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I realized my Minnow Resources post has too many services listed and not enough details about each one. I will try to give you a new Minnow Resource Highlight post weekly covering in better detail each great resource I utilize to help grow my Steemit account.

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The very helpful resource we cover today has an article written by @ilyastarar that I could not do better so check out the 7 services offered by MinnowBooster he details in the link at the bottom of this post.

Before diving in I want to include the referral and investment options as well as cover a little about white list and the discord chat.
By buying BuildTeam shares you essentially own a piece of MinnowBooster and more sharing in profits from a few sidechain services that support Steemit & Minnows!
Another great strategy is sharing your MinnowBooster referral link
(click ⬆ to register at https://www.minnowbooster.com/vote-selling/?ref=514983)
as I am. Your account can begin to gain SBD's within MinnowBooster free with this method. You can then withdraw or promote your comments and posts with the SBD's earned.

Join the discord here If you join you will find support and valuable tips to help you improve your posts to gain those upvotes we all strive for.
Once in discord introduce yourself and ask for an account review, if your content is already awesome join the white list channel and inquire about a nomination but be patient as getting approved takes 1 nomination, 5 white list approvals & 1 admin approval! My first post after the advice I got earned me 2 upvotes @ over $5 each! Getting on the whitelist means you get 250% upvotes instead of 225% when promoting posts and your limit is bumped up to 100 SBD daily from 50.

Click here to read 7 Minnowbooster Services You Should Know About by @ilyastarar, this great article on the 7 services offered by MinnowBooster can change your life!

Thanks for reading, please comment below any resource you would like to learn more about, have me share or to share your Minnowbooster experience.

Also look at the tags I utilize, all 5 have discords and help Minnows, if your a minnow go visit and grow with them, if your a pro, shark or whale please support them.

Minnow Helping Discord Links

Minnow Booster

Steem Repo

Steem Rural

Steemit Greeters Guild

Dynamic Steemians


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