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We have a curation trail for our community called The Dynamic Steemians. This community is based on discord ( When I first started this community with @dynamicrypto I would upvote, follow, comment and resteem every post in our discord server. My upvote was minimal but I did have a high reputation and large amount of followers. It wasn't before long that people became extremely disrespectful and demanding when it came to post promotion. Most would post their post all over the server in various non appropriate channels (spam) or would post the same post over and over again demanding upvotes. These were but a few of the demands and actions that really made me tighten down on post promotion.

Running a discord server, at least currently, is not sustainable nor do we expect it to be. However, this thing grew really fast. A curation trail was the solution. Join our @dynamicsteemians curation trail and gain post promotion abilities and a $0.02-0.03 upvote from our community upvote bot called @dgi. This helped throttle the aggressive post promoters and disrespectful spammers. However, I got burned out a month or two back and stopped curating people from my personal account @dynamicgreentk. I am sorry but I have a promise I love to make.

I will try and make 2-4 curation posts a week highlighting those of you who share with us in our post promotion. Each curation post that I post from the @dynamicsteemians account will also exclusivly have five members featured who will have the trail vote and a resteem from the @dynamicsteemians account. @baa.steemit has a weekly contest to award the trail vote to Five dynamicsteemian members TWO times a week( up to ten can win the vote with this contest if participation increases, but it will be 10 people who get the vote at once a day instead of 5 @ twice a day)

The @dynamicsteemians curation trail account votes at 100% voting weight. The Steem Power for this account is purposly low at around 25 sp. The goal is to vote 10-11 times a day at 100%.



How to be a member of the @dynamicsteemians

To be a member of the @dynamicsteemians AND to receive all the beneifits you must:

  • Join our @dynamicsteemians Curation trail (NOT FANBASE) on Steemauto


    • join at any vote weight %(50% scaled is prefered)
    • vote at 0-1 minutes if your Steem Power is lower than 100p and voting at a low vote weight OR vote at 2-5 minutes if your steem power is greater than 100 and you are using a high vote weight %
    • take a screenshot of your name on the trail and post it in the channel called, 'Screenshots' on our discord. This is for people who are just now joining and will help expidite membership.

What are the benefits?

  • a daily upvote worth 0.03 cents from @dgi, once a day.

  • post promotion capabilities

  • ability to earn the @dynamicsteemians curation trail vote through community participation with:

  • @baa.steemit's weekly comment contest

    • up to 5 people can win the vote 2x a day for a week or 10 people 1x a day for week
  • simply posting quality content consistently in our post promotion areas to be curated and highlighted in our groups curation posts weekly.

    • people featured in the curation posts will receive the trail vote

@dgi has a dynamic tier system to better accomidate higher upvote support on @dynamicsteemians member's posts.


Thank you for following our trail:

1 @rabiujaga10%
2 @bebeomega10%
3 @chadizms80%
4 @nikema50%
5 @baa.steemit5%
6 @suheri50%$0.01
7 @khusairi20%
8 @amarbir80%
9 @harktheshark100%
10 @scottshots8%
11 @timlee50%
12 @sebastiaaan75%
13 @divard25%
14 @kamalkhann100%
15 @thonnavares50%
16 @andestra20%
17 @akeenze1350%
18 @miaplexuscaleb50%
19 @ironclad01080%
20 @herryazmi1110%
21 @engineer-one20%
22 @menandyjose50%
23 @jenel50%
24 @jefz50%
25 @simplewole50%
26 @symonp10%
27 @maxwell95100%
28 @steemfunder10%
29 @abmakko25%
30 @gamsam1%
31 @tahera100%
32 @jemzem10%
33 @gee15%$0.01
34 @artsyunicorn50%
35 @badzkie123100%
36 @lakawero50%
37 @dwayne1620%
38 @ryl100%
39 @heyimsnuffles25%
40 @cnandofer100%
41 @iammitchell50%
42 @evlachsblog50%
43 @tessaragabrielle50%
44 @akmal9350%
45 @smitop100%
46 @f3nix10%
47 @eye-am-a-mason100%
48 @joel010150%
49 @sustainablelivin50%
50 @basav50%
51 @adam.tran50%
52 @solomonsel50%
53 @devolebnoj50%
54 @veejay23125%
55 @medyogwapo50%
56 @keybordjp50%
57 @noelconcepcion1950%
58 @smylie200525%
59 @beawanderwoman50%
60 @annedyosa50%
61 @dynamicshine40%
62 @lightoj10%
63 @emmalg8750%
64 @carpet.duck50%
65 @that.bass.guy50%
66 @tamala25%
67 @aljoursantillan100%
68 @memeitbaby10%
69 @bloopy50%
70 @kenechukwu250%
71 @quochuy25%
72 @haccolong50%
73 @hoaihuyle50%
74 @nguyentrung50%
75 @joyrobinson25%
76 @krazypoet10%
77 @michaelemmanuel50%
78 @ktun50%
79 @elamental1%
80 @alimirza041680%
81 @jxnnygene50%
82 @mitxuxi50%
83 @guri-gure5%
84 @adewararilwan50%
85 @fitofanka50%
86 @boynman50%
87 @pauladejumo50%
88 @ganjafarmer20%$0.01
89 @ahna891110%
90 @eaglespirit1%
91 @afefe50%
92 @nguyenthao50%
93 @kennykajo50%
94 @kemice50%
95 @bitfly50%
96 @h4sweetseasons50%
97 @thethor112210%
98 @steem.moon100%
99 @iamjadeline25%$0.01
100 @bustami8350%
101 @smart-shaegxy50%
102 @pelvis50%
103 @raul56750%
104 @father2b100%
105 @yuslindwi50%
106 @eberedeboss50%
107 @midesignature50%
108 @seyiodus5%
109 @tania22100%
110 @dr0hith50%
111 @popschools50%
112 @goldbaba1100%
113 @polarbeats5%
114 @saintopic50%
115 @bengy10%$0.01
116 @musicapoetica25%
117 @artsyunicor50%
118 @bigbos99100%
119 @zanoni40.96%
120 @angelro50%
121 @komospele50%
122 @asoju50%
123 @philarboi50%
124 @ogsenti100%
125 @thehoneys25%
126 @kayegrasya50%
127 @yadah0450%
128 @lecongdoo35%
129 @jonyoudyer6%
130 @calamitysmr10%
131 @danifranco3050%
132 @mimi8750%
133 @dynamicrypto15%$0.01
134 @leofordking50%
135 @drmoises50%
136 @coinsandchains50%
137 @halim9120%
138 @puregrace75%
139 @amikable50%
140 @arisviyo50%
141 @harlot15%
142 @faady9275%
143 @praditya30%
144 @djamidjalal5%
145 @anfood50%
146 @a-alice50%$0.02
147 @mahdi-steem50%
148 @dwiitavita5%
149 @abidemiademok2150%
150 @titleme50%
151 @steem.gulraiz100%
152 @boardgamegirl50%
153 @botefarm100%
154 @boxdel1%
155 @richardcrill33%$0.03
156 @langtubk9x50%
157 @nnaachlam5%
158 @rezawijaya50%
159 @silverlining125%
160 @yourtrust50%$0.03
161 @kofie50%
162 @imammudarifqi50%
163 @millergil2150%
164 @minhaz00750%
165 @clicked50%
166 @aschatria25%$0.01
167 @cryptocopy100%
168 @kriptokalesi10%
169 @ivxx50%
170 @zappos50%
171 @steemitresources25%
172 @steemresources25%
173 @dynamicsteemian25%
174 @yorsezapata50%
175 @lksingha50%
176 @landrada50%
177 @josefinaf50%
178 @joakina50%
179 @lermagreen50%
180 @imtydviperz0.7%
181 @oadissin50%
182 @barnacoi100%
183 @vandorin50%
184 @yourseldom50%


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I look forward to being part of the curation trail soon, it looks promising. Keep up the good work #dynamicupvote

This is wonderful :) #dynamicupvote

@dynamicrypto you might be remembering the day we first met and then I have no idea about how wonderful this initiative is? that help people of good quality content. In sooth, it would be a matter of pleasure to join this trail for everyone.
I am still discovering few more things. But as soon it will be over, I will be in!
My best wishes is always with you all!


Thanks for the nice comment & for joining!


Sir! I think curation trail has some problem. I think yesterday it voted someone else. Who mentioned my name.

Please, check this sir. Is verything okay?

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Thanks for the information. I have increased my upvote percentage on the curation trail from 20% to 30%.