Learn How to Follow & to earn utilizing SteemAuto.com, Thunder Curator & Dynamic Steemians

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In this example we will be utilizing steemauto.com to follow @dynamicsteemians & @thundercurator curation trail. Lets start by logging in
Next step...
Yes we are still logging in...
Remember to double-check your on Steemconnect.com...
Now click curation Trail...
This is what you should see next...
If you scroll down this is your next step... Donot forget to search thundercurator and dynamicsteemians! Supporting these curation trails is a great start for any minnow that wants to earn up votes and attention. Nobody is forced to stay on the trail anybody can move along anytime they wish. By joining Dynamic Steemians curation Trail you get automatic $0.01 of votes and by joining Thunder curators curation Trail you get a chance at 100% up votes worth near .50!
Keep going we are almost there...
And then...
Next step...
And for the final step...
Now earn more by following @thundercurator in the fan section
Now click follow
Now scroll down
Now scroll to the right and click settings
Change to 15 minutes if you have a bit of steem power and 100% for maximum chance of 100% upvotes.

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If you join the discord ask for @dynamicgreentk for help, he is on 18+ hours daily to help you! We also have admins from around the world here to help 24/7
Want to support minnows and like our efforts delegate SP to @dgi to curate minnows, delegate to @dynamicgreen which rewards dynamicsteemians admins so they can spend more time supporting minnows and steemits retention. If you like a perticular admin please feel free to delegate to them directly @dynamicgreentk, @elsiekjay, @preshey, @ntowl, @thundercurator, @suheri, @antonette & more admins added soon! Interested talk to @dynamicgreentk it involves helping new Minnows learn, is rewarded with upvotes & is not easy!

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Nice post and we'll detailed and explained clearly. Grabbed a lot.

Wow... Thanks for this....

Thanks for the knowledgeful post. I followed it all via your post. I am in the game now lol

Yaaaaayyyy m proud to be part of this movement


Proud to have your help

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