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Coinbase just announced a new batch of digital assets which they're looking into, for a possible listing. Sadly, Steem is not included .. yet.

Regardless of the bear market and the current situation with Steemit Inc, Steem is still one of the most powerful blockchains available.

A few of those reasons are:

  • 3-second block-time aka super fast transactions
  • Freemium Model aka free transactions
  • Dozens of dApps and many in the works
  • A highly active community of developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, activists and just powerful human-beings.
  • And many more benefits

So I personally believe, Steem should have been included in that list. However, we can't change it directly.

But what we can do is, to showcase how many people actually stand behind STEEM.

Call to Action: Let's support Steem!


If you would like to support Steem, then please go to the following medium post:

Once you're there, please do the following:

1.) Clap/Upvote comments that are explaining the benefits and the power of Steem (you can do this up to 50 times per comment)

2.) Write your own high-value comment (please don't spam - we want to showcase that the Steem community is filled with highly talented individuals)

3.) (Optional) Take this initiative to other social media platforms (for example twitter)

4.) (Optional) Resteem this post

While I can't promise that these actions will result in a listing on coinbase, what I do know is that they will show how powerful the Steem community truly is, regardless of bear-market or not.

So - are you with me?

Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.

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The odd thing is that steem was on their list a while back when they were considering coins for their coinbase pro platform and now it is not on this list to be added to the regular coinbase site. What changed since then in regards to steem?

Steem on Coinbase... Im in. UP VOTE ME TO KARMA HEAVEN

hope it helps

Good thing!
Resteemed and clapped.

Sounds like a great initiative. Keep up the good words.

It always makes me laugh when I see these clapping hands.
And people complaining about not earning enough on steemit.

I know right? I expected it to work similarly as upvotes, but afaik there is no limit? (maybe a cap)

Nice work wolf, this is truly a sad day when all these other coins with much less of a community are getting placed ahead of steem. I thought for sure steem would be in the next round of coinbase additions. Why is steem viewed in such a negative light by the rest of the crypto community?

It seems to coinbase is adding erc-20 tokens faster. Interesting.

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Eos is being added, which is no longer erc-20 right?

@inventor16, EOS is not ERC-20 since its launch, i.e June 02.

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EOS is not ERC-20

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Views are always very subjective and what can be displayed. Right now, most people only have a certain view of Steem, but this can be changed by adjusting the view.

Lets do this, and beat this doom and gloom!

I'm in... Let's go :-)

Well, I appreciate the initiative, in the middle of all the gloom and doom. I'd like to think Coinbase would be somewhat receptive, given that their bottom line is also hurting... the commission on 10 BTC at $3,200 is a LOT lower than the commission on 10 BTC at $16K, so they pretty much have to cast about for new assets to add.

Anyway, resteemed this, gave some handclaps and added what I hope is a meaningful comment of my own to the Coinbase blog.

Thanks for the re-steem and the thoughtful comment!

Surely the more the better as they get returns

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

The problem being that Coinbase literally own a Steem account. They know what we are.

Furthermore, they say they want to add ALL coins that obey local law and meet their standards. If they know about Steem, and didn't add it, that surely means Steem fails one of those two criteria, no?

You mean this one? Who knows if they actually own it.......
I think they can make lots of money if they add steem, they will be missing a great chance if they don't.

I will resteem.

Thank you :)

Steem on Coinbase lets go!

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I had nothing to say that hadn't been said, but gave all the claps! Pretty cool to see that steem comments have as many claps as the whole post itself has

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You'd think it would be obvious that the strength of Steem is in the people who use the platform. It's not mere coin, it's the cement on which a dedicated community has been built. In marketing they say build your brand. Well, Steem has done that. All those claps are proof.

Great to see that you're still around @jk6276 :)

It always takes time to build something great. People will see eventually. Patience ;)

Agreed, but you can't wait too long, otherwise competitors will catch up and pass you.

I've upvoted your post
it's just a small upvote, but I hope it will serve to help you and the steem community to grow ;)

Great post!

It's insane to me how some of those coins are on there but steem isn't lmao


Inside job. Hey puppy!!

@therealwolf while typing my shill comment a thought came to mind.
Why would Coinbase support steem when it has no transfer fees?

The only way it would work is if they also offered something like an exchange service to trade the steem for btc/eth.

I don't think Coinbase wants to go in that direction. What do you think?

Dear @ulqu3

typing my shill comment

Shill ? I've seen people using this word number of times but I still have trouble understanding what exactly does it mean? Would you mind telling me what do you mean by "shill comment"?


  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Hello @crypto.piotr
To Shill something means to hype it or encourage/convince others to want/buy/join it.

Usually with a somewhat negative connotation and implication of being paid for it, like shilling for a company when there's bad news in the press

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That said, its kind of losing its negative connotation rapidly as people joke and make statements about shilling as a joke. A lot of my posts end with me doing something like this:

Shill 1:

Steem Domains Ad 1.jpg

Shill 2:

upvote service 3.png

.... When you do it in a somewhat comical way it kind of smooths your shill over a bit. One dude runs around these parts with the name ShillMaster. So yeah, definitely becoming the cool way to say advertising....

I'm pretty sure coinbase charges exchange fees, meaning no transaction fees wouldn't matter. I think the last time I used to buy btc it was around 1.5% maybe? And I think they might charge (extra) transaction fees on top of that as well.

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They still can charge deposit/withdraw fees.
For instance, when you buy STEEM on Poloniex and withdraw it to your Steem profile, they charge you 0.01 STEEM for the withdrawal.
Coinbase will probably do the same.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did a lot of clapping.

And am resteeming....

Unfortunately, @ned 's announcement of RocksDB and SMTs has put the whole STEEM blockchain in a state of flux.

It would be really difficult to push STEEM on Coinbase or other platforms until the world see how Ned's current vision is realized.

Ned doesn’t make up Steem, we do.. the community. Let’s stop relying on him for everything and instead be proactive.

The mathematics behind STEEM mean that the whales control the platform. The daily stats by @arcange shows that the 36 whales control 234934 MVESTS. The rest of the accounts have 171314 MVESTS.

SteemIt is a class society with a small group at the political and economic center controlling the rest.

That's roughly the same case with just about every other crypto including bitcion and Eos and ethereum.

More and more dolphins and orcas are being created in this market.

You are right. I looked at an @arcange report dated 2018-09-29 . There was an increase from 284 to 301 orcas and 1790 to 1900 dolphins.

Unfortunately, the MVESTS held by the 36 whales only dropped from 235425 to 234934.

Yep, and not all of those 36 accounts are Ned. I’m aware of the distribution.. but all roads don’t lead back to Ned is all I was saying.

Ned's announcement destroyed this attempt to court Coinbase.

People openly discussing a hardfork along with the mass defection from SteemIt has seriously challenged those controlling the platform.

Ned's decision to de-emphasize SteemIt and run with SMT made a really difficult situation for everyone using SteemIt.

The fact that this particular effort to court Coinbase is a good example to hold in mind when the time comes for the community to assert control.

Exactly.You've hit the nail on the head.

Dear @llfarms

we as a community are only part of entire big picture

and Ned is the face of STEEM and steemit inc. And that really matters.

let’s stop relying on him for everything and instead be proactive.

I don't think people really rely on him that much. But surely he is decision maker and his decisions plus previous lack of communication with our community is resulting with lack of trust.

Wouldnt you agree on that?


I absolutely agree @yintercept

STEEM doesnt seem to build much trust any more. And it has nothing to do with current price, but with ned and steemit inc latest actions and announcements. They just crashed that trust.


My sentiment is more along the lines that I don't know what effect the SMT and RockDB projects will have on STEEM and

The projects might enhance existing products. It might undermine existing projects.

SMT might be the thing that attracts alliances with coinbase. The way Steem Inc did the announcement threw into an uncomfortable limbo state for the holidays.

I agree, everything's in flux right now, which sucks at this time when we could be trying to get on coinbase.

On the other hand, I think the upcoming hard fork involved in it is a great chance to show improvement from HF20, as long as we actually manage testing, and block the fork if it's gonna break steem again, as witnesses. Proving a good testing process for hard forks with large changes in them will be a big plus. Could attract more investors, alliances like you said, developers, etc. We'll just have to see how it goes once they release the code.

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hi @yintercept, @petertag

I really love how responsive you are. Indeed steemit needs more people like you and I :)

SMT might be the thing that attracts alliances with coinbase.

I still believe that it's best to introduce SMT when market conditions are better. When trust towards crypto is recovered. When media would like to talk about it.

Right now it would not help much. Right now it would be wasted opportunity.


Honesty...Just try it.

Steem is not even advertized as "Not available on Coinbase".

No, its on the "Not available on Coinbase" list today (on coinbase mobile app). Steem is the very last cryptocurrency listed.

But Grasp for whatever ya can kids.

Check that again, Steem is no longer listed.

A little bit delayed, but done the steps...a part from Step 3. Still giving my voice for the Steem community on Medium. Hopefully, it will take some notice, but only time will tell if someone from Coinbase did read the comments on that Medium article (out of thousands of articles and comments). Fingers crossed!

Me too..a lil late but i do step 1 to 4

i remember they were looking at STEEM before but prolyl now easier to add ETH tokens heh

Resteemt, will do rest later!

Signed up, clapped and commented! shh yeah

clapped, clapped, clapped.....

That's Great thing!

New dolphins are popping up all over, people are buying in, including me:

I also want to be a dolphin! 😀
Maybe one day...

i don't see why not. peace

Thanks, I had a rough patch November, December feels better, my confidence is in better shape, more optimistic, how much do you need to be a dolphin it is 5000 SP? Right? Buying dolphin-hood now would be around 1000 usd? Don't have the money, but hmm...

that's right, about $1250 for 5,000 SP

Thats probably a fairly good deal, if you can afford to take the risk, making that investment now or soon...

I can see STEEM go down a little bit further maybe for as long as a year, then I am pretty sure there will be a nice sustainable "bullwalk" that never ends... But Im not a psychic, (I think)...


a year, wow, i'm too optimistic, i think the rebound by spring... there has been a lot of money shrunk down or taken out, it's going to be too much potential not to speculate again, but might be in different companies, but hopefully STEEM is still there, fingers crossed (-:

Yeah, if Steemit Inc doesn't flake out on us... But if they do some other company might be able to take over their part?

One thing a company can do during bad times is to instead of firing half of the crew, they can lower everybody's wage by 50%, (also the CEO and such), until the bad times have past...

I was involved with a company that did so during the bubble and there was some whining and moaning, but the bad times past and they became super successful and the salaries went back to normal and the company grew tremendously.


Steem will be one of the best cryptos. I think

Just do it!

Great action-Thanks!!
I see lot of comments now for our Steem.
Coinbase should react, i hope!
Steem on!
Best regards

I don't know but wasn't facebook going to purchase Coinbase? Maybe they'd not be interested in steem as competitor?

About bringing word to other networks, I must say, sadly, and warn to be careful, sadly there is a clear SHADOWBAN for steemit content. I myself candidly shared my blog posts a while back on ig and fb and my reach was cut like to one tenth of the reach after doing it. This has happened to other users... I'm not sure about twitter, so far I know it's safe, but facebook / instagram does this. I tried recently to just add "tags" and not links, my instagram reach is now again drastically low (I kind of made it as experiment) and thought this time I didn't get a notice, I'm pretty sure it's the case.

Still it makes no sense to promote in places where they will "hide" your publication not to "reach". If you happen to have a list of places where this doesn't happen, I'm happy to do.

Hey @yidneth, *smiles.

That is a possibility; however, today I did see Steem listed at Coinbase in its "Not Available on Coinbase" section, after Steem had increased its market cap during the recent and brief bounce in the cryptocurrency market.

It is probably also illegal for Coinbase to exclude Steem as an anti-competitive practice.

In my recent reply to @eaglespirit in this thread, which I hope for you to read, I did mention why it seems to me that Coinbase is not yet considering Steem to be traded at its exchange.

From Lannie.

What yid brings up is one of the “connections” I mention in my response back to you. Coinbase Ian tied in with many steemit competitors (not listed) and including some
OF the facts you bring up.

Resteemed !!!

Coinbase sounds ok to get steem on it

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Booyah! Booyah! Let's get this done!

It will benefit us all, in both the long run and the short. This is an excellent opportunity for us all to work together in a splendid display of the power of the people. Minnow swarm, attack!!!

I've just upvoted your post!
just a micro support for a fellow steemian, I hope you'll appreciate it ;)

Instead of waiting for them to add Steem on their exchange why not compel them to do so by making Steem stronger? :)

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I'm not able to make Steem stronger per-se, but I'm working on something. :)

Appreciate your contributions :)

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sounds good, loving your new avatar

I hope they added soon 👽

That is honestly the most "clapping" I've ever done in my entire life!

Just added this post to my @steembasicincome contest located here where I am giving away 500 shares for participating in programs that help grow your blog and our @steemit economy like getting STEEM listed on coinbase. Thanks

excellent blog brother, thanks for the information

Great initiative @therealwolf

But would adding STEEM to another exchange really change much? It definetly would make it easier to purchase STEEM (which is not that really difficult if someone is determined to do it).

But would it bring more demand? Perhaps it's best to wait until market condition will change and only then we would try to push projects like this forward? At least that would become a big news and would result with media talking about it.

Right now probably hardly anyone (except of our own community) would care much.


for normal users it is definetly difficult to buy steem. non crypto Enduser want 1 Button to purchase. Like "Buy Steem" Button.

If it would be that easy then steem is ready for mass adoption.

Very good point @freddio

Hope Steem gets in the coinbase this time,,,
Listed and through,,,,,,,,,
Lets go steemains

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Just clapped the hell out of it :D

Resteemed & messaging coinbase again!

I would like to see steem on coinbase for sure. LETS DO IT!

This could be awesome! Cant wait.

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Thanks for this, and the comments other people have made. However, to get any attention from Coinbase, a representative or team of have to reach out to them, sit down with them face to face, make a convincing presentation for why Steem should be listed. It's obvious why Steem was ignored and will continue to be ignored while there's no public relations whatsoever.

I would really like to see this happen!

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Every new exchange is a good thing no matter what the current steem price, re steemed, I will comment on medium when I hit up my other computer

Gave all Steem-related replies a clap and added a reply myself. Let's get Steem added finally!

Good call highlighting the competition. Money talks, especially in this case! If they see a chance to pull users from a competing exchange, that'd be huge...

Hi therealwolf, steemmarket seems to be down, a vote from 5 hours ago has had no action, can you take a look, thanks.

Thanks, came through.

Lets do this, and beat this doom and gloom!

I am sending 50 claps for every Steem comment @therealwolf on that post.

If it's the last chance to save steem, I will take it, I did everything you asked about, I just hope steem will be listed in coinbase. We are suffering from the recent price !

Yeah...I doubt Steem will be on CoinBase anytime soon. Although, I do agree that STEEM is a lot better than some of these coins.

Not a fan of Coinbase at all. not one bit..

Based on their listing history, unless we have Steemians among Coinbases execs, good luck getting it listed. You guys go ahead though, Kumbaya. Let's hope im wrong this time.


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Done done done aaaand done ;)
I want to see steem on coinbase!

Let's accomplish this together !!

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Ohh amazing ! ok

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Hey @therealwolf,

This initiative of yours is praiseworthy.

From the aforementioned Coinbase blog article:

"As we announced in September, Coinbase’s goal is to offer support for all assets that meet our standards and are fully compliant with local law. Over time, we intend to offer our customers access to greater than 90% of all compliant digital assets by market cap. To make this vision a reality, we evaluate prospective assets against our Digital Asset Framework to assess factors like security, compliance, and the project’s alignment with our mission of creating an open financial system for the world."

Does Steem not "meet Coinbase's standards", or is Steem not "compliant with local law"?

If Steem does and is, then perhaps those of us who know how can post on Coinbase's blog how Steem does "meet Coinbase's standards", and how Steem is "complaint with local law", along with mentioning important thing such as "security, compliance," and Coinbase's "mission of creating an open financial system for the world" and how those are also important to the Steem community.

From Lannie.

Great points and what many are discussing as far as the tokens already chosen and why steem was not.

Hey @eaglespirit, *smiles.

After having read your reply, and after having reflected upon the discussions of others who posted their replies in this thread, and then after having looked at and, it seems to me that the most likely reason as to why Steem was not included is probably not because Steem is not compliant with legalities, but because Coinbase's standards probably focuses largely on the amount of volume traded, as fees on any cryptocurrency bought or sold is how Coinbase does earn its revenue.

Steem's trading volume is quite low in comparison to the other cryptocurrencies that Coinbase is considering adding to its exchange.

Because Steem Power requires 13 weeks to be withdrawn, that is a disincentive to Steem being sold which therefore reduces its trading volume—which therefore reduces the potential amount of revenue that Coinbase can earn from Steem trades.

Would Coinbase be interested in including Steem, if Coinbase's fees on Steem trades were doubled in order to compensate for most users of Steem only buying Steem and not selling Steem?

Should reduce its 13 weeks withdrawal waiting period, perhaps to 4 weeks, in order to provide an incentive for Steem users to sell their Steem, and thus to increase Steem's trading volume which can make it more likely to be listed at Coinbase and other exchanges?

Most users of Steem hodl or buy when the price is low; most users of Steem do not sell even when the price is high. That strategy seems to be hurting the price of Steem, because only hodling or only buying has resulted in Steem having a low trading volume which in turn makes Steem less likely to be available at exchanges.

Some have put forth the argument that without the 13 week withdrawal waiting period, that the price of Steem would have decreased to lower than its current price of around $0.25; however, if more Steemites had been buying AND selling Steem and thus increasing its trading volume, then perhaps Steem would have already been listed at Coinbase many months ago.

Perhaps Steem having been listed there and at other exchanges would have greatly increased Steem's market cap, thereby having increased the price of Steem—perhaps the price of Steem would have been closer to $2, rather than closer to $1 before the cryptocurrency market entered its recent bear phase; if so, perhaps the price of Steem might have decreased to $1 instead of its current $0.25 or thereabouts.

What is your opinion? Should the 13 weeks withdrawal waiting period on Steem Power be reduced if that can increase Steem's trading volume and thus help Steem to be listed at Coinbase and other exchanges?

From Lannie.

Hi Lannie,
We’ll heres the things we can go back and forth kf ehat is the past, that Is now over. The current prediction is total economic collapse. FED reserve, banks, everything. many are saying some tokens will pop up backed by surviving bank shares or thise that are already in place but not yet released. That said, I’ve a always agreed that IMO whales shoulda release more of their shares, there should be more, maybe by deleting dead accountable too, as well as decreasing that 13 week payout. However. The subject above is whether or not coinbase considered STEEM and it did not, they picked their “finalists” IMO and there is reasons more than just 13 weeks and supply. It’s connections too. My prior comments are based on that. It’s sort of like someone putting out the finalist list and the losers saying wait wait burn what about me? There are many ways to look at that but it will Be more intersting to see if a response is made. Don shoot for signing a proposal by allowing Steemians amd sending it to bittrex instead. Everything isn’t a matter of opinion and this isn’t just mine :)

Don't have a Medium account, but I saw your your comment. You're one of the most popular comments, second only to the one you screenshotted for your post.

Gave you a resteem, though...

I like st ee m

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I contact them at least once a day. I’m trying to do my part.

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Sure. Let's do this.

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Done @thereslwolf!

I just made my own post about it as well. Any set of eyes is a good thing. Nice little initiative brother.

yes let;s do it

#Steem should have been included in that list as from the start

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This would be exciting. I've used coin base early but fell off of it after they started asking for my SSN. I know they lost the battle with the IRS but in Nevada we have blockchain protected and tax free for our residents. I honor that before the other 49 states I don't even live in ya know?

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I'm still learning, and I'm all in!

well done @therealwolf

you've showcased that spam isnt restricted to "the blockchain"

wow, very nice to see what the Steem community can accomplish <3

We can do it. Spread information about Steem as wide as possible...

It will definately give some more good exposure to our awesome platform! People will wonder what STEEM actually is, google it, and sign up!

What cryptocurrency is more convenient to have? Steem Dollars, Ethereum, Lite Coin? I am still ignorant in the matter

I think the timing is off. If Coinbase were adding new assets two summers ago the enthusiasm for Steemit could have propelled it onto that list. That said Steemit is falling in the ranks on coin market cap, the quality of the platform itself is going downhill, the enthusaism isn't here. Too bad this didn't happen 2 summers ago

Yes I am with you sir ✌

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I will do ... nice project let us share this blog. greetings michael

Of course Coinibase doesn't want anything to do with Steemit! Posts here could contain jokes insensitive to the wrong "minority" group, offending someone. Then, since it couldn't be taken down, the offended would gather a league of others who are fond of being offended and boycott and possibly sue Coinbase for being racist/sexist/ageist/specieist/


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Thanks for sharing this @therealwolf. I'm positive we'll make a noise out there. Hopefully it gets added!

I hope you continue to keep up your effort, having steem on coinbase would be huge. That type of exposure is just what steem needs, so I hope you accomplish your goals.

I can't believe I missed it! At least I saw it now!
Here I am, saying nothing more than what I believe is true!
We've seen what a community can do in the past, let us see if it can make such a big impact!
p.s. I did not know you could clap up to 50 times!!!:P