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RE: Steemit Slam #1 – Theme: Leaving

in #slam5 years ago

This is my entry for Steemit Slam, a short poem about the confusion of not being able to understand the world around me at a young age.

I also highly recommend that you read and vote for @uglysweater's post!!

A great contest @poetrytrail!

Thank you! :{)


Really enjoyed your entry @tonyr... guess it just resonated with a large chunk of my life.

Thanks a lot @denmarkguy. That really means a lot to me. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you very much for kindly recommending me! 😊

You are most welcome @uglysweater. It was a beautiful piece of poetry.

Hope you are having a lovely day and good luck in the contest! :{)

Thanks, same to you! 😄

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