STEEM as an Investment 10 SBD Contest & Dynamicrypto Cryptocurrency Highlight

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Do you share Steem as an investment?

Do you have any generation 3 or 4 cryptos?

Today I share my favorite generation 3 coin Steem. I am powering up what I can in preparation for HF20 within 30 days & SMT's within 6 months! To win 10 SBD's follow steps 1,2 &3.

  1. Share this post now on your social media accounts as we need investment information about steem going viral. Then comment on this post with the link of that post.
  2. Within this posts pay out period write a Steemit post about Steem as an investment, share it on your social media and then comment that link here in comments under your previous comment from step 1.
  3. Tweet to a Celebrity about STEEM as an investment or social media platform and post a screen shot of that tweet in your same comment thread.
  • The winner will be chosen by me and anyone can win. If I see no great posts I may split rewards into 10 prizes of 1 SBD or 1 winner gets 10, maybe 2 get 5 SBD, I will give 10 total away though.

Click the articles below to talk with other investors about Steem! Bring a whale to the steemit platform working that SP to make $$ and maybe you can earn their upvote!


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See My Last Post Featuring EOS?

What 3rd & 4th generation Crypto is your favorite and why? Do you despise EOS like I do? Do you see a future in steemit or are you a troll? All good answers get $.03+ upvotes, even trolls if they are respectful and share valid points.


15 celebrities that will actually tweet back, so bring them & more to Steemit!

Power Up or Down & SMT Tracking Link

Buy EOS? No Thank You

Did You Ether Binge The Dip?

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Is this legal in China?


No cryptos are yet but things are changing fast! China wants in! STEEMIT is chinas #2 crypto, look for the moon ship when they go legal!

"What 3rd & 4th generation Crypto is your favorite and why?"

I own a bunch of altcoins but if i had to choose only one with relative low risk and much potential i would go for vechain. I believe there are much real life use cases for vechain and in the end what crypto really needs is adoption.


I donot have any vechain 😢


vechain makes sense to me


Hmmm... but my question is: why should I buy VeChain, when I already have Origin Trail, knowing that VeChain can run on top of the Origin Trail Protocol?

Tweet to a celebrity!! Alright I’ll try to complete this challenge 👍


Good luck bro, maybe find snoop dog or cheech n chong :P

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Muchas gracias por comentar.

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Great news thanks!

Article posted on Facebook at:


Posted on investing in STEEM and shared that post on Facebook at:[0]=68.ARD6KL_u4rsons8v4vTIoMO6oOihJX_0OaH1ixtsipriEv1SLQeoohh89i6crowcwZb9IEfEDkO0OqbZRd4cEPb7fJax5i4mqDubg7yX707naDvrBjPBoq__BfnK0rX6C6PqY2IPegoW7xX_DjPPSHbsWY9Evw_-k5LJOCAe3P4-8TKmz9Rmpg&tn=-R


Tweeted to the celebrity Ben Shapiro about Steemit as a social media platform
tweet to Ben Shapio about Steemit.jpg


You are the only participant and in 6 hours I think you will win!


Great! Thanks so much!

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que buena informacion compartiste pero la moneda va para las nubes saludos


Enviaré 10 de las monedas SBD al ganador, no a la nube.

hello apologize friend will be that you can help me I need your help will be that you can help me with 2 or 1 style please I need it, thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience


That is very intriguing!

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Realy great decision


Thank you!

I am playing the spaghetti approach. Anything that looks promising a throw some money at it and forget about it. I did buy EOS back when it fell to $0.5 took original capital and some profits and will hold the rest just in case.

Other coins I have found attractive are OMG, VeChain, Icon, Request.

Steem is still one of my largest positions. It is just hard to imagine what of the 1000s of options will succeed.


indeed! I like that Google and others invest into Ripple, did you get any of that one?


& new follower! nice to meet you


Ripple seems like interesting tech for banks and financial institutions to use but I have never understood the value of the coin XRP... Ripple has specifically said that XRP is not needed to perform the record keeping function. Unless they have changed their business model. In any case I like Crypto for decentralization. If I wanted to trust central powers with financial assets I would just continue to use a bank account :/


I hear you, add that with a 4 billion supply and it certainly ddoes not seem like much of an investment nor is it intended to be until looking at its numbers. Combine the technology with current customers and future dealings in the works and it could and should save trillions in fees while making billions eventually. I also like the decentralized aspect of coins yet here I am on Steemit still powering up.
Curious what coin under $1 do you see having the greatest growth in the next 5 years?