Everyone Powering Down, Why Do I Power Up You Ask?

in steemit •  4 months ago

Steemit has over 300 DApps

List of Current Applications

It will take competitors years to catch up

Steemit is Hiring Engineers

Steemit is open source API portal for Developers

Need another reason?

Track Smart Media Token progress


66 Tasks in backlog 88 done

SMT Whitepaper

STEEMIT Whitepaper

STEEMIT Bluepaper

Now do you understand? comment below your thoughts of the future here at STEEMIT



Buy EOS? No Thank You

Did You Ether Binge The Dip?

A Quality Curator Bot @dgi Tiers announcement video

Profitable quality curation bot @dgi, apply today

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Minnow Resource Highlights


1. Minnow Booster


Curation Have You Stumped?

Curation Explained by @elsiekjay


How To Tutorials


How to welcome new steemians

How to create a discord link that does not expire

How to follow a curation trail

How to autovote another Steemian & How to Earn

How to avoid phishing sites & scammers



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My favorite lyft confessional

My favorite Meme


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Minnow Booster

Steem Repo

Steem Rural

Dynamic Steemians

Smart Media Group





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Wheres my auto comment upvote from you?!!!


Had to be patient i guess

great job. The quick links are awesome. This is a sign for me to buy more steem. thanks


you and me both! this is not advice, just sharing what I am doing and why. (we are smart though)

OOh. The links towards the top are very helpful! Very interested in the Applications link. LLOVE learning about the different Steem Application out there. I also did not know about the SMT Tracking. Very helpful Thank you so much @dynamicrypto.


You are welcome friend, I have never seen them either and I found all this info @ https://steemit.com/ by clicking the little 3 line box top right corner, the links are all up and down that menu. Maybe I have more items though as I use the @steemplus plugin which is awesome!!


Oh wow. The 3 line box has definitely been expanded! So many more links now. You even have to scroll.

Yes right now is the perfect time to power up! Before the price goes way up. Which is inevitable. :)

Thanks for the your explanation @dynamicrypto we follow those instructions given by you friend...


Your welcome, together we can grow steemit to its full potential!


Yea we will do it friend

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You are right about that there is already a lot of development done in this blockchain, but steem also has a competitive advantage which is a network effect. It's the same reason why facebook and ebay are so popular. People go to ebay to sell things because everyone is on ebay. The same goes for facebook.


true! too bad these guys give money to businesses already profiting off us users instead of pay for commercials to run on television, internet ads and billboards etc...

I also believe in the platform and have been adding to my Steem Power. Now is a great time to be adding, because Steem can actually be utilized!


Indeed it is utilized over 300% more than Bitcoin and is rated #2 by China under #1 Etherium


Sorry for sending that text! Gidget was not locked upstairs but walking back and forth by tdogs room

Why would anybody power down. This is the greatest chance since i joined to gain some sp and power up the account. Everywhere i look there are great new additions to the blockchain. With all the develpment going on and soon hardfork 20 and SMT's i can see big things for the future.
Im powering up everything i can get my hands on.


Same here, thinking of selling some stock & my home to invest more...


If i had any spare money i would use it. Unfortunatly i have big loans which need paying and the rest of my crypto tanked at the same time.
Ah well. Have to do it the hard way.


absolutelly agree with you @niallon11

ps. are you Irish? :)


Good guess. Yes I am from ireland 🖒

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Hi @dynamicrypto

Now do you understand? comment below your thoughts of the future here at STEEMIT

I also strongly believe in future of Stemit as a social media blogging platform. But Im not so sure if I believe in future value of STEEM and SBD.

At the end of the day it's all about demand and supply. And since many people are powering down - then supply is there. And demand hardly exist. Plus steem (from what I remember) is affected by high inflaction as there is loads of it being mined every year.

Myself Im powering down pretty much most of the time, only because I need re-use my steem to upvote my posts. But Im not planning to withdraw any STEEM. Probably not not and not within next few years.


@dynamicrypto, Yes, in my opinion, if anyone Powering Down due to financial issues then that's fine but if anyone powering down due to lost of hope upon Steem Economy then in my opinion they will regret in future because bright days are ahead.

Now Hardfork 20 TestNet is launched and on September 25 Hardfork 20 will be live and then in March 2019 we can see SMT's so, it's time of patience because great days ahead.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.. 🙂


Thank you. 🙂

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