Steemit Slam #1 – Theme: Leaving

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 Steemit Slam Week 1 


The theme this week: LEAVING

Prize for 1st place: 30 SBD + 50% of this post’s author SBD payout

How to win:

  1. Write a poem, a story, a song, any form of lyrical content about the topic of LEAVING. This might be leaving for a journey, a loved one leaving you, a happy text, a sad text… What you make of the theme is up to your creativity. You may publish a poem that you have written any time in the past, but it must be originally written. Potential winners will be checked for plagiarism.
  2. Publish your text on Steemit with “Steemit Slam” anywhere in the title. Your tags must include “slam” and “poetry”, just like this post. You may include other tags as well.
  3. Upvote and Resteem this post so that more people can take notice of the contest and the prize gets increased for the winner, which might be you.
  4. Look for at least one other post during the contest that you enjoyed reading and upvote it. After all, this contest is about community of writers, and your goal should also be to find minds that think alike on this platform. You can find other participants when clicking on the tag “slam” under this post. Supporting more poets is possible and very welcome.
  5. Post a comment under this post with this roughly this structure:

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a [poem/ song/ haiku/ etc.] about [further description of your post, e.g. “my father leaving our family because of war”] 
[link to your post]
I also highly recommend reading @[other steemian]’s post about [further description of the post]
[link to his/her post]

We will Resteem several entries that we support, but depending on the number of entries, we might have to get selective as to not flood our follower’s feed.

This slam ends on 9th of July. You may post your text on any day before this date!

The participant with the most successful post will be crowned the winner of the 1st Steemit Slam!

Remember, this Slam is about creativity, but also community!

Steem on!

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Edit: "Most successful post" refers to individual votes. This means that Bot whale votes like @randowhale or @booster, as well as @minnowsupport or similar votes will only be counted if initiated by other Steemians. Obviously you may still use these, but independent votes will be taken into consideration the most.


This is my entry for Steemit Slam, a short poem about the confusion of not being able to understand the world around me at a young age.

I also highly recommend that you read and vote for @uglysweater's post!!

A great contest @poetrytrail!

Thank you! :{)

Really enjoyed your entry @tonyr... guess it just resonated with a large chunk of my life.

Thanks a lot @denmarkguy. That really means a lot to me. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you very much for kindly recommending me! 😊

You are most welcome @uglysweater. It was a beautiful piece of poetry.

Hope you are having a lovely day and good luck in the contest! :{)

Thanks, same to you! 😄

Greetings to all, this is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem entitled Closing Doors, I wrote this poem as a meditative writing, and medicine for my spirit and soul, while going through an abusive relationship.

I also highly recommend reading ,

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about my feelings after the dead of my grandfather
I also highly recommend reading @timbot606’s post about

I really enjoyed your poem. I'm going to send it to my mom @violetmed because she likes practicing her Spanish :)

This is my entry for steemit slam 💜 I hope to put two entries in altogether!I hope you all like it!!!! It's pretty dark lol!

Its about despair and regret of words left unsaid, When one just sees darkness and an eternal abyss of pain and desperation. My poem is a bid to express that raw emotion!!


I hope youenjoy and good luck to all taking part in this competition , also, I am excited of the possibility of connecting with other writers, feel free to follow if you like and let me know if you do so I can follow u too :)

Here is my poem entitled : MEMORY FAILS HIM

& I would like to recommend @uglysweater 's post about childhood, sad and beautiful at the same time

gσσ∂ ℓυ¢к!!!

Thank you! 😊

You are most welcome Dear :)

Firstly I want to say thank you to @poetrytrail for supporting the art of poetry on Steemit. Contests like these inspire me to connect with other poets and do my best work!

Here is my entry to Steemit Slam #1, a poem about the intensity and complexity of young love, and the separation that occurs when communication breaks down and distance sets in physically and emotionally.

I highly recommend reading @rensoul17's poem about creating boundaries and closing doors in unhealthy relationships. I found it very powerful and heartfelt and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Best of luck to all entries, let's help create a strong poetry community on Steemit by supporting each other!!!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about childhood:

Leaving Childhood

I also highly recommend reading @iggyg85’s post:

Literary Hostage

Upvoted for your awesomeness in recommending me!


Please accept my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about the the act of leaving and its contrast with greetings.

I also highly recommend reading @trumotiv’s post about unrequited love and its ramifications.

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about father leaving because he couldn't handle life being a dad.

I also highly recommend reading @verbal-d’s post about people leaving steemit.

I truly connected with your poem, found it very moving. It takes me back to earlier times. The picture you used also connects very well with the poem. In summary...I Love It!!!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, A poem about a chance meeting that led to a brief but enduring affection.

I also recommend @mimi2792 & the insightful poem about her grandfather.

This is my entry for the steemit slam, a poem that speaks of the value found in letting go of things as part of taking charge of your own life.

I recommend reading @droucil's poem, "should I stay or should i go" about his frustration with the system and battle for self determination.

Thank you, that is a good wording of how I felt when I was writing the poem :)

Hello everyone, Iggy here, and here is my poem "Literary Hostage" for the @poetrytrail's first ever Steemit Slam. I thought about doing a poem of loss as many of my fellow contestants, but instead I opted to go with writer's block and the words unable to leave my head.

I enjoyed the poem about saying goodbye, "Leaving" by @thehattedtomfool

Awesome. This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem titled Unexpected Departure about love and heartache from an unexpected loss.

Really liked this poem! Keep up the great work

Greetings all, sorry I'm late. My Entry to the Slam is Dear Boo Bear written for my son in 2016 before he and my wife headed away for a month to visit her family in India. Maybe I wrote it for me to calm my nerves.

As for who I'd suggest to read, check out @kellywin21 's entry Moment of Truth

Also, a quick markdown lesson for some, if you surround your title in [square brackets] and but it up to your Url in (round brackets) ex. title it makes them clickable text.

Thank you @poetrytrail for hosting this contest, good luck to all my fellow contestants.

Thank you @clayboyn! I really appreciate your recommendation of my poem! :)

Hope you are having a great day my friend!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about making a difficult choice to move on.

I also highly recommend reading @mitchelljaworski’s post about father leaving because he couldn't handle life being a dad.

Thanks for the contest!!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a Poem I just wrote about those who have unfortunately left our Steemit Community due to their lack of belief and have now realised their grave mistake
My Poem here below
To All Those Who Have Left Steemit

I also highly recommend reading @thehattedtomfool’s post about departure and the simplicities and painful realities of a quick and suddening leave of a loved one

This is my Entry for Steemit Slam #1 - Theme: Leaving
The following poem I wrote for my grandmother after she passed away. I hold her memory dear to my heart and still think about her as if it was just yesterday we were playing out back in the creek. There is never a day that goes by in which I do not find myself thinking about her. She played a big part in who I am today and I hope that when she looks down me from heaven she is smiling with pride that I am her grandchild.

I also highly recommend reading @mimi2792
For you can feel the energy placed within each word, you can feel each emotion as the picture begins to build within your mind as you read. Her work is beautifully written and it definitely shows. What an amazing piece of writing.

I have entered my second entry for the competition, Its a poem called ''Suicidal Pain''- Not a very happy poem, when I am writing about someone (fictional) who just couldn't cope with the struggles of life and opted for a bitter way out.
I hope it's not too dark for people, and that you enjoy it.

I want to recommend a poem I really enjoyed today about the frustrations that steemit can bring people who just want simply for their posts to be fairly viewed upon! ( as I know how it feels like when you just want to give up the efforts if you feel nobody even cares lol) .. so here is the poem I enjoyed a lot - It's by @droucil

& here is my Entry!!
Good Luck All and here is an Irish clover for luck x

And Thank You :)

You're Welcome :)

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a piece about leaving the world of people, relationships, life -- a piece about returning to nature.

I upvoted and re-steemed this post and shall now go and read others pieces because I love poetry as well as looking for one to edit into this comment as suggested. ;)

Thank you kindly,

Hello fellow Steemians!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a simple poem about a man, a girl, and a monster. Do you remember the last time someone you loved left? Whether it was for better or for worse, the act of leaving is just as hard as being left behind. But, what happens when the other half of you leaves? What happens when you realize that the are gone? Please, check it out using the link below.

I also highly recommend reading @thehattedtomfool post about leaving

Enjoy :)

This is my entry for Steemit Slam 1, a short poem called LETTER FROM A LONELY SOUL. Feedback is much appreciated.

Also I totally recommend you check out this short and beautiful piece below

I posted a great poem for this topic yesterday, but I enjoy a challenge, so I will write another!

Please do so!

This is my entry into the Steemit Slam Goodbye You man not always want to leave, but sometimes theres no other choice.

I recommend reading this poem by beginningtoend.

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about my frustration towards Steemit and as the title says:

"Should I stay or Should I Go?"

I also highly recommend reading @aineyann’s post about as she states: "deѕpaιr and regreт oғ wordѕ leғт υnѕaιd" As of my words I just loved the short and cryptic style in which it was written (and the lettertype fits well with the theme!).

"Memory Fails Him"

Ahh.. As the quiet rain drips on the window, the perfect storm be made for a poets inspiration :)

Thank You so much & the best of Luck :)🍀

I resteemed it and will join with my entry shortly. However I don't hope all future contests require a resteem as I don't like this rule to be mandatory.

In a way, I don't either, but having said that, it is a reasonable request. If the winner's prize is partially based on the upvotes/exposure of this thread (plus the share that goes to @poetrytrail for running this opportunity) then the more exposure the better it is over all for us. There are thousands of people on steemit, and our followings are gonna be unique per user so it makes sense for exposure.

Sorry if the response rambles my point, as it is rather late for me right now.

hehe, I get ur point, and it might be ok to do one time to get this channel started. But don't think it will do any good if it gets a continued rule and will also attract the wrong kind of people. Nonetheless this contest being host is awesome on its own ;)!

Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the Resteem was only for the first time to get this contest out there! For future contests, I will only ask to voluntarily notify poets and poetry enthusiasts about this! :)

Thanks, glad to hear that :)
Btw running a poetry contest of my own right now, if u like to check it out:

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about leaving my husband

I also highly recommend reading @verbal-d post about people who left Steemit, only to come back now

Cool! Sounds awesome!!! Can't wait to write something for this!!! :D

I curate #poetry and posts with the tag #onehumanbasket
Find out about it here where there is also a poetry dice challenge!

@poetrytrail, just seeing this now thanks to resteem by @robyneggs.
I'll be sure to get a submission in by the deadline.... :)

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam.. My poem is a sort of tribute/memories of the death of some my loved ones over the year...
I also recommend reading @hopehuggs entry..
A poem about finding freedom, contentment and joy...

I wrote a poem on my page
Please read comment & follow

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Jumping on this challenge. 💕

Nice post my friend. Dropped you a follow <3 Looking forward to your future posts!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about my ex girlfriend leaving me all of a sudden and my whole life collapsing in an instant.

I also highly recommend reading @aineyann's post about regret, unspoken words. It is very emotional and inspiring!

I just seen this :) Thank U SO much <3 I am going to read yours right now!!

You're welcome!! :) And thank you! :)

This my entry for steemit slam.It has for a long time been my dream to address the mythic belief that being hit in marriage in some african communities is a way to show love.The poem I have written addresses abused women to stand up for themselves and leave such marriages.hoping you will enjoy.
I also highly recommend @kellywin21

Broken alliance is the name

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a write-of-feel about when I left my only boyfriend to chase a new opportunity elsewhere (not another man btw) , and I wanted him to no longer ask questions I couldn't answer myself .

I also highly recommend reading @timbot606 ’s post about saying the ultimately goodbye. Touched Munich heart :) ]

Hi fellow writers ! Thanks for building a community around this, love it! Hope you don't me sharing another poem with? Related to my previously (got a dozen about 'leaving' so it seems...

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem I I wrote when I was moving abroad, and was balancing the opportunity with how selfish it was of me to make that decision :

I also highly recommend reading @droucil his/her post post about frustrations new steemians might face at start. Really appreciate the way he put it into word!

This is my entry for the Steemit Slam, a poem about leaving a potential relationship because it didn't seem worth it in the end.

I also recommend reading @mamadini ’s post which I think is particularly well-written:

This is my entry, maybe I'm too late, but I had fun writing it anyway. It is a rhyming verse that describes my current situation and illness.

I also recommend reading @clayboyn. His entry further explores the themes of love and loss, and trusting that if you are the best version of yourself then you will always be on the right path. And the confusion and self exploration when faced with being apart from someone you feel connected to.

This was a great idea. It is a shame I have only now discovered the contest. I would still like to leave a recommendation for "Leaving Childhood" by @uglysweater

Here is my entry for Steemit Slam #1. It is about finding paradise in love. I just want to be part of the very first. I love poetry.
Also I recomment reading Leaving Childhood by @uglysweater

Hi there, just finished my entry for the Steemit Slam! This poem is about a backstabbing friend I had to leave. Sure many can relate with this.

I also highly recommend reading @girlbeforemirror's post

Thanks @poetrytrail!

I love the idea - if my creative juices flow I will participate. In any event upvoted and re-steemed

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