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Be Active & Win SBI Shares

Be Part of Boosting Our Steemit Economy

Anyone Can Win 20+ Shares Each

  • be sure to include how many shares you earned, our staff are diligently counting them up yet humans have errors and we do not want to short anyone for their hard work promoting great Steemit projects.
  • I will list several tasks, each is worth 1-3 SBI (@steembasicincome) shares depending on your thoroughness. Look close as I will give many ways to earn many shares.

Share all tags in 1 comment & edit in more please

Task List

1- Help Get STEEM Listed With Coinbase -@therealwolf

  • 1 Share - Follow the post guidelines & when done share a screenshot of the message you sent coinbase in comments.
  • 1 Share - Give STEEM a star on coinbase & share the screenshot in comments.
  • 1 Share - Resteem the post and add #coinbase in comments.

2- Join Share2STEEM

  • 2 Shares - Register with your social media accounts, post to auto share to Steemit and share the screenshot in comments.
  • 1 Share - Resteem a recent @share2steem post and add #share2steem in comments.

3- Visit @pifc blog here

4- Visit Qurator here

5- Show Me Your Witness Voting

6- Follow Dynamicsteemians Curation Trail

7- Download STEEM Plus Web Browser Plug-in

  • 1 Share - Add a screenshot of your @steem-plus registration in comments.
  • 1 Share - Upload a @dtube video utilising @steem-plus and share link in comments.

8- Feed Your Minnows

9- Dynamic Crypto

10- Power Up

  • 1 Share - Power up 1,000+ SP

Anyone cheating may get many flags so do not post tags for completed tasks unless completed first. All tasks must be completed by post payout, first 500 completed win SBI shares.

Before You Go



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1. Minnow Booster


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Curation Explained by @elsiekjay


How To Tutorials


How to welcome new steemians

How to create a discord link that does not expire

How to follow a curation trail

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1c - #coinbase

2a - Have both IG & Twitter linked

2b - #share2steem and RT'd it too in fact ;-)

3a 1 x shiny new SBI for @pifc

3b #payitforward

4 #qurator

Will be back in a bit for #5 - #9 ... #10 is a little out of my league (for now ;-)).

Thanks for the SBI share to PIFC! The added support will help our efforts of supporting newer Steemians.

Thanks for participating and looking forward to some edits and a much larger comment! 7 so far! judges are in big favor of the contestants today, 1 share for each platform you linked @share2steem to!


1 - Resteem a recent post #share2steem.
2 - Current members resteem a @qurator post & add #qurator in comments.
3 - Resteem this post & add tag #dynamicrypto to comments.
4 - follow @dynamicsteemians, resteem this post & add #dynamicsteemians to comments.
5 - Follow @steem-horizon & look out for news about launch, add #steemhorizon in comments.
6 - Delegate 100 STEEM Power to @dgi & add #dgi in comments.
7 - Add a screenshot of your @steem-plus registration in comments.

8 - Upload your witness votes screenshot in comments.

12 sound correct? Thank You, amazing that you did so much and delegating! As long as that delegation stays @dgi says thanks with a daily upvote and you help support hundreds of minnows it upvotes daily!

14, amazing job & Thank You

Here are my witness votes (along with my steem-plus interface if that counts), as well as a shameless plug to vote for me if you've got any extra!
Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 2.21.52 PM.png

1 share & .... You are a Witness sir? please share your witness link so we the Steemians can learn more about you! I am always finding out a witness is developing on EOS or other blockchains and if they want to be top 30 they need to be here advancing this blockchain! (feel free to tag and rat on any moonlighters I am voting for, I have more than a dozen votes proxied to me)

Let's see, my last update is a bit old, I combined my most recent with my witness survey, so that's here. Looking at your witness votes, only noisy.witness is dead now, been gone for around 50 days at least.

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6 - on my todo list to check it out in more detail :P

8 - already a lifetime member

9a - #dynamicrypto
9b - #steemhorizon

4 so far, thanks for the participation.

... to add to the previous 7 from #1 - #5 ;-) ... will get onto #6 either this evening or first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome initiative!!! #Inspired.

Awesome initiative!!!


I delegate to CC S2S and qurator..

Thats 3 shares for Dave Dickey Y'all! Thanks Dave

1-c - #coinbase (resteemed and tweeted)
2-b - #share2steem (resteemed and tweeted)
3 - all three parts
#payitforward, #pifc

5-a here's my witness list - I still have a couple of gaps, but almost there.

6-b #dynamicsteemians (resteemed)

9-a #dynamicrypto
9-b #steemhorizon

I think that's it for me this time. Thanks for hosting!

As always your support of PIFC is amazing. Thank you!

9 shares, outstanding! Our Steemit economy has another ally today Thank You!

Linked my Youtube account on Share2Steem Opera Snapshot_2018-12-11_001024_www.share2steem.com.png

Paid a SBI for pifc
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-11_001441_steemd.com.png

My witness votes
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-11_001529_steemd.com.png

Added a curation trail for dynamicsteemians
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-11_001741_steemauto.com.png

Installed Steem-plus
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-11_002054_startpage.png

Followed Steem-horizon. #steemhorizon
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-11_002414_busy.org.png

Thank you :)

6 shares, great work thanks for playing!

Thanks for the extra SBI share to PIFC, every bit helps!


2018-12-10 13_27_13-Coinbase continues to explore support for new digital assets.png

2018-12-10 13_13_06-Coinbase continues to explore support for new digital assets.png
Did all parts of task 1 #coinbase

2018-12-10 13_34_42-stever82 _ Steem.png

2018-12-10 13_37_14-stever82 _ Steem.png
Did all of task 3.
#payitforward #pifc

I also did task 8.
#feedyourminnows #scrooger

Here are my witness votes if you have some others for me to look at let me know.
2018-12-10 13_33_04-stever82 _ Steem.png

I also did task 8.
#feedyourminnows #scrooger

Thanks for sharing all these cool things

Thank you for your continued support of PIFC. The delegation and SBI share are a huge help.

12 shares correct? You did so much, very nice & Thank You very much! Look out for the next 500 Share contest, I will come up with new projects to include, feel free to list any you love and that help minnows.

Yes that is correct. The @minnowbuilder accounts are always looking for people to know about them and they helped me make it to minnow level.

  1. #coinbase

  2. A. and B. #payitforward

  3. A. Registered and B. #qurator

  4. A.

6A. Following trail and B. #dynamicsteemians

9A. #dynamicrypto and B. #steemhorizon

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Thanks for the SBI share to PIFC, every bit helps!

You are welcome.

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10 shares great work! Thank you for being awesome.

Smiles! ✌

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Thanks for this opportunity!

3a) 1 SBI for @pifc


3b) #payitforward

5a) Witnesses Votes


8b) #scrooger

9a) #dynamicrypto
9b) #steemhorizon

Thanks for the extra SBI share to PIFC, every bit helps!

6 shares it is, Thanks for participating.

Thanks a lot! :-)


Interesting post, and you might think this is a stupid question (i’m just saying, i believe there are no stupid questions in life, only wrong answers), but here i go .... what is exactly a steembasicincome and what can you do with this? I do know what the basic income is IRL, so how does this compare?

I do not know of irl yet @steembasic income gives daily upvotes for STEEM sent. 1 steem = .01 upvoted weekly.

Powered up 1000 Steem! So glad for the low price ^^
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-16_082308_steemd.com.png

Also registered for Qurator.
Opera Snapshot_2018-12-16_083053_steemit.com.png

Looking forward to doing these tasks tomorrow and get some SBIs! Unfortunately, it's quite late over here in Thailand. But hope to help some causes for a better Steem world in the future. 😊

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pre-upvoted in anticipation! my guess is 10 shares


@dynamicrypto, As always you've came up with boosting contests and for sure it is the right time for these kind of "Initiatives. Keep up brother.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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"1 Share - Give STEEM a star on coinbase & share the screenshot in comments."

Is the meaning to applaud ?
If yes here is the screenshot (first is my own message for whom I cannot applaud)

Steem by coinbase 2.JPG

On coinbase under the coin prices and charts you scroll down or type in STEEM to search for it, by putting a star we give coinbase attention that its users have STEEM as a favorite, this also adds it to your coinbase app on your mobile device for daily price tracking. When I first saw it I thought we got STEEM listed on coinbase then realization set in...

Just 1 share? I like many of these votes! thanks for playing

7 shares, outstanding work my friend, thanks for helping and hope to see you in another contest!

6 shares, thanks for playing & hope to see you in a contest not so far away!

For task #1 - commented on coinbase, resteemed the post with #coinbase in comment.

for task #3:
resteemed post and commented with #payitforward, sent 1 SBI and delegated 25SP
delagate to pifc.JPG
sbi to pifc.JPG

6 shares and helped 2 outstanding causes, glad you could help Thank You

Hmmm, I did several more of the steps in a separate reply comment and I don't see it. Guess I'll have to repost. Thanks for the 6 shares so far! Great way to get attention and support for worthy projects!

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Outstanding, try to compile into 1 comment please, you can always edit more in and reply with updated totals

Ooops, I just read your note to compile into 1 comment. Sorry. If I edit everything into that first comment, can I delete the duplicate single comments?

yes if nobody has replied or voted I believe. Apologies so late, how many shares did you end up with?

Resteemed 🧡 ill have to look into the links more when i have a day off lol

We can't wait!

Hi @dynamicrypto

Thanks for sharing this link with me buddy. I've been hearing a lot about SBI program but I never had a chance to get familar with it. Is it really worth the time?

Can those SBI be traded into STEEM or sold on any exchange? You mind telling me how does it work please?

ps. did you ever consider making your post a little bit neater? :) amount of informations out there is so huge that it's really hard to figure out what reader should focus on. At least I've difficulties lol

Obviously upvoted.


SBI is a lifetime income voting pool. You buy a share for someone and get 1 for yourself at the same time. So each steem is actually buying 2 shares. It's a way to give and receive a little back at the same time. They are not a coin to be traded, just allow you either a single daily vote or a vote on all posts based on how many you own and what pool you are put into by SBI.

Im sorry for such a late reply @thedarkhorse

I just realized that I missed bunch of comments lately. Just wanted to thank you for keeping in touch with me.

Hopefully you had a great weekend,

It happens. Been so busy that I've missed stuff too. Will email you when I get a few free minutes.

I worked hard making my post neat lol, after the thanks for reading or visitor i have my "footer" which is my favorite posts & minnow resources. When I include it I get ridiculed by the pro's and keep doing it cause plankton also thank me for including so many helpful resources...

oh and

is it worth the time?

Well 1 share equals .01 Steem upvoted weekly paying you back if posting daily within a year, the program is undergoing automation enhancements so those posting less often now get larger upvotes to help keep repaying all active share holders. I have been paid back on my investment of 585 shares and now get the same value from them when I post so I figured why not support something that works and help others at the same time, really as a marketing cost I spent $125 for 500 shares (STEEM) and will recover it from SBI while helping many others grow simultaneously.

Im sorry for such a late reply @dynamicrypto

I just realized that I missed bunch of comments lately. Just wanted to thank you for keeping in touch with me.

Hopefully you had a great weekend,

Indeed just finished some cheese at the airport, leaving Wisconsin where I worked this weekend. You take care also friend

2 shares, thanks for playing & your welcome :)

It was late at night yesterday when I saw your post. I don't know if I'm still on time to a little edit, but since these tasks all have a good objective, I'll do it anyway! So, here goes:


Also completed 3.1


And since I was gifting... you made an incredible generous giveway, and although still a tiny fish, this much I can do with pleasure:


Thank you again, and Merry Christmas @dynamicrypto!

You have until post pay out incase you do more

I am powering up!!! 10!!!


5 - witness votes:

9 - #dynamicrypto #steemhorizon #qurator

5 shares, Awesome Power Up! Thanks for participating & I am trying to do the same yet also funding a project... know anyone buying silver right now? offered mine up under spot to get some STEEM (another 10 shares if you connect me with a buyer lol) My Silver, 110 Oz's for sale

I do actually know a guy - let me get in touch with him.

Unfornately I don't know exactly how can I get the list ot witness for whom I vote, but here I have a file with snipping tool from part of the list:

thank you very much !

Did most of the steps:

  1. Followed the guideline and did the steps and posted this comment - Medium.png
  1. #share2steem

  2. Shared the love for @pifc by sending a SBI to them: SteemBasicIncome.png

  1. #qurator

  2. Voted for you as Witness, but it's taking its time to approve: Screenshot 2018-12-12 11.00.23.png

  3. #dynamicsteemians

  4. #feedyourminnows

  1. #dynamicrypto
  1. Hopefully, by the end of the year!

Thanks for this massive SBI giveaway! That's 12 SBI for us for 30 minutes or less of our time. Hopefully, these efforts can help those in need for publicity and support.

12 shares woohoo Indeed it will help and I encourage all to hold all that have the ability to do the same, SBI shares are repaid in months not years then it is income for the life of our blogs! The attention the contest can bring to the many projects in Steemit is priceless! look for another 500 STEEM contest in the near future ;) (oh and it will take some time as I am not running for witness, I just want to see you are utilizing your vote, if not selecting me as a proxy on the box below the vote)

Thanks for organising it again! Yes I will look out for more now that we are following you! 😉

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This is most useful! Thanks!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks your pic looks just like @dynamicgreentk

Congratulations @dynamicrypto! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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Congratulations dynamicrypto, you brought 5 referral(s) using the @share2steem referral program !

You reached LVL 2 and earned 0.03 SBD !
Move to LVL 3 by bringing 10 referrals on @share2steem !

!tipuvote 0.03

Check the achievements list on https://share2steem.com !

Participate in our Christmas Challenge : 5 SBI shares to win !

This message is generated automatically.

This post is supported by $0.03 @tipU upvote funded by @share2steem :)
@tipU voting service guide | For investors.

Here are the tasks I completed:

Awesome contest. Thank you for this opportunity!

Thank you for participating!

May I know what is upvote value per share of sbi?

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I did a several of these comments and for some reason only 1 of the posts are here. So I'm trying again.
#4 Registered for Quratorqurator registration.JPG

#5 show witness vote list:
witness votes.JPG

#2 Join Share2Steem:
share2steem registry.JPG

There is no steem in coinbase voting list!?

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you just search for STEEM and when you find it put a star on it, showing coinbase its popularity

There is no steem in the list mate.

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Hi @dynamicrypto!

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In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 239 contributions, your post is ranked at #27.

Evaluation of your UA score:
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  • The readers appreciate your great work!
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Hi, @dynamicrypto!

You just got a 76.47% upvote from SteemPlus!
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1- Following - steem-horizon

2 - Screenshot of witness vote currently looking to fill my new 4 votes


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