place gives a bit of an edge. Whenever I see a big surge or drop in crypto, my go-to source is Twitter, but I think I'll give coinbuzz a try, it might cover cases that Twitter doesn't.

At this moment, coinbuzz tracks only about 11 coins, so for the alts there is still room for somebody to build a similar service. Hint, hint...

Previous Resources

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Hello, @dragosroua. I'm the creator of
Currently I'm working on an ability to add hundreds altcoins, not only the top ones. But since I'm the only developer, it will take time.

Follow me on Twitter to get news about the service:
I also run a newsletter where you can track updates too.

Thanks for passing by and good luck with the project(s)!

I use CBM (Coin monitoring board) too, but I will try this link. We are here to make money in crypto. I have been monitoring your updates, I think it is the right time to follow you. I just did.😁

@autofreak is here to make a mark, let us do it together!

Great post...!!! Will check it out! Keep on posting!

If they will provide a mobile app it could be even more useful.
P.s. you are a beast for keeping the challenge going after running a marathon.

Hello @calatorulmiop, I'm the creator of
Thanks for the feedback. I plan to create a deeper support of mobile devices later.

That's awesome to hear.

Excellent post thanks for sharing....

all and every information at once that seems cool thanks for sharing this : )

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