A Goodbye Kiss - My Entry for the Steemit Slam #1

in #slam5 years ago

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A Goodbye Kiss

To buss a woman one saw in the rye
For a chap could be all sir Garnets, aye!
Peterman, he’d tike ‘er on a vile route
Drinks a hogshead, then leaves! ‘Er pain’s acute

why Some only leave their dupe’s intact
why Some only know their harm’s impact

To kiss the soil of the discovered land
as a sign of goodwill, an open hand
extended widely, visibly and fair
curiosity leads it to a fresh lair

why Few only leave some shards of their heart
why Few only kiss it when they depart


Cool! I wasn't familiar with some of the vocabulary you used, very interesting! I liked the contrast between the different stanzas, some felt more serious and others whimsical. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. I've noticed that you support quite a few people with your comments. I think it has a great impact on the community. I wish you all the best in the competition. Keep up! :)

Thanks, and congratulations on the win!!!

nice work :) loved reading it

Thanks very much :)

Thanks for sharing .
we can mutually benefit following & upvoting each others post.
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have upvoted above post .
waiting for you coming to my Small home of wellness .

Perhaps some guard their hearts too zealously.
I also enjoy writing poetry as well, check them out.

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Thank you for summoning me haiyanggdeperci. Sorry for being so late, but it also means that you will get more out of my voting power.

Anyway, nice poem!

No worries, thank you for your vote :)

Great job! You won the contest in week 1, congratulations!

Congratulations on winning!

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This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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