These 15 Celebrities will Tweet Back at You

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Being a steemian you can help bring hollywood to steemit!
Being a celebrity comes with many responsibilities as you are a public figure, role model and a major influence in the environment for a teaming number of people that might be incredible to you. Many celebrities have been caught off guard speaking of their discontent with the reigns of their names and the ‘must do’ responsibilities people expect from them, opening that if they had known aiming for a summit as being popular is very stressful, they wouldn’t have given it a shot. Well, such statements are understandably and mostly out of frustration though. We have seen where celebrities refuse to sign autographs, snub fans greetings and lots more, and there has even been horrific cases where celebrities have to tuck it out in fight with fans. While the people forget most of the times that celebrities are also humans, need rests and can make mistakes, many celebrities have failed to manage fans excesses and therefore have fallen steeply.
As hard as it might seem being a celebrity, the social media has offered you many more closeness opportunities to your fans through the several available channels but even at this, many still struggle to use the opportunity well and so are still considered snobs by their own fans. However, we have investigated and found out that some of these celebrities do really take time to get close to fans and relate with them as much as replying to their tweets, following them back and liking their comments. Here is a list we put together for you.
Really down to earth and close to fans, he is one of those few celebrities that respect fans and tweets back at them. He’s got a timeline full of tweets, retweets and sending sweet messages to his fans. He also responds to questions (the quality of his answer doesn’t matter though) and go as far as wishing his followers happy birthdays. You can also follow him @JTimberlake.
She’s not only a beautiful face, she’s got a beautiful heart and a loving personality. She’s one of the few artist that truly love their fans and take few times on a daily basis to touch base and tweet back at them. Tweet her too @Keshasuxx.
Another beautiful celebrity with a beautiful personality. Do not be surprised to get a tweet back, message or retweet from her. She’s such a close person to her fans and tries to keep in touch with most of her followers, many she met at her book signings via twitter. Another amazing thing she does is look through her followers and sketch some of their eyes. Interesting right? Get your own sketch @thekatvond
His humor lives on his twitter. He loves tweeting funny and interesting stuffs and also retweet the crazy things his fans says about him, his personal life, show life and everything. He’s such open hearted and responds to his followers. He has of a habit of reading his followers tweets out loud on his TV shows. Follow him @danieltosh
A compound American artist name this is. If you love her antics and follow her, you will surely enjoy your time on her timeline. She’s got a feed full of selfies, albums and tweets from her fans. You might not get her response, but you would sometimes get some retweets. Overall, it is easily recognizable that she appreciates her fans with the way she talks about them. Be a part of her tweet camp. Follow her @MileyCyrus.
I personally love this celebrity for everything about him. He is always active on twitter and responding to his followers. Just ask your questions and get a readymade reply. He is surely of those appreciative celebrities with class. Want to follow him? Check @KDTrey5
Went on a couple of twitter hiatuses after having her baby North West, but renowned for responding to her followers on the platform. She especially loves to tweet at her fans introducing them to new episodes with her. You can get different perspective of her show through her twitter account, and her feed is always full of retweets and her profound love for her fans. You can follow her too @KimKardashian.
A tweet at J-Lo is never a waste. In fact tweeting her is the best way to get through to her as her fan. She absolutely enjoys tweeting back at her followers. You might need to be a little modest in addressing her though. Want her to tweet you back? Follow her @JLo
He’s absolutely one of those male celebrities that makes it happen every now and then on twitter. He is super busy and so in demand but still has time to touch base with his fans/followers with tweets and retweets. Might not do it frequently like Kimmy K. but wishing his followers happy birthday is his thing too. Follow him for a similar experience @iansomerhalder.
The handsome guy is always glued to his phone as evident in many of his pictures. He doesn’t just do the photos, he’s constantly answering tweets and tweeting his fans. Want the handsome guy to tweet at you? He’s known to tweet back. Follow him @justinbieber for an encounter.
Yes the next guy is Kanye. Kimmy K. has a reputation for constantly being in touch with her fans and maybe as queen of social media among celebrities but Kanye is getting as notorious now. He tweets back at his fans all the time. Maybe that’s due to Kimmy’s influence as his girlfriend. He’s got the best explanation for it. Be an eyewitness as you follow him @kanyewest.
He’s the definition of wholesomeness in guys, not only for his totally amazing voice but his care for his fans. Twitter lovers will bear me witness that many are dying to talk to him. Try to tweet at him @joehonas and see for yourself.
Lady Gaga is one of those artistes that cherish and adore their fans so much. She hangs out with her own fans and she is known to bring them right into the tour bus. She tweets a lot and make her fans feel the love she has for them by making them feel heard. Give her a shout-out @ladygaga and watch her respond.
Demi is probably one of the closest to her fans as many of her followers have answered positively to how well she responds to their tweets and retweet them. She’s a bet if you are looking a response from a celebrity. Follow her @ddlovato and she sure will tweet back.
He is a darling and clown of a guy, he tweets all of his fans back and makes Twitter seem like one of those things he is really addicted to. Give him a try @aplusk!

Who is your favorite among these? Do you think we missed anyone? Do you think you can motivate any celebrities to join steemit?Comment below

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Thats true, they are always busy sometimes


Sometimes always 😂

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We could find a way to tell them about steemit. Kim alone could bring thousands here.


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