How to Follow Dynamic Steemians Curation Trail

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In this example we will be utilizing to follow dynamicsteemians curation trail. Lets start by logging in
Next step...
Yes we are still logging in...
Remember to double-check your on
Now click curation Trail...
This is what you should see next...
If you scroll down this is your next step...
Keep going we are almost there...
And then...
Next step...
And for the final step...
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What is a curation trail ?

It's basically following somebody's vote and it's a curation Trail as the voter is hunting for curation by voting people to earn steem power and make a little off of their vote.

Between self voting and following curations which one do you think has better ROI

I think delegating and vote selling pays the best, curation trails are good if you have substantial SP to get a good % over all the other voters.

Damn steemit is so complex, not for technical savvy people. But that can be said about crypto in general...

It is not a walk in the park is it...

I don't see my grandmother use cryptocurrency to pay for things. She can't even use a smartphone or computer. It's something for the younger generation. If it's to complex to use that's not a good thing for adoption. There is much development done on the technical side in crypto last few years but it's still not that user friendly in general. Much hassle to even buy crypto currency. It should go fast and easy.

true, it is getting easier... someone made a phone with a bitcoin wallet built in! add that with more and more businesses accepting crypto's then generation 4 cryptos combine all the cryptos together... hopefully soon there will be a much easier way for the less tech savvy, as for those that are getting in now... the future looks bright

I have done now what to do

Are you in the Discord chat? When you post you should see upvotes from @dgi and if you join the Discord that is on my profile you will see many contests posted to win upvotes from the curation trail, they are very easy contests just commenting on other posts.

I do the same procedure but there is nothing

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Hi @dynamicrypto i follow your ll blockchain with you attached at fan base but i have no recievr votes i recieve votes from my comments just tell me one thing how i take upvote to my url?

On it...

Yes on dynamicrypto

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ohh ok thank you

Hi i done this as same as you say @dynamicrypto so what i will in next

Upvotes come in soon after your votes are seen, are you in need of help?

Yes i need help

Anything particular?

I have done same as like that but no vote reciebe from dgI


I gave you a couple upvotes, working on it!

Oh thats great

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Tell me about @dynamicrypto

I started mining & thought of offering cloud mining services so started and began my steemit journey shortly after. Want to know more? Anything particular?


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Well I have gone through the post...... it just made it full clear to us newbies the whole curation procedure new term I just learned. Good job @dynamicrypto & @dynamicsteemians

I like the curation trail, and I wouldn’t mind following it, but if every curation trail would ask us to set it to 75%-100%, I wouldn’t have anything left to vote for myself... I’s hard enough to keep my VP above 80 as it is...

That's a great point @simplymike, we will work on improving this! I did ask for 75-100% yet 50% default should also be fine as we vote 10 times a day and try to get you maximum curation. If set to say 50% with 15 SP you will see curation but not much.

I have done it


And I've seen your name set up on the auto voter for DGI already!

Great tutorial on this. This is going to help many people!

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You're doing a great job @dynamicrypto. Thanks for giving newbies like me a chance and hope in this community. I appreciate your good works.

Its good but still need help

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I'm have done this Screenshot_2018-04-02-19-35-11-85.png

Does it add us automatically