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Do you invest in crypto?

Do you have any generation 3 or 4 cryptos?

I do not like EOS, it is a generation 3 coin. Stay tuned as next articles I will cover another generation 4 coin, this is my most hated gen 3 coin & I want your knowledge shared in my comments section please.

What The...This was my response when inquiring about an EOS # bitmain requires to allow you to mine their EOS antpool...



Another narrative that is used while discussing 3rd generation blockchains apart from scalability, privacy, inter-operability is its ability to secure a huge amount of data. And by a huge amount, I really mean a lot of big data.

It aims to build a decentralized community of different softwares and websites on the internet that will be powered by the blockchain tech. EOS also refers to this concept as DACs i.e. decentralized autonomous communities or autonomous corporations.

For this, EOS provides tools to make DApps and smart contracts over EOS blockchain which is fast, secure, private, and can store large amounts of data in a decentralized manner.

EOS is under continuous development and is progressing as per its huge ambitious development road-map.



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What 3rd & 4th generation Crypto is your favorite and why? Do you despise EOS like I do? Good answers get $.03+ upvotes



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Buy EOS? No Thank You

Did You Ether Binge The Dip?

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